How to Make WeatherTech Mats Look New Again

Floor mats and liners keep your factory floor clean and free of stains and dirt. But these floor mats also get dirty and will need cleaning every once in a while.  Here is how to make your Weathertech mats look like new again. Now, there are two different types of cleaning.  The first one is … Read more

Are WeatherTech Floor Mats worth it?

You can’t talk about car floor mats without mentioning WeatherTech. This brand is incredibly popular among car owners. But a lot of people want to know if they are truly worth it. Do they deserve the reputation? Are they worth the price?  The short answer is YES. WeatherTech sets the bar high in several aspects. … Read more

Rubber vs. Carpet Car Floor Mats

Making the decision between rubber and carpet floor mats can be difficult, but we at use a methodical approach in helping our customers make that decision.  Most customers have an immediate desire or need for one or the other, but we often talk with customers that simply have a difficult time in choosing.  They just know that they … Read more

Best Prices on WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech imposes a strict minimum pricing policy for all authorized retailers for all products including DigitalFit, All-Weather and All-Vehicle floor liners. This is common across many industries, including automotive. Perhaps the company most famous for this type of pricing is Apple. They require all retailers to price the iPhone, iMac, etc. at a minimum price. Of … Read more

WeatherTech Floor Mats & Car Accessories | Buyer’s Guide

Floor Mats & Liners Truck Bed Mats Tonneau Covers Bumper Protection LampGuard Lens Protection License Plates Pet Accessories Window Deflectors Exterior Accessories Interior Accessories About WeatherTech Search our entire WeatherTech inventory See everything in stock & ready to ship to your doorstep! The world renown leader in floor mats and liners Everyone knows winter weather … Read more