The Best Tesla Model Y Accessories – Must-Have Add-Ons

Guide updated July 2021. 

You held your breath for a few weeks, wondering how your Tesla Model Y would look. 

You joined other enthusiasts on social media groups. You carefully examined every picture posted by happy new owners. You followed every conversation and sympathized with every frustrated new owner. You prayed that the COVID situation would improve enough that production could resume! Then finally your new toy arrived. 

Now, a few miles later, you know exactly the first item you need to purchase. Those (ugly and useless) OEM floor mats have to go first. 

As you ponder your shopping list, we at PartCatalog have made your task easy. We deal in Tesla aftermarket parts and have a lot of Tesla customers that we listen to. We also belong to all the major Tesla groups, and keep our ears on the ground. 

These products are organized in tables, making it easy for you to compare brands, quality and prices before adding a product to your shopping cart. 

The summary list below helps you find immediately what you want and jump straight to that section. Happy shopping! 

We are constantly working to improve this guide, based on new products and feedback received. Please contact us with your feedback!

MOST POPULAR – MAXpider Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

Model Y – MAXpider Floor Mats

The MAXpider floor mats were extremely popular for prior Tesla models, and were one of the most highly rated products.

The reason is because the factory mats leave a lot to be desired – they don’t look that great and do not provide you with the best protection in your interior.

The Tesla Model Y floor mats have a minimalist, low-profile look. The MAXpider liners look amazing in Tesla vehicles for this very reason – it simply matches the profile of the car. Understated yet refined. And very high quality to boot.

They are rubber and suited for all weather conditions.

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Video review from one of our customers (Model 3 shown)

@DÆrik, over 65,000 YouTube subscribers on his Tesla channel

“You can see, it even covers the dead pedal here which is kind of nice… it does have these [heel pads] on the driver’s side which is really nice… how it provides some extra protection where you will sit your heel or your foot… that is a nice little bonus”

3D MAXpiderRubberFrom $193.03Black
WeatherTechRubberTBD*Coming SoonBlack
Lloyd NorthridgeRubberFrom $64.90Black, Gray and Tan
Lloyd Classic LoopCarpet (looped)

Can be personalized

From $79.90Multiple
Lloyd UltimatCarpet (normal cutpile)

Can be personalized

From $119.90Multiple
Lloyd BerberCarpet (berber)

Can be personalized

From $151.90Multiple
Lloyd LuxeCarpet (extra plus/luxurious)

Can be personalized with a leather patch

From $183.00Multiple


Brushed Black Decal Pack (8)

Several more colors available.

This decal pack covers all of the “T” Tesla logos with a classy, brushed black style. It sticks with the minimalism of the Tesla Model Y, and is a great option to further improve the standard “chrome delete” look of the Y.

This set comes with a pack of 8 decals: one for your trunk, frunk, steering wheel and 5 decals for your center wheel caps (includes an extra one).

It also ships with 4 alcohol wipes for a clean installation, as well as instructions if this is your first time applying vinyl decals to a vehicle.

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Center Console Organizers

Hidden Storage Box

The photo to the left shows the hidden organizer being installed, so that you can see where it goes (and what it’s replacing).

Under your center console is a recessed area that this installs with tape. It does not interfere with the center console operation, making this a really great hidden add-on.

The organizer slides up and down allowing you access to small, lose items like coins, cards, etc. and keeps it all in one spot as your arm rest is opened or closed.

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Lifting Jack Pads

If you need to change a tire at home, or are in a pinch and need to stop into a tire shop, it’s a good idea to have these lifting jack pads on hand. Not all tire shops know how to appropriately lift a Tesla or have lifting jack pads on hand.

These pads help prevent damage to your battery and paint when your car is being lifted.

This comes in a 4 pack with a mesh bag. Just toss into your frunk and hope you never have to use these. But you’ll be glad you have these if you find yourself in a pinch.

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