MagnaFlow Exhaust Tip Options for Your Vehicle

Exhaust tips are an important part of any exhaust system as they influence the sound and quality of your engine’s exhaust. Apart from giving your vehicle a distinct sound, an exhaust tip also gives your vehicle a sporty flair, adding to its looks.

In this post, I’ll talk about different types of exhaust tips, important dimensions to consider, the benefits of buying an exhaust tip, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to text our team at 281-761-6097.


How do exhaust tips work?

An exhaust tip is a truck accessory that helps the engine emit fumes and add flair to your car. This accessory is also a necessary safety feature as it removes toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide from the passenger compartment which can poison the occupants of a vehicle.

Exhaust tips also eliminate pollution from the exhaust gas to prevent it from damaging the environment. Nowadays, cars are legally required to use catalytic converters to minimize the amount of harmful gas produced by a vehicle’s exhaust system.

Catalytic converters use rare metals as catalysts for a combustion process that forces exhaust gasses to burn themselves off and clean up car emissions.

Vehicle-specific fit vs universal fit exhaust tips

Vehicle-specific exhaust tips are built to suit the exact dimensions of factory exhaust outlet pipes attached to a specific model and make. For such tips, our website will display the words vehicle specific on the product page, prompting you to enter model, make, and year information.

These exhaust tips bolt up without modifications, and you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.

Universal fit exhaust tips are not made for any specific truck. However, you need to pay attention to overall lengths, outlet, and inlet diameters (more on this shortly).

Exhaust tips and exhaust sound

Exhaust tips are the perfect finishing touch to your exhaust system. Apart from completing your truck’s look, they also work with other components to increase the sound. When used with upgraded exhaust systems such as performance mufflers or wider pipes, exhaust tips tend to amplify the new tones produced by your exhaust.

Note that the width and shape of the exhaust tip can change the sound slightly. For instance, smaller tips produce a raspy sound, large tips generate a throaty sound while double-walled exhaust tips add a full-bodied sound. However, on their own, exhaust tips have a minimal effect on the sound.

Why buy an exhaust tip

Exhaust tips are not just for making your truck look great. They also:

  • Improve the sound – Aftermarket exhaust tips add a more powerful sound to your stock exhaust system. These accessories generate a deep sound that makes the engine sound louder. You can easily notice the difference in sound after installing a muffler tip.
  • Improve the appearance of your tailpipes – While stock exhaust systems emit polluted and unclean air from the engine, the pipes aren’t appealing in terms of the overall style and aesthetics. However, aftermarket exhaust tips add a unique and more distinctive appeal to your car’s rear end.

Top-selling MagnaFlow exhaust tips

MagnaFlow exhaust tips ensure you get incredible torque and horsepower so that your engine works optimally. The following table shows these tips are the perfect replacement for your vehicle as they smoothen exhaust gasses flow and improve your vehicle’s performance.



Main Features

High torque exhaust system 

  • Competition series exhaust system that enhances your car’s performance by increasing its horsepower and torque
  • It smoothens exhaust gases flow while minimizing the noise and converting it to an aggressive roar
  • The mandrel-bent tubing that allows an undeterred sound waves and the flow of exhaust gases
  • Comes with an exclusive Competition series muffler to give you the ultimate thrill of a race vehicle

Robotically engineered for high precision

  • Improves your car’s horsepower, engine performance and torque, allowing you to save on gas and fuel costs
  • Comes with a straight-through muffler that runs through end to end with no chambers, baffles or louvres to restrict air flow.
  • The mandrel bending tube that allows unrestricted and a smooth flow of waves and gases to prevent backpressure
  • Tested rigorously for quality, safety and performance through different road and street conditions

High-quality replacement exhaust system

  • The black coat finish that comes with extra protection from corrosion and looks great
  • The stainless steel wool layer that insulates the core to prevent blowouts by absorbing sound waves and excess heat
  • The mandrel tubing that maintains the same diameter throughout to increase the engine and exhaust performance
  • The 3.5″ black polished tip and easy bolt-on installation process

Perfect replacement exhaust system for European cars

  • Has a dual split rear exit to ensure your engine works optimally by delivering more torque and horsepower
  • Designed to have the same exhaust flow throughout so that no areas are restricted to cause backflow
  • Tested in different settings by the manufacturer to ensure it performs and maintains its superior quality
  • Manufactured and engineered with high precision to ensure a perfect fit

Ideal for European-designed trucks that are built for street use

  • Has a dual rear split exit and comes with four polished stainless steel tips
  • It improves your car’s torque and horsepower for improved gas mileage and better performance
  • The perforated stainless steel core that insulates against blow-outs caused by extreme temperatures and waves
  • Each exhaust is made for specific car application for a perfect fit

Tested for weight balance and quality

  • Boosts your engine’s performance to give a deep tone while remaining quiet in the interior
  • Comes with all the hardware you require for quick and easy installation. Welding is not necessary
  • Built with stainless steel that’s corrosion and rust-resistant for superior strength and durability.
  • Made for your specific application

