The Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories – What You Must Have

Tesla Model 3

Updated June 2021.

Welcome to the Tesla club! Your new Tesla Model 3 is already perfect off the showroom floor, but there are a lot of things you can buy to make your car even better and more practical. We’ve surveyed thousands of customers and curated a list of the Best Tesla Model 3 accessories. These are all things every new Tesla Model 3 owner must have!

It doesn’t matter if you have the performance, short-range or long-range. You’re part of the Tesla family now.

You probably have a few hundred (or a few thousand) miles by now, and are wondering how you can upgrade your floor mats, or how you can charge your cell phone. We’re gonna help you do just that.

If you can’t wait or don’t have time to read everything, our summary list below will help you find just what you need! If you’re like us, your shopping cart is going to be full of stuff you didn’t even know you needed. 🙂

  1. MAXpider Floor Mats
  2. Lloyd Floor Mats
  3. Logo Decal Bundle
  4. Door Sill Clear Protection Vinyl
  5. Rim Touch-Up Paint
  6. Aluminum Pedal Covers
  7. Console Wrap Kits
  8. Screen Cleaner
  9. Center Console Liners
  10. Pet Seat Protector
  11. Sun Shield for Front Window
  12. Replacement Wiper Blades
  13. Tire Repair Kits
  14. Brush Hero Wheel Brush
  15. Car Wash Kit
  16. Charging Cable Organizer

Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

MOST POPULAR – MAXpider – Front & Rear Cabin – Sale: 10% Off

By far the most popular and well received floor liners available for the brand new Tesla Model 3. These are custom fit to the contours and provide more dead pedal coverage than leading brands. We have been selling MAXpider floor liners for several years – we can say, without a doubt, these liners are well worth the money spent. They are designed to last years and provide a simple, understated but elegant look that’s PERFECT for the Model 3.

  • Custom fit for the Model 3
  • All-weather protection (snow, rain, mud, spills, etc)
  • SUPER easy to clean – just hose it down

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MAXpider – Trunk Liner – Sale: 10% Off

The Tesla Model 3 trunk is huge, so you’re probably packing a lot in it. Make sure it’s protected with a custom fit trunk liner. Carry food, drinks, potted plants… it doesn’t matter. If there’s a spill, just take the trunk liner out of the car and hose it off!

  • Perfect trunk coverage
  • All-weather protection (cargo spills, dirty cargo storage, etc)
  • Raised edges

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MAXpider – Frunk Liner – Sale: 10% Off

Not everyone needs frunk protection, but in case you do MAXpider has you covered here. This small liner fits perfectly in the frunk space, providing a raised edge and protection for whatever cargo you like to put in your frunk.

  • Perfect frunk coverage
  • All-weather protection (cargo spills, dirty cargo storage, etc)
  • Raised edges

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Check out this MAXpider review from one of our customers:

**Carpet Version** – Front & Rear Cabin – Sale: 10% Off

The only carpet liner available for the Tesla Model 3, this carpet version is everything that is perfect about the rubber set – except now in carpet form. This carpet floor mat has raised edges, contour-perfect fitment and a rubber heel pad for the driver. This is the only currently available carpet set that has raised edges, which will help contain spills.

  • Elegant looking, carpet floor liner that is easy to clean
  • Carpet fibers are most similar to “astroturf” – it looks great in your Model 3, and cleans easier than normal cutpile carpet
  • Raised edges help contain your spills

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Lloyd NorthRidge Rubber Mats – From $64.90

For more economical needs the Lloyd NorthRidge rubber floor mats may be what you need. These are cheaper than other custom floor liners, though they are a bit more ‘rugged’. While these do not have raised edges, they are still cut to the contours of your Tesla Model 3. It features a ‘raised weave’ pattern which does help divert messes and spills from getting on your carpet. These come in 8 colors and are available for the front, rear, trunk, frunk and small deck.

  • 8 colors; available for front & rear, frunk, trunk and small deck
  • Raised weave pattern helps to contain spills
  • Rubber, so they are easy to clean
  • Perfect weather option if you just need something simple for your trunk/frunk space

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Lloyd Classic Loop Carpet Mats – From $79.90

If you’re looking for some carpet floor mats that are more durable than the Tesla floor mats, these looped carpet floor mats are a great option. Looped carpeting is a bit different than your standard cutpile carpeting. Looped carpeting was very popular on early model automobiles (prior to around 1970) and are highly durable. These carpet mats come with edge binding and are cut specifically to provide optimal & custom coverage in your Model 3.

  • 8 colors; available for front & rear, frunk, trunk and small deck
  • Can be personalized with embroidery
  • Looped, durable style carpeting

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Lloyd Ultimat Classic Cutpile Carpet – From $119.90

When it comes to standard cutpile carpeting, the Lloyd Ultimat line is the best value for the dollar. These are, by far, the most popular and highest quality cutpile carpet floor mats on the market. Available in over 30 different colors, the best part is that you can choose an accented ‘premium’ edge for a small additional fee. So, for example – if you drive a red Tesla, a nice look is to get black carpet mats with premium red binding. This puts a red border around your black mats, letting your vehicle’s interior complement the exterior.

