WeatherTech Alternatives

First, our highest recommendation for floor mats goes to the WeatherTech floor mats.

While WeatherTech is incredibly popular, we still get a lot of customers asking us “Do you have anything similar to WeatherTech?”

WeatherTech isn’t always available for every vehicle, particularly older or harder to find vehicles.

They are also a bit pricier than other alternatives, which can place them outside of your budget.

For this reason, we have picked 4 floor mats which are great alternatives to WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners but come at lower prices.

I hope this will help you find a good WeatherTech alternative, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Top WeatherTech Alternatives



Main Benefits

Most similar

  • Very popular, highly rated
  • Has raised liner edge
  • Made in the USA

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More luxurious

  • Carbon fiber print on top
  • Gives a more luxurious look
  • Fits like a glove, fills every edge

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Better for barefoot drivers

  • A more rubbery feel
  • Feels better to squish your feet against
  • Not as rigid as WeatherBeater

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Cheaper than all

  • Available in several colors
  • Custom fit mat (no raised edge)
  • Available for hard to find and older vehicles

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#1) Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners

Photo of WeatherBeater floor mats installed

The Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners are the best alternative to WeatherTech floor mats.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater’s popularity almost matches that of WeatherTech DigitalFit floor liners. The two-floor mats share many similarities and their functionality is almost on the same level. But, there are also a few things that set the two apart.


  • Helps contain messes – both WeatherTech DigitalFit and Husky Liners WeatherBeater trap spills and other messes perfectly. They feature surface channels and ridges that scrape off mud and snow from below your shoes. They then trap these messes and prevent them from getting to your carpet.
  • Has raised edges – both floor mats have raised edges to ensure the trapped mess stays on the mat until poured out. WeatherTech’s are a little bit higher, which means the WeatherTech are better at containing spills.
  • Construction – Husky Liners WeatherBeater floor liners have a Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO) construction that is rubberized and more flexible than WeatherTech.
  • Better traction – the Husky WeatherBeater floor liners also incorporate raised nibs on the underside, which makes their traction better than the WeatherTech DigitalFit.


  • Not available for a lot of vehicles – Husky doesn’t have as many vehicle applications as WeatherTech, so you may not be able to find a set for your vehicle. However, if you drive a modern truck or SUV, or otherwise popular vehicle, chances are there is a WeatherBeater option for your vehicle.
  • Not as many colors available – WeatherTech has more color options than Husky, including cocoa (a new color). Husky mainly has just black mats, but for some popular vehicles also has gray and tan. With WeatherTech, gray and tan are available for nearly every vehicle.
Headshot of Thomas S.

“Great product. Fit perfect, looks great and did not cost as much as the other brand.”

Thomas S.

Features Overview

  • Mess containment – both WeatherTech DigitalFit and Husky Liners WeatherBeater trap spills and other messes perfectly. They feature surface channels and ridges that scrape off mud and snow from below your shoes. They then trap these messes and prevent them from getting to your carpet.
  • Has raised edges – both floor mats have raised edges to ensure the trapped mess stays on the mat until poured out. WeatherTech’s are a little bit higher, meaning you may notice a slight difference in the performance.
  • Made with durable materials – WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats are made of High-Density Tri-Extruded material which is very firm and plasticky. Husky Liners WeatherBeater floor mats have a Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO) construction that is rubberized and a little bit more flexible. While the two materials are different, they both are very durable and will be able to withstand the elements. But HDTE is still stronger and firmer, hence better durability.
  • Traction on top of the mat – this is one of the aspects where WeatherBeater has an edge over WeatherTech. Because of the rubberized material of the mat, WeatherBeater tends to create better traction. WeatherTech, on the other hand, is more slippery because of the sleek HDTE.
  • Fits like a glove – Husky Liners WeatherBeater floor mats have a precision custom-fit design that allows them to contour to the floorboard. They cover the whole footwell and fit well along the sides. You will typically have the same coverage as with the WeatherTech DigitalFit. Husky WeatherBeater is available in black, gray and tan.
  • Factory anchoring system system – in cases where your vehicle has anchor posts, both options are compatible with the factory anchor posts. This helps them them to stay in place. In addition to this, WeatherBeater also has nibs underneath. These work collaboratively with the anchors to ensure the floor mats do not shift or skid when stepped on.
  • A little cheaper – the two brands do not differ much in prices, though WeatherBeater is a tad cheaper. A set of WeatherTech mats has an average starting price of $197 for both front row and rear row while WeatherBeater’s average starting price is $164.
  • Similar warranties – both mats have superior workmanship and material and are both backed by limited lifetime warranty.

