Ram 1500 Tonneau Covers: What You Need to Know

It’s not uncommon for truck owners to experience the frustration of a blown-out or damaged tonneau cover, which can be an expensive fix.

The Ram 1500 is a durable truck bed cover that can be an excellent addition to your vehicle. The cover is reliable, dependable, and can keep your truck bed safe from any intruders who want to get their hands on your cargo.

In this post, I’ll give you all the information you need about Ram 1500 tonneau covers so that you can make an informed purchase decision. If you have any questions, feel free to text our team at 281-761-6097.


Why do I need a Ram 1500 tonneau cover?

The Ram 1500 tonneau covers are a great way for you to keep your truck protected. They come in different sizes to ensure you get a cover that suits your needs.

These truck bed covers are also perfect for keeping your truck bed safe and items out of sight while driving through busy streets or going through rough terrain.

You can find a tonneau cover here for your Ram 1500 that’s custom-fit for your vehicle and will fit perfectly. The RAM 1500 tonneau cover is also ideal for protecting your truck bed from weather elements such as rain or snow.

Additionally, the cover can be easily installed without too much trouble, however, if you do have a truck bed liner, you may require assistance to complete the process.

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Is the Rambox worth having?

Rambox Image

Ram trucks are the most innovative vehicles on the market with their segment-exclusive Rambox, cargo management system that allows you to maximize the cargo storage space. The system is built into your RAM truck’s bed and allows you to store equipment and tools securely.

Whether you’re taking your friends camping or heading out to a construction site, you’ll love the extra storage space. Let’s look at the uses and features of Ramboxes to see if they make sense for your lifestyle.

This feature isn’t available on other trucks, which makes the RAM trucks an investment worth considering.

When ordering a Ram tonneau cover, you will typically see 2 options: one that fits with a RAMBox, and one that fits without the RAMBox. You will just need to select the correct option whether your truck has the RAMBox installed or not, and we’ll ship you the correct tonneau cover.

Cargo Capacity

The Rambox is designed with two storage bins that are wide enough and run the pick-up bed length. They come in two different bed lengths:

  • 5-foot, 7-inch truck bed, available in the Crew Cab models
  • 6-foot, 4-inch truck bed, available in the Crew and Quad Cab models

The boxes fit perfectly into the empty space over the wheel, providing extra cargo room. The Crew Cab bed receives 7.3 cubic feet, while the long bed adds an extra 8.6 cubic feet of storage space.

If you’re concerned about the amount of space a truck toolbox consumes, note that a low-profile truck box is around 8 cubic feet, which is a better use of space and a tremendous value. With truck boxes, your space is limited, whereas, with the Ramboxes, you can stack 4×8 plywood sheets.

This is something truck owners worry about. However, you can now use the space more efficiently. The Rambox’s side bins are also large enough and can hold a fishing net, fishing rods, kayak paddles, and more.

Interior lighting

You can illuminate the Rambox with interior lighting to make your life easier, especially when a project runs late and you have to look for items in the dark. You can also enjoy the lighting when you are camping and even cook breakfast as the Rambox has a 115-volt power outlet.


The Rambox also comes with an adjustable extender/divider for increased utility and versatility. In fact, you get an extra 2 feet bed length for securing longer loads. It fits well on the lowered tailgate and wraps around it to extend the bed when used as an extender.

You can also use the Rambox to divide compartments in your truck bed and separate your tools when you don’t want to extend the bed length.

Central locking

If you’re concerned about security, Ramboxes use AllSecure Central Locking system, which is operated via remote keyless entry to keep your cargo safe. This offers a secure storage option, whether you’re leaving your tools on the job site or your truck at a parking lot for a long period.

Adjustable tie-downs

Ramboxes have a rail system with adjustable, sliding cleats you can use for tie-downs. This offers enough tie-downs for securing your items. With this system, you’ll be ready for anything because you never know what you’ll be transporting.

Best selling tonneau covers for Ram 1500

The following table highlights some excellent Ram 1500 bed covers you can buy. It shows the BAKFlip MX4 bed covers have solid aluminum rails while the Truxedo Sentry CT covers require no special tools to install.



Main Features

Hard rolling cover

  • Has the 3rd brake light visibility
  • Sleek matte black finish
  • Protects the rear windshield

Economical soft rolling cover

  • Has the tri-fold design for easy unfolding and folding
  • Comes pre-assembled to make installation easy
  • The low-profile design that minimize fuel consumption

Stylish one-piece hinged cover

  • Keeps dust and water off the truck bed
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions and great impact
  • The X-effect design that reduces the weight of the cover

Hard rolling cover

  • Made from solid aluminum slats for long-lasting durability
  • Has storage straps to allow you to drive with the cover open
  • Can be installed in minutes

Electronically opens and closes

  • Comes with a key fob to open and close the cover
  • Provides watertight protection to your truck bed and items
  • Prevents criminals from accessing your cargo
  • Scratch-resistant, textured matte black finish

Example installation instructions on a Ram

Every tonneau cover installs a little differently than the other. However, the overall guide is about the same. Below are some example instructions of a TruXedo cover for a Ram to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Exact instructions will be included with your tonneau cover order with us.

  1. Check your install parts list and ensure you have the following parts:
  • 8 aluminum clamps, stainless steel bolts and lock washers
  • Twist knobs pre-installed on cover with 4-bar hinge
  • 2 front mounting brackets
  • 2 rear mounting brackets
  • 2 hydraulic struts

Tools needed: 1/2 inches and 3/8 inches wrench or socket

2. Install the rear mounting bracket to the bed rail near the tailgate and use two clamps per bracket. Next, install one clamp in the first hole and the other clamp in the hole near the tailgate. Do not overtighten the clamps to avoid damaging the brackets.

Man installing the rear clamp on a Ram
Man installing the rear clamp on a Ram

3. Repeat the process in step 2 to install the front mounting bracket.

4. Set the cover on the truck bed and slide the slots in the 4 bar hinges attached to the cover over the posts on the front mounting brackets. Next, lift the cover up from the back and tighten the twist knobs on both right and left hinges.

Man installing the cover on the Ram truck bed

Now, attach the hydraulic struts and attach the rod end to the back mounting bracket and the large end to the cover. No tools are required, these will snap into place.

5. With your cover closed, check it to ensure it is not touching the tailgate or the bed on either side. The ideal gap should be no more than 1/4 inches and no less than 1/8 inches.

Man unrolling the Ram cover to close it

Move the front brackets rearward or forward to adjust the cover to one side or front to back evenly.

6. Ensure the front flap hangs over your truck’s bulkhead and adjust the lock strikes down or up accordingly. With the tailgate down, adjust the lock strike to have 1/8 inches gap between the lock strike and the lock.

You should be able to turn the lock easily with the tailgate up. However, further adjustment may be required to achieve this.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I have a tonneau cover if I have a RamBox?

Yes, most of our tonneau covers are also compatible with the RamBox. When ordering, our tonneau covers will typically have 2 options: one fits without the RamBox and one fits with the RamBox. Just select the option that your truck has, and we’ll send you the correct tonneau cover.

What Ram trucks have the Rambox?

The RamBox is a storage option that became available for Ram trucks starting in 2009. Your truck must be ordered from the factory with the RamBox, it cannot be retrofitted.

Is the Rambox water-resistant?

The Rambox is designed to be tough, making it water-resistant. It is also equipped with the AllSecure remote security system that ensures your valuables are protected and remain dry. Additionally, the Rambox has a drainage plug to allow you to clean it effortlessly after storing dirty equipment.