Rundown of Roll-N-Lock Bed Covers

Imagine you are hauling cargo and you need to stop somewhere for break. You can’t stop for fear that some is going to steal your cargo.

Or you get caught in the middle of heavy rains. What do you do?

With a cover, you don’t have to risk losing your cargo.

You’ve already decided a tonneau cover is worth it, but there are many so options available. From hard folding to soft folding to roll-up and retractable, you might wonder which is best for your needs.

In this article, we will do a rundown of Roll-N-Lock tonneau covers. This is one of the most popular truck cover brands out there.

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Overview of Roll-N-Lock Retractable Truck Bed Cover

Are you looking for that one cover that will secure your cargo and give you an easy time as well? Look no further.

Roll-N-Lock is a U.S. manufacturer of aftermarket and OE automotive accessories.

Their wide range of tonneau covers and cargo management products are unmatched. They offer security, reliability and versatility.

In the field of retractable bed covers, Roll-N-Lock is an industry leader.

The company name has become synonymous with quality for truck owners. They have a loyal following of truck owners. This has seen them shoot to the top of the list of the fastest growing retractable covers globally.

Roll-N-Lock manufactures three powerful series of tonneau covers.

They also have a cargo manager to make your hauling easier and safer.

Below is an in-depth review of the M-Series, A-Series and E-Series.

Roll-N-Lock M-Series Vinyl-Over-Aluminum Retractable Cover

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Roll-N-Lock M-series tonneau cover comes with the convenience of a retractable cover. You’ll also enjoy the security of a hard cover and smoothness of a soft cover.

Apart from the vinyl surface material’s superior quality, the slatted aluminum also sets it apart from its competitors.

Why? Each slat is joined by an interlocking contoured hinge in a rotating manner. This design handles the strength and smooth operation of the cover. Upon rotation, there is no metal-to-metal contact that occurs, even though each slat is locked together.

It is durable and still easy to operate. This is because of the insulated grip lever and friction-less construction. You only need to unlock the cover using the key provided then open towards the cab. It will retract into the compact canister.

The Good and The Bad


  • Strong and durable
  • Maximum storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Improved security
  • Smooth installation


  • No remote control (no automatic operation)
  • A little pricey
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Although it’s still a little pricey, this is a great “entry level” premium cover. It fits into the premium cover category, but the price is on the lower end.

If this cover is within your budget, this is a great option.

-Alan, founder of PartCatalog

Top Features of the Rock-N-Lock M-Series Retractable Cover

  • Vinyl-Over-Aluminum construction
  • Heavy-duty torsion spring
  • Integrated pull-strap
  • Contoured design
  • Many latching positions

Vinyl-Over-Aluminum retractable tonneau cover

According to the manufacturer, M-Series is “The most advanced retractable bed cover ever made.” It is very functional, easy to install and remove, flexible and stylish.

The Roll-N-Lock M-Series tonneau cover is most ideal for anyone looking for a classic cover. It ensures high-level security and is easy to operate.

Heavy duty construction

The tonneau cover is made with heavy-duty aluminum slats. They are laminated with premium-grade vinyl for extra strength. The tonneau cover is powder-coated with vinyl aluminium.

It also integrates a torsion spring to make it more liable and durable. It will serve you for years and withstand road and weather elements. This will add value to your vehicle for many years to come.

Maximum Storage Space

The Roll-N-Lock M-Series has the most compact aerodynamic housing for any retractable cover. It’s an average of 7 ¼” deep to ensure it preserves plenty of room for hauling your cargo.

The compact canister design allows you to make use of most space on your tonneau cover. You can lock the cover in place at ¼ , ½ , or ¾ open positions. This will allow you access to as much or as little bed space as you need.

Easy to Use

It combines the strength of a hard folding cover with the ease of roll-up cover. The Roll-N-Lock M-Series cover opens with a torsion spring inside a 3″ aluminum casing, when you turn the lever and key.