Easy to install on air-bagged or lowered trucks

  • Perfect replacement for your exhaust system if you are dealing with a modified suspension system
  • The satin-finished straight-through muffler that protects the core by absorbing excess heat and noise that can cause blowouts
  • Maintains the same diameter throughout to prevent back pressure and backflow 
  • Manufactured with high levels of precision for excellent quality

Moderate tone muffler

  • The 4″ filter-back exhaust enhances your truck’s horsepower and torque to help you save on gas mileage
  • The mandrel tubing that prevents back pressure, allowing the engine to function at an optimal speed
  • Allows a smooth flow of exhaust gasses to improve engine performance 
  • The included clamps and hangers for easy installation

Made for the race tracks

  • Has no muffler to ensure optimal engine performance and maximum exhaust flow with no restrictions
  • Manufactured with CNC robotics to ensure you get an excellent quality and perfect fit product
  • Passed through multiple dyno tests under different conditions to ensure it performs well and maintains its quality
  • Designed for a perfect fit on specific car models

Perfect replacement for domestic American vehicles

  • Prevents overheating that can cause blowouts for optimal engine performance
  • Unrestricted exhaust flow that improves gas mileage and engine performance
  • Delivers smooth flow with maximum temperature and noise insulation
  • The mandrel-bent tubing that prevents restrictions that can increase pressure and slow down the exhaust system

Perfect replacement exhaust for street vehicles

  • Delivers smooth flow and deep tone with maximum temperature and noise insulation
  • Optimizes engine performance while allowing you to save thousands of dollars on fuel expenses
  • Straight-through muffler that filters out excess heat and aggressive noise that can cause blowouts
  • Each part is engineered and cut with high precision for premium quality and a perfect fit

The CNC robotic manufacturing

  • Designed to replace your exhaust system from the manifold or header to the tailpipes in some car models
  • Ideal for increasing horsepower and engine performance in trucks without catalytic converters
  • The included Tru-X crossover pipe that balances airflow without restricting it for maximum horsepower
  • Tested for performance and quality in different dyno tests to improve your car’s engine performance and torque

Important exhaust tip dimensions to consider

It’s crucial to take some current measurements of your truck’s OEM exhaust pipe to ensure your exhaust tips fit perfectly. Once you have the measurements, you can conduct your search by specific measurements for tip outlet diameter, inlet diameter, and length.

Outlet diameter

This is the size of the opening at the end of the exhaust tip. You’ll see one number if the pipe has a round shape and two measurements if the shape is rectangle or oval. While exhaust tips with larger outlet diameters are common, a tip that’s larger than factory exhaust pipes may interfere with your car’s bumper depending on your exhaust and bumper design.

This is because bumper covers usually have cutout areas for factory pipes to give you extra leeway. Before ordering, measure bumper clearance to be sure.

Inlet diameter

For a proper fit, ensure the inlet diameter of the exhaust tip you’re buying matches the outer diameter of your current tailpipe end. Fortunately, all of our exhaust tips indicate the inlet sizes available for every model. For instance, if your tailpipe has a 3-inch diameter, select an inlet diameter with 3 inches.


The right length will ensure your exhaust tip is visible without sticking out so far and becoming an impediment. You can measure the length from the beginning of an inlet pipe’s tip to the end of the outlet area at the top.

For example, if you have an exhaust tip with an angle-cut opening, measure it along its longer surface, which is at the top.

Types of exhaust tips

There are different types of exhaust tips, each with a unique design. Below are the different variants:

Single wall exhaust tips

These tips are constructed with one thick metal layer and have a stable coating. The functionality of single wall exhaust tips is vast as they are available in different shapes. These tips are made from stainless steel to ensure they serve you for a long time.

Double wall exhaust tips

These tips are similar to the above tips however they have a two-layered construction. These tips are also durable as the layers are thick and are noticeable easily. Note that double-layered tips are longer than the other tips.

Straight cut exhaust tips

These tips resemble the stock exhaust tips that come with a car. While they are simple and unique on many levels, the exhaust tip’s straight cut out is the main noticeable part. Although they don’t amplify the sound, they improve performance.

Angular cut exhaust tips

These tips resemble the straight cut exhaust tips and are used by heavier and muscle truck owners. The only difference is the angular cut. They also have great looks and produce a smoother sound.

Rolled edge exhaust tips

These tips have a rounded-out layer with a stylish curve that gives your car a fresh new look. They also enhance your vehicle’s overall performance and make incredible changes in sound.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best material for an aftermarket exhaust tip?

The type of material used in aftermarket tips depends on what you want out of your tip and your personal preference. For example, polished metal and stainless steel are common choices for custom tips. Each will affect your vehicle’s engine sound tone and has a unique look.

What’s the best exhaust tip for my vehicle?

That depends on your vehicle. We recommend choosing a tip specifically designed for it if you want a deeper sound. Also, match your tip to your vehicle’s color and model. For instance, don’t select an orange tip, if you have a silver truck.

If I change my exhaust tip, can it make my car louder?

It depends on the tip you buy. Some make the car louder while others dampen the sound. If you pick a sound-dampening tip, your truck won’t be louder, and if you choose resonated exhaust tips designed to boost the sound, your car will get louder.