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#2) 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Liners

3D MAXpider Kagu also compares easily to WeatherTech DigitalFit, especially because of its form-fitting design.

It is also one of the most luxurious rubber mats and it’s available in black, gray and tan.

Photo of all 3 colors - black, gray and tan, of maxpider kagu floor mats


  • Looks very luxurious – with a carbon fiber print top, these floor liners do not look “commercial” or “rugged” like some of the other leading brands. They look like they belong in a luxury vehicle, and really improve the interior looks of the vehicle.
  • Minimalist look and feel – these floor liners are thin – but don’t let that fool you! The material is still very durable and made to last as long as your vehicle
  • Made with 3 layers of material – the bottom is a velcro-like layer for better traction, the middle layer provides padding and some minimal shock & sound absorption, while the top layer is a carbon-fiber like print
  • Works like a tray – spills will stay in the liners. It is easy to take the floor liner out and dump out the dirt and mud, since the floor liners do not bend or flop over.


  • Subject to frequent stock-outs – MAXpider is a smaller company, and with thousands of floor liner offerings, these floor liners can sell out quickly, especially when a new vehicle model is released. We think they are worth the wait, though.
  • Not available for all vehicles – if you have a vehicle made after 2010, chances are there is a MAXpider floor liner available for your vehicle. There aren’t as many applications available for older vehicles, though.
Headshot of Nancy M.

“Perfect fit and perfect look. Will hold all the weather you bring into your car on the mat with it’s lifted sides. Compared to weathertech, which are good, Maxpider are Outstanding! Flexible material is so much better than the hard plastic of weathertech. Maxpider are the absolute best! I love them!”

Nancy M.

Features Overview

  • Mess containment – 3D MAXpider have a carbon-fiber-like top surface with 3D microgrooves. The grooves allow you to scrape off mud and grime off your shoes and trap them The only downside is unlike WeatherTech, MAXpider Kagu does not have deep surface channels to guide the messes into the bottom of the mat.
  • Raised edges – though they both have raised edges, 3D MAXpider Car Floor Mat’s edges aren’t as high as WeatherTech’s. The MAXpider liners will trap the vast majority of messages keep them away from the factory floor.
  • Material & workmanship – 3D MAXpider Kagu offers incredible protection and durability. It has triple-layer construction. The top layer is a carbon-fiber-like surface. It offers waterproof protection and prevents slipping. The middle layer is a lightweight XPE foam that adds cushioning and absorbs road noise and vibrations. On the back is a MAXpider Anti-Skid backing that grips the floor and prevents the floor liner from sliding around. Though MAXpider does not have the tough HDTE construction of WeatherTech, it is still very strong and capable of withstanding the weather elements and daily use.
  • Surface traction – 3D MAXpider has superior traction. Its carbon-fiber-like top surface is made of anti-slip material. This will grip your shoes and help prevent slipping even when the mat is wet. The 3D prints also help to increase the grip on the bottom of your shoe.
  • Both fit like a glove – both WeatherTech and MAXpider use high precision-laser scanning technology to tailor their car floor mats for a perfect fit in the floor pans. Each piece is custom-made for your vehicle make and model and they provide full coverage. They also have a perfect OE look that complements the interiors. MAXpider Kagu floor mats are made in black, gray and tan.
  • Factory anchoring system – Both the factory anchors and the anti-skid material on the backing of the mats act as retention systems. They keep the car floor mats in place without damaging the factory floor.
  • Cheaper price – MAXpider Kagu Rubber Floor Mats are very affordable. A full cabin set typically ranges between $145 and $180.
  • Shorter warranty – 3D MAXpider is backed by a 3-year warranty, while the WeatherTech mats are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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#3) Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Mats

Husky Liners X-Act Contour is another popular floor liner that is an incredible WeatherTech alternative.