The aluminum material gives a tough surface with hinge design for a friction-less rotation and theft protection. This makes the opening and closing processes smooth.

In hot weather conditions, you don’t need to worry about burning your fingers when operating the tonneau cover. Your M-Series tonneau cover includes a finger insulation grip. This ensures your fingers do not scorch in high temperatures.

You can operate the Roll-N-Lock M-series tonneau cover with the twist latch at its rear end. It latches to close and releases to open. With no panels to fold or snaps to handle, the M-Series is one of the most convenient tonneau covers in the market.

Enhanced security

You can haul your cargo without fear of theft or loss. With the M-Series, you don’t need to worry about security. It features a patented latch system that is ratchet-style.

The tonneau cover latches on three sides with three different locks. This helps in boosting the security of your cargo and ensuring the cover remains in place.

It has a four-point locking system to lock it alongside with the tailgate. No one can open it with the tailgate up, so you don’t need to worry about security loopholes.

Sleek and Stylish

The vinyl-over-aluminum low-profile design ensures a sleek appearance. The solid finishing look is also a plus as you will be the best looking truck on the road.

You won’t worry about scratches and creaking sounds. The aluminum undercarriage has a patented, contoured hinge design that ensures friction-less rotation.

A-series tonneau cover

Installation of the M-Series Cover

The patented clamp-on track design of the Roll-N-Lock M-Series makes it very easy to install. The bolts and clamps will aid the process, with no drilling needed.

The best part is that the cover comes with installation instructions. You won’t have to guess what goes where and how.

Warranty Information

It is precision-engineered in the USA with finest materials, techniques and expertise. Roll-N-Lock backs the M-Series with a 3-year warranty. This guarantees against any defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty only applies to the original owner. You can not transfer it from person to another. Roll-N-Lock ensures you get a tonneau cover that is durable and is of high quality.

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A-Series All-Aluminum Retractable Cover

A-series tonneau cover

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The A-Series is an all-aluminum, retractable tonneau cover with a low-profile design that fits on the bed rails. It is simple and seamless. It fits any truck owner who wants impeccable security and convenience.

It features a patented hinge system to ensure easy, friction-less operation. You only need to turn the lever and key, and it will slide open. It then retracts into a compact canister to allow you instant access to the truck bed.

It’s designed as a single piece, and has hidden seals that help keep water away from your truck bed. Apart from unmatched security and cargo safety, the A-Series also has improved wear and tear protection. This is because of the powder coating applied on the aluminum body.

The Good and The Bad


  • Strong and durable
  • Maximum storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and contoured look
  • Improved security
  • Smooth installation


  • No remote control
  • A little pricey
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For an all-aluminum cover, the Roll-N-Lock cover is about as good as it gets. It’s difficult to explain using words, but once you feel the cover and hear the sound of the retractable cover, you’ll agree with me. You can tell it is quality just by the sound of the cover going into the canister.

-Alan, founder of PartCatalog

Top Features of Roll-N-Lock A-Series Retractable Cover

  • One-piece all-aluminum construction
  • Features torsion spring
  • Low profile aerodynamic lid
  • Many latching positions
  • Sleek and contoured look

A-Series retractable tonneau cover

The Roll-N-Lock A-series tonneau cover is strong and durable, just like the M-Series. It is constructed from all-aluminum slats with powder coating. This is gives it a more durable construction.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The A-Series tonneau cover is made for strength and toughness. The heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum and the hinge technology ensure that it is strong and durable.

It will withstand harsh weather and road elements and serve you for as long as you own your truck.

Maximum Bed Space

The Roll-N-Lock A-series features a compact canister design. This extends up to approximately eight inches into the truck bed. This helps to maximize the space on your truck bed and haul large cargo.

It has a patented, ratchet-style latching mechanism. This enables the cover to lock in many open positions.

Sleek and Contoured look

The low profile of the cover gives the truck a smooth and classy contoured look for visual appeal.

When closed, it reduces aerodynamic drag on the bed of your vehicle. This in turn translates to less gas mileage.