  • 30 colors; available for front & rear, frunk, trunk and small deck
  • Multiple color options for premium binding – for example, red edging on black carpet mats
  • Can be personalized with embroidery
  • Most popular cutpile carpet option

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Lloyd Berber Carpet Mats – From $151.90

Berber carpeting is usually what you see when you walk into a commercial or business establishment. It’s designed for high traffic usage, is highly durable and is long lasting. These berber mats come in 9 color options including a black heathered option, which is black a ‘speckled’ look. The black heathered carpet mats is one of the most popular color options.

  • 9 colors; available for front & rear, frunk, trunk and small deck
  • Commercial-like carpet quality
  • Black and black heathered color options are recommended

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Lloyd Luxe Carpet Mats – From $183

If luxury is the name of your game, this is for you! These are the most plush carpet floor mats available anywhere, designed for true luxury. These are popular on luxury vehicles, including the Model S, Mercedes, BMW, etc. For an optional fee you can also choose to have an engraved leather patch added to these plush floor mats.

  • 11 colors; available for front & rear, frunk, trunk and small deck
  • Most plush carpet mat available
  • Can be personalized with an engraved leather patch

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Floor Mat Comparison Chart

BrandStyleFront & RearTrunkFrunkSmall Rear DeckMaterialQuick Facts
MAXpider KaguCustom Fit$170$117.49$88.09RubberAll-Weather
Custom Fit
Carbon fiber print
WeatherTech DigitalFitCustom FitTBD$127.95$147.95RubberAll-Weather
Custom Fit
Lloyd NorthRidgeCustom Fit$129.80$99.90$64.90$64.90Rubber8 Colors
Raised weave pattern
Helps contain spills
Lloyd Classic LoopCustom Fit$139.80$89.90$59.90$59.90Carpet8 Colors
Loop carpeting style
Can be personalized
Lloyd UltimatCustom Fit$169.80$119.90$71.90$71.90Carpet30 Colors
Standard cutpile carpet
High quality
Can be personalized
Lloyd BerberCustom Fit$169.80$119.90$71.90$71.90Carpet9 Colors
Berber commercial-like carpeting
Can be personalized
Lloyd LuxeCustom Fit$268.00$199$124$124Carpet11 Colors
Most luxurious plush
Can be personalized with leather patch


Logo Decal Bundle

This logo decal bundle helps to add both protection and style to the logos on your Tesla Model 3. Available in Carbon Fiber, Gloss Red, Matte Black and Satin Black, this bundle helps create a uniform and unique look across your car. This is a great option if you are trying to ‘chrome delete’ your vehicle.

  • Includes: 1x Steering Wheel Logo, 1x Trunk Logo, 1x Frunk Logo, 3x Side Light Logos, 5x Center Wheel Cap Logos, Cleaning Wipes
  • Available in Gloss Red, Carbon Fiber, Matte Black and Satin Black
  • Helps with a ‘chrome delete’ or just a unique look

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Door Sill Clear Protection Vinyl

This vinyl protection film will help protect your dill sill from unavoidable scuffs and scratches. It uses 3M Scotchgard Pro Material, which is designed to ‘self-heal’ – meaning small scratches will disappear automatically. This can be installed in about 5 minutes and is an awesome, easy way to protect your car.

  • Protects your door sills from scratches
  • Made with 3M Scotchgard Pro Material
  • Small scratches ‘self heal’ and disappear
  • Installs in 5 minutes

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Rim Touch-Up Paint

Though this is Ford touch-up paint, Tesla owners say this is a pretty close match for the standard dark gray rims. This is a great solution if you just want an easy way to hide a scratch. Keep in mind, this isn’t an exact match to your Tesla wheels, and shouldn’t be used over a large area. But, it’s a quick, cheap and easy way to help hide small scratches.

  • Easy, cheap way to hide small scratches
  • The Ford paint color is a close match to the standard dark gray wheels
  • Not intended for large scratches / surface areas

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Aluminum Pedal Covers

These aluminum pedal covers increase the foot size of the gas and brake pedals, and gives your Tesla Model 3 a better appearance. They feature a no-slip surface and are easy to install without any drilling. These are custom made for the Model 3.

  • Increases footprint size
  • Enhances appearance
  • Customized for Model 3
  • Easy to install, no drilling

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Matte Black Console Wrap Kit

The center console area can be easily scratched with rings, jewelry, phones, and anything else that will hit it. These console wraps not only protect the console from these scratches, they can also help customize the look of your interior. This matte black option is perfect for people that want to keep a simple profile but still want to protect their interior center console.

  • Comes with everything you need, including installation prep and helper tools
  • Includes a helpful installation video for an easy DIY installation
  • Vinyl wrap can be removed in the future
  • Includes: two cup holder wraps, one center wrap, one top wrap, two plastic installation blades, one metal razor blade in wax paper, one 6×7 microfiber, a wipe and instruction card for install information.