It is the most malleable and rubbery floor mat of the three.

Photo showing a drink being spilled on Husky X-Act floor liners


  • Very similar to the Husky WeatherBeater Mats – these are made with the same care, attention to fitment, and quality that the Husky brand commands.
  • More malleable than the others – this floor mat set is better if you are a barefoot driver, and like to have a more squishy feel under your feet. It just feels nicer on your feet.
  • Custom fit design – gives your vehicle edge to edge protection. This floor mat set will fit your vehicle like a glove.


  • Not available for as many vehicles – the X-Act floor isn’t made for nearly as many vehicles as the alternatives. These are mainly made for the most popular and newer model vehicles.
  • Not many color options available – the X-Act Contour floor mats are mainly just made in black, with a few cocoa options available for a few lucky vehicles.
Headshot of Melissa C.

“They fit perfectly in the front and the back. I highly recommend (these mats)!”

-Melissa C.

Features Overview

  • Mess containment – Husky X-Act contour is a great heavy-duty car floor mat with top-notch protection. It features deep grooves and surface channels that trap mud, snow, and other messes. The ridges also scrape off mud and snow off the bottom of your shoes.
  • Raised edges – just like with Husky WeatherBeater, X-Act Contour also has raised edges, but they are not as high as those of WeatherTech. But this does not imply it will let the mess freely onto your carpet. The mat’s edges will contain spills and other messes and prevent it from getting on your carpet.
  • Material & workmanship – X-Act Contour is the most malleable and flimsy, compared to WeatherBeater and WeatherTech. It is made of a rubber material called DuraGrip. Though not as tough as the HDTE in DigitalFit, the material is resilient and capable of holding up against the weather elements and everyday use. The DuraGrip is also very pliable, meaning it is not affected by extreme temperatures.
  • Surface traction – Husky Liners X Act Contour has the best traction compared to WeatherBeater and DigitalFit. This is because of its rubbery and flimsy DuraGrip material. This material creates super traction between the shoes and the mat, hence reducing the chances of slipping. The mat will remain safe even when wet. These mats are great for barefoot drivers.
  • Size and fit – if you love the sized-to-fit design of WeatherTech then you will also love X-Act Contour. The mat comes in a custom-fit design that covers as much floor as possible. It runs edge to edge of the footwell, with no spaces or gaps that the mess can pass through. It also gives a rugged, yet OE-like look that does not compromise your interior appearance.
  • Factory anchor devices – the floor mats are designed to stay in place and not shift around underfoot. This is achieved by the mat’s retention system that integrates with the factory anchor posts. For more stability, the mats also have StayPut cleats underneath.
  • Similar price – Similarly, Husky Liners X-Act Contour does not differ much from WeatherTech DigitalFit in terms of price. A front and rear row set has an average starting point of $192 which is not a big difference from WeatherTech’s $197.
  • Similar warranty – Like WeatherTech, X-Act Contour is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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#4) Lloyd NorthRidge Floor Mats

Lloyd NorthRidge is another incredible WeatherTech alternative. It is among the few budget floor mats that come close to matching WeatherTech’s performance.

The key difference: these are available in 8 colors, and for nearly every vehicle made since 1942.

Photo of gray Lloyd Northridge floor mats installed


  • Custom fit mat design – a pattern is made for every floor pan out there, so each vehicle’s mats are shaped to fit the vehicle it’s going in.
  • Has a woven pattern design – this helps catch spