How Lloyd Floor Mats Are Made

Are you curious to know how Lloyd floor mats are made? Well, in this post I’ll walk you through the manufacturing process of these mats so that you can understand what really goes into the Lloyd Mats.

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About Lloyd Mats

Lloyd, a retailer focused on innovation and quality, manufactures protective mats and durable carpets for the automotive aftermarket. The company was incorporated in 1974 in the U.S. and started producing car mats including floor and custom fit cargo mats in 1978.

The company also offers a choice of 12,000+ vehicle-specific patterns and over 1,000 licensed emblems. In 1999, Lloyd Mats became a fully employee-owned business when the employees bought it from founder Lloyd Levine.

This empowered the employees to take responsibility and pride in providing an unmatched level of service and producing high-quality floor mats in the automotive industry. The company’s long history has enabled Lloyd Mats to create the most comprehensive car application-specific patterns library in the custom car mat industry.

Lloyd makes cargo and floor mats for all cars from the 1950s to the present. Lloyd Mats are installed by Honda, Jeep, Chevy, Camaro, Dodge, Cadillac, Porsche, Corvette, and many other truck owners who want longevity, protection, and durability that only Lloyds Mats provide.

The manufacturing process

Lloyd Mats uses a wide range of state-of-the-art production techniques at their Northridge, CA manufacturing facility.

Lloyd Mats computerized process
Lloyd Mats computerized process
State-of-the-art production techniques
State-of-the-art production techniques

Only the best quality of polypropylene and nylon yarns are used to produce well-made products.

Woman sawing Lloyds Mats using quality yarns
A woman sewing Lloyds Mats using quality yarns.

Lloyd custom floor mats’ diverse range includes Classic Loop, Berber, Velourtex, Luxe, and Ultimat car mats. The company’s Rubbertite all-weather floor mats protect luxury vehicle carpets from dirt, spills, and other debris.

Lloyd also offers textured, skid-resistant clear protector car mats. NorthRidge all-weather rubber mats are designed for high capacity and are custom-fit to all trunk, deck, cargo, and floor surfaces.

Note that Lloyd mats are designed and manufactured to their exceptional quality standards. The company also maintains its commitment to car floor mats only so as not to sacrifice quality and provide a broader range of mats.

Additionally, the company’s dedication remains to improving and maintaining production techniques for personalized car floor mats to meet their customers’ needs.

Lloyd Mats innovation

Lloyd Mats is known for its personalized embroidery and emblems. Their unique designs are also as durable as the car mats themselves. Lloyd Mats is the first manufacturer to equip all mats with safety anchors. Thus, mats for all models and makes come with safety anchors.

The mats work with all car factory mat hook and anchoring systems. They also come with the company’s proprietary fastening device and a polypropylene multi-layer backing to create a moisture-resistant mat as well as a skid-resistant synthetic rubber.

Lloyd Mats is also the first manufacturer to use modern computer engineering techniques for accurate digital pattern creation and cutting. This enables the company to deliver the most accurate results, making them the leader in personalized automotive flooring mats.

Lloyd Mats knowledge

Lloyd’s mats represent a diverse product line in the automotive market. The company provides different mat logos, colors, and types as well as vehicle-specific personalized floor mats than other car mat manufacturers.

Additionally, Lloyd’s extensive car knowledge has enabled them to create a high-quality and impressive product line with exceptional precision. The company also considers every detail from the location and type of safety anchoring device used, to seating configurations and interior car colors.

Lloyd’s designers also use only the best production techniques and materials, building on their long history of dedication and innovation to quality and style. You can trust Lloyd Mats when it comes to the most superior, accurate and customized car floor protection.

Top-selling Lloyd floor mats

Lloyd Mats provides beautiful licensed automotive military, lifestyle, and customized embroidered designs for any car floor mat. The following table shows Lloyd Classic Loop Mats have multi-layered backing to create moisture resistance while Berber floor mats come with hook fasteners that are easy to install.



Main Features

Fade, soil, and stain-resistant looped carpet

  • Elegant and strong floor mats that give a rugged look
  • The multi-layer backing that prevents water damage
  • You can include your preferred slogan, name or initials
  • Designed with 20-ounce yarn for added durability

Multi-tonal berber carpeting

  • Designed from 32-ounce yarn with impressive crush and wear-resistance
  • The continuous cloth edging that prevents unraveling
  • Heavy-duty floor mat that protects your OEM carpet
  • Easy to install with custom posts, snaps and hooks

Custom logos and embroidery available

  • The non-skid rubber nibs that improves traction
  • Designed with a smooth texture as that of your OEM carpet
  • Cut to precision for a perfect fit in a computerized process
  • Available in 12 easy-blending carpet colors

Most plush and luxurious carpet mat available

  • The hand beveling around the logo and edges gives the mat a stylish finished look
  • The thick water-proof core that protects the mat from water damage
  • You can add to your initials a leather badge
  • Specially treated for stain and soil-resistance

50+ colors to choose from

  • The 2-ply yarn design that prevents crushing to boosts its quality
  • Includes anchors and mat fastening compatible with factory carpet
  • You can get a premium personalized binding or edging
  • You can choose from 1000+ officially registered automotive logos 

Lloyd floor mats safety

Lloyd Mats are reliable and the safest floor mats in the automotive industry. So you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of your loved ones. The safe use of car mats is Lloyd Mats’ primary goal as the company has been involved in the safety evolution of the automotive car mat industry.

Lloyd Mats pioneered the development of anchoring devices to ensure floor mats stay safely positioned on the car floor. Lloyd Mats’ production process and design don’t interfere with any controls like the clutch pedals, accelerator, and brakes.

Additionally, the mats are shaped carefully to avoid interfering with cargo storage and seat movement devices. All Lloyd Mat sets with driver floor mats are equipped with mechanical anchoring devices. Note that Lloyd Mats work with anchor hardware like posts or hooks, offered by the auto manufacturer.

If cars from the auto manufacturer do not come with anchors on the floor, Lloyd Mats offers an easy to install grommet and hook system to prevent your mats from moving. Lloyd Mats are also constructed carefully to ensure the mats fit perfectly in your car’s contours.

The snug fit also prevents floor mat movement while Lloyd Mats anti-skid composition rubber TractionBac feature prevents vehicle floor mat movement.

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