Retrax Bed Covers: One vs Pro Options

If you’re a truck owner, one of the first things you’ll want to do is invest in a tonneau bed cover, with Retrax being one of the best brands. 

These bed covers give your truck a sleek look while protecting your cargo from the elements and are available in two different series: the One and Pro Series. 

If you’re wondering which cover you should get, I’ll explore each option in this article so that you can make an informed decision. 

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What are Retrax truck bed covers?

Retrax tonneau covers are retractable, meaning they slide open and close easily without pulling velcro, springs, straps, or snaps. Both polycarbonate and aluminum truck bed covers have innovative anti-bind ball bearings with a sealed ball-bearing roller system. This ensures that the cover glides easily.

Additionally, the compact storage container has a unique spiral track feature that ensures the cover doesn’t come into contact with itself when closing or opening to prevent any unsightly marks and scratches.

These heavy-duty covers keep your vehicle looking elegant and stylish while also protecting it with hard plastic that can withstand anything life throws at them!

Retrax tonneau covers are designed to withstand the elements better than the stapled aluminum or glued vinyl slats that are common in other brands. Retrax covers are made right here in the USA – North Dakota, to be specific.


  • Lockable in all positions and very secure
  • Easy to use, operate and install
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Weather-resistant and stylish
  • Improves fuel economy


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Our comparison of RetraxOne vs RetraxPro truck bed covers

The following table shows the differences between the RetraxOne and RetraxPro tonneau covers. It shows the covers that are made from aluminum and those that are designed from polycarbonate.



Main Features

Polycarbonate, non-electric

  • The sealed ball bearings that allows smooth gliding along the truck rails
  • The scratch-resistant matte finish that provides resilience to the cover
  • The durable polycarbonate that holds up against harsh weather conditions

Polycarbonate, electric

  • The remote key fob that closes and opens the cover wirelessly
  • The high-quality polycarbonate material that endures extreme temperatures
  • Keeps your truck bed dry and clean

Polycarbonate, electric

  • The one piece sheet that closes and opens without joints or hinges
  • The impact-resistant polycarbonate that functions well in bad conditions
  • The clamp-on system with no-drill installlation

Aluminum, non-electric

  • The low-profile design that minimizes fuel usage by up to 10%
  • The matte powder coat finish that gives youur truck a classic look
  • Keeps potential thieves off your valuables

Aluminum, electric

  • The solid aluminum slats that provide impact-resistant protection from harsh elements
  • Keeps your belongings safe from water, dust and criminals
  • Superior cover that supports up to 500 lbs

What are the different types of Retrax tonneau covers?

Retrax bed covers are available in two styles – aluminum or polycarbonate:

  • Retrax PRO aluminum truck bed covers: The aluminum bed covers (labeled as “Pro”) are made from sturdy aluminum slats that offer unsurpassed ruggedness and strength even for the roughest off-road trips. Its patented low-profile design also minimizes drag when driving and streamlines your truck’s appearance.
  • Retrax ONE polycarbonate truck bed covers: These covers (labeled as “One”) are made from a one-piece sheet that’s designed to retract without moving mechanisms, hinges, or joints that can freeze, wear out or trap dust and other debris. The solid construction also offers incredible UV protection and superior impact resistance, which means the cover performs optimally in high temperatures.

RetraxOne truck bed cover series

RetraxOne MX Tonneau Cover

RetraxOne MX Truck Bed Cover

The RetraxOne MX Tonneau Cover combines the matte finish with the rigid polycarbonate construction for an incredibly scratch and impact-resistant cover. The truck bed cover is a single sheet engineered to retract without hinges that can trap dirt.

The cover also has a sealed ball-bearing roller feature that glides along the rail effortlessly with the handle that eliminates the need for springs or straps. The cover is backed by a 1-year warranty.

PowertraxOne Electric Tonneau Cover

PowerOne Electric Truck Bed Cover

The PowertraxOne Electric Cover is made from high-quality polycarbonate material that endures extreme temperatures. The cover uses the key fob to close and open wirelessly and can be locked in any position for quick bed access.