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Black Brushed Metal Console Wrap Kit

Pretty much the same as the above, the only difference is the look. This has a unique brushed metal look, rather than the standard matte black. This is great for people that want a bit more of a unique look, but still want that understated Tesla simplicity.

  • Comes with everything you need, including installation prep and helper tools
  • Includes a helpful installation video for an easy DIY installation
  • Vinyl wrap can be removed in the future
  • Includes: two cup holder wraps, one center wrap, one top wrap, two plastic installation blades, one metal razor blade in wax paper, one 6×7 microfiber, a wipe and instruction card for install information.

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Screen Cleaner

Because you know you’ll need it. This safe, non-toxic screen cleaner is designed to be used on your electronic screens, so it’s a perfect way to clean up your Tesla center screen from finger prints, smudges and other dust. Keep this around your house for all your other screens as well – you know you have at least a couple screens in every room!

  • Safe for electronic screens
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Can also use for your computer screens, iPhones, tablets, etc

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Center Console Liners

If you have a second car take a look in the cup holder. Point proven. These center console liners sit inside your center console cup holder and compartments, sort of like a floor mat for your center console. This makes spills and other messes easier to clean up. In addition to solid black, there are 4 other color options if you want to add a splash of color.

  • A “floor mat” for your cup holder and center console compartment
  • Solid black and 4 other color options available
  • Keeps messes and spills easy to clean

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Pet Seat Protector

Let’s face it, your dog is going to go for a ride in your new Tesla at some point. A seat protector keeps a barrier between your seat and your dog’s hair and paws, helping protect your seats while making them easier to clean. We have both a universal seat protector option, as well as a fully custom fit option for the Model 3 if you want a little more coverage. If you just need standard protection, the universal option will be perfect for you.

  • Universal fit option great for most people
  • Custom fit options also available for people wanting better protection
  • Keeps hair, scratches and paws off your seats

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Sun Shield for Front Window

It’s not needed for everyone, but if you live in a sunny and hot climate you already know you need one of these. These roll up with a velcro strap when not in use. When in use they can make a dramatic difference in interior temperatures, and help protect your leather from sun damage. This is specifically made for the Model 3.

  • Made for the Model 3
  • Makes a dramatic difference in interior temperatures in sunny/hot climates
  • Rolls up easily with a velcro strap

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Replacement Items

Driver Side Wiper Blade 26″

Self explanatory – sooner or later you’ll need to replace your wiper blade. This is the replacement wiper blade you’ll need for the driver’s side. These are also sold in packs of 5 if you don’t want to worry about ordering replacements down the road.

  • Replacement driver’s side wiper blade
  • Also sold in packs of 5

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Passenger Side Wiper Blade 19″

Same deal as above, except this is the replacement for the passenger side wiper blade. It might be handy to have a couple of these ordered, so you have them the moment you need it.

  • Replacement passenger’s side wiper blade

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Tire Repair

Quick Tire Repair Kit

Useful since the Model 3 doesn’t come with a spare tire. This handy tire repair kit repairs small punctures without needing to remove the tire from the rim. Remember to always get your tires checked by a professional after any repair. This should not be used for major tire damage. This is a great item to add to your ’emergency roadside’ kit.

  • Tire repair made easy
  • Not intended for major repairs
  • Add to your emergency roadside kit

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Tire Air Pump

A quick, easy and portable way to air up your tires when the pressure changes. This can be used for any of your vehicles, so keep this around the house if you don’t want to run to your local gas station or tire shop just for a little bit of air. It also has an integrated LED flash light in case you need to air up at night.

  • Portable tire air pump
  • Includes an integrated LED flash light for night use
  • Easiest solution to air up your tires if you don’t have easy access to air

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Miscellaneous Accessories

Brush Hero Wheel Brush

No batteries needed, just hook it up to a water hose. The Brush Hero wheel brush, detail brush and Soap Star hose soap dispenser will all work together to help give your wheels a good shine. This tool isn’t designed to spin fast, but gives a steady torque that gets the grime off. One of the best cleaning tools out there.

  • No batteries needed, just hook it up to a water hose
  • Includes Brush Hero brush, detail brush and Soap Star hose soap dispenser
  • Steady torque gets the grime off

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Car Wash Kit

Self explanatory, for those Tesla owners that are obsessive about keeping their car clean! This includes everything you need for a good auto detail, including a bucket, soaps, waxes, glass cleaners, detailing sprays, buckets, microfiber towel, brush and more.

  • An all-inclusive kit with everything you need for a good detail
  • 16 items including bucket, for both interior and exterior cleaning

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Charging Cable Organizer

This hangs next to your at-home charging station, allowing you to coil up the hose and with a spot to put the Tesla charging nozzle. This is one of the easiest ways to help keep your garage organized!

  • Allows you to coil up the charging hose
  • Includes spot to hold the Tesla charging nozzle
  • Easy way to stay organized

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