Enjoy a sleek and contoured look while reducing gas mileage at the same time.

Improved Security for your cargo

It features a super secure patented tailgate system. This ensures your cargo is safe and inaccessible. No one can open the cover when the tailgate is up.

The A-Series cover also features three intermittent locking positions. This boosts your cargo security and holds the tonneau cover in place.

With the tailgate locking system and the cover, you won’t lose your cargo once secured inside. You also don’t have to worry about damages brought about by weather and road elements.

Scratch and UV Resistant

The powder-coated aluminum body of the A-Series cover is resistant to UV rays and scratches. It can withstand harsh weather and road elements, while keeping your cargo safe and dry.

Easy to use

The Roll-N-Lock A-series tonneau cover is very easy to open and close. This is due to the rear-mount twisted latch feature. This releases the cover and latches on to close.

It also features a unique key slot cover that prevents snow and rain from getting in or freezing the lock.

Installation of the A-Series Cover

The Roll-N-Lock A-Series cover has a super easy installation. You only need to clamp it on the bed rails, which is quite effortless.

There is no drilling involved. You won’t even need to worry about adjustments to the truck bed for most vehicle models. It is custom-made for a perfect fit.

The cover also comes with detailed instructions. Most people find the installation quick and effortless.

Warranty Information

The manufacturer provides a 3-year limited warranty. This guarantees that the cover is free from defects in manufacturing.

You can enjoy the benefit of this warranty only if you are the original buyer, as it is non-transferable.

The manufacturer assures that its products are of high quality and are very durable. Ensure you get your cover from an authorized reseller like PartCatalog.

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E-Series Electric Retractable Cover

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The E-Series retractable cover from Roll-N-Lock gives you easy operation with a remote control. You’ll also enjoy longer durability that you look for in covers and an advanced locking mechanism.

The key fob and commercial-grade electric motor will ensure your cover opens and closes with ease. Who wouldn’t appreciate a hands-free access to the bed and gear?

One more feature that stands out is the intuitive nature of the E-Series. You don’t need to worry about knocking against your cargo, the cover will automatically sense and stop.

The Good and The Bad


  • Remote-controlled
  • Matte black finish
  • Strong and durable
  • Maximum storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Improved security
  • Smooth installation


  • More expensive than other retractable tonneau covers
headshot of Alan

There are few covers that meet the convenience of the Roll-N-Lock E-Series.

If you’re okay with a little splurge for yourself, this is one of the best and most convenient truck bed covers you can buy.

-Alan, founder of PartCatalog

Top Features of Roll-N-Lock E-Series Retractable Cover

  • Electric-powered
  • Remote-controlled
  • Many latching positions
  • Sleek and Classic Appearance
  • Intuitive design

Electric-powered cover

The E-series features the quality and design of the other covers.

If you need a sophisticated luxurious addition to your truck, then this is the best option.

It comes in a matte black finish that gives it a sleek and classic visual appeal. You will not only enjoy the convenience and advanced protection, but you will also have one of the best tonneau covers that money can buy.

Scratch and UV protection

The cover has a durable matte black and powder-coated aluminum construction. It is multi-layered and it ensures scratch and UV protection.

Easy to operate

It is easy to operate as it is powered by an electric motor. A simple touch on the remote key fob is all you need to do and you’ll be good to go.

The other Roll-N-Lock covers have a manual operation, so this is the distinguishing feature of the E-Series.

E-Series Electric key fob

It also comes with a built-in light. The light automatically turns on whenever the cover is in motion. You can also turn it on manually. This is very helpful when you are operating the cover at night.

It features a patented contoured hinge design. The design ensures a friction-less rotation. This in turn allows for effortless and secure operation.

Maximum Bed Space

As with all the Roll-N-Lock covers, the E-Series does a great job when it comes to saving your most-needed cargo space.

It is smaller in depth than your common retractable cover. It measures 8 ¼” for a long bed and 7 ¼” for a full size short bed.