The clamp-on tonneau cover doesn’t require special tools to install and can be installed by any truck owner with basic hand tools. The electric retractable cover keeps your truck bed dry and clean and has a 3-year warranty.

PowertraxOne MX Electric Tonneau Cover

PowertraxOne MX Electric Truck Bed Cover

The PowertraxOne MX Electric Cover offers the same benefits and features of the RetraxOne MX cover but with the enhanced electric operation feature. The cover combines solid polycarbonate construction with a resilient matte finish for added durability.

The rigid construction offers superior impact resistance and UV protection that allows the cover to function optimally in harsh conditions. The cover also glides smoothly allowing you to haul cargo into your truck bed easily and has a 3-year warranty.

RetraxPro truck bed cover series

RetraxPro MX Tonneau Cover

RetraxPro MX Truck Bed Cover

The RetraxPro MX Bed Cover combines a resilient matte finish that adds style to your vehicle with industrial strength aluminum construction. Its patented low-profile design also enhances the appearance of your vehicle.

The sealed ball-bearing rollers mount easily onto the aluminum beams allowing the bed cover to close or retract without using any kind of mechanism. The cover can be locked in any position and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

PowertraxPro MX Electric Tonneau Cover

PowertraxPro MX Electric Truck Bed Cover

The PowertraxPro MX provides the same benefits and features of the RetraxPro MX but with the enhanced electric operation functionality. The covers are designed from heavy-duty aluminum slats that offer superior ruggedness and strength.

The electromagnetic brake allows you to lock this cover along the rail in any position while the wireless operation makes closing and opening this cover a breeze. The PowertraPro MX electric cover comes with a 3-year warranty.

Retrax tonneau covers vs the competition

The following table shows the differences between the Retrax truck bed cover and the competition. It shows Retrax covers are durable, strong, and can be locked in any position.

Main Feature

Retrax Bed Covers

The Competition


Retrax covers have the flush-mount lock handle that’s located at the driver’s side rear to provide easy access when closing and opening the cover

Electric covers open and close at the push of a button

  • Truck owners need to reach to the middle of the bed cover to get a tow strap and then walk back to the vehicle to pull the cover back
Electric key fob operation of tonneau cover
The PowerTrax covers open and close electronically with an included key fob

Retractable Cover

Durable UV treated thermoplastic cover that protects your items from the sun

  • Vinyl stapled or glued to aluminum slats
Animated gif opening the retractable tonneau

Spiral Storage System

The unique spiral track system eliminates wear and tear on the bed cover and prevents it from contacting itself when retracting. Additionally, there are no moving parts that fail, freeze or jam

  • The cover rolls up on a spring loaded drum on top of itself
Image showing the spiral track system and canister
Spiral track system prevents roll from contracting on itself, prevents wear and tear when rolling


Retrax covers are reinforced with up to 30 tempered aluminum beams that can support heavy snow loads of up to 200 lbs

  • Can only support a light snow load of up to 120 lbs
Animated gif of cement bag tossed on top of tonneau cover
Retrax covers are strong enough to handle heavy loads

Locking Positions

Retrax covers can be key locked or latched in different positions along the rail

  • Uses irregular locking positions every 12 inches

Tailgate Area

Retrax covers use automotive-grade weather strips and overlap at the top of the tailgate

  • Water runs down the tailgate’s inside face since that’s where the cover meets up


Doesn’t require special maintenance. Just wash the bed cover like you would your truck’s hood

  • Requires a vinly protectant which should be applied whenever you clean your vehicle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the polycarbonate and aluminum series compatible with other aftermarket and OE accessories?

Both the polycarbonate and aluminum series work with most accessories like bed rails and liners. However, some series may require minor modification while some OE accessories can interfere with how the Retrax cover works. Please text our team at 281-761-6097 for additional support.

If I have rails or a deck, do I have to remove them for installation?

You don’t have to remove them because most applications allow truck owners to use cargo management systems (rails or decks).