Enhanced Security

The E-Series offers you 5 different locking options. As the electric motor retracts, you can choose to open it at different positions. This depends on how much bed space you desire to use at any given time.

The patented, four-point locking system allows you to lock the lid with the tailgate.

This hinge technology provides extra security, delivering a nearly impenetrable seam. This helps protect against theft intrusion, and the harshest weather conditions.

While no cover is 100% waterproof, this seal keeps nearly all water out.

Sleek and Classic Appearance

It features an aerodynamic housing lid with a matte black finish. The E-Series is a great option for people that love the matte black look.

Installation of the E-Series Cover

Installing the E-series Tonneau cover is a walk in the park. The manufacturer takes pride in its clamp-on installation that makes the entire process quick and easy.

You don’t need to worry about drilling more holes on the truck, thanks to the clamp-on installation.

The good news is that your cover comes accompanied with an installation manual. You only need to follow the step-by-step installation instructions and use the tools provided.

Warranty Information

This tonneau cover is precision-engineered in the US, so you can be sure of its high quality.

The manufacturer is confident in the cover’s high quality, and backs it with a 5-year limited warranty.

This guarantees no defects in the materials used that only expert workmanship is employed.

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How Do the M-Series, A-Series and E-series Compare?



Main features

Best value

  • Vinyl-over-aluminum construction
  • Features torsion spring
  • Integrated pull-strap

Most durable

  • All-aluminum construction
  • Plus all the benefits of the M-Series

Most convenient

  • Remote-controlled
  • Aluminum construction
  • Super easy to use
  • More expensive compared to A-series and M-series

Are There Any Alternatives?

Are you wondering if there are cheaper alternatives to Roll-N-Lock? Our article on the best tonneau covers under $500 will give you a few options that will save the pocket book.

Below are two of the best brands that you should also consider when making your decision.

Pace Edwards Switchblade

The Pace Edwards switchblade Tonneau cover is your perfect solution for protecting your cargo and vehicle’s truck bed from harsh weather and road elements. It is highly convenient and durable, so you can use it for many years without it losing value.

Top features include:

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Unique ArmorTek padded polymer
  • Continuous spring tension
  • Features Squeeze latch and pull strap
  • 1-year limited warranty

RetraxPRO XR

The RetraxPRO XR Tonneau Cover is precision-engineered for strength and flexibility. It has a sleek appearance, very easy to operate and can withstand up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

It is a popular choice if you want to haul cargo of light to medium weight. It is highly durable and will serve you for years.

  • Features a trax rail system
  • Sealed ball-bearings
  • Custom-designed for perfect fit
  • One-piece aluminum construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The table below shows a comparison of some of the top features of Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover alternatives:

FeaturesRoll-N-Rock M-SeriesPace Edwards SwitchbladeRetraxPRO XR
TypeSoft Manual RetractableHard Manual Retractable Hard Manual Retractable
MaterialVinyl AluminumAluminumAluminum
FinishLow glossy vinylPadded PolymerMatte Finish
Low profileYesNoYes
Spring tensionYesYesNo
Warranty3-year1-yearLimited lifetime
PurchaseCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Roll-N-Lock Cargo Manager

Hauling lightweight cargo that keeps on shifting in the truck bed can be very annoying. Other than the higher risks of damage, you also have to deal with the noise of your cargo clanking around. It gets worse if you are hauling metals on rugged terrain!

That is where the cargo manager comes in.

The Cargo Manager is a movable truck bed divider. You can place it every 3” along the sides of the bed to help manage and contain lightweight cargo. It is a wonderful companion to any Roll-N-Lock cover you might have.

After unlocking it, it smoothly glides along the bed. It securely settles into the most convenient position for your cargo.

The Cargo Manager is compatible with your Roll-N-Lock cover.

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Tip: The cargo manager is controlled at one location on the driver’s side. You can easily and quickly unlock it by squeezing the operation lever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roll-N-Lock Bed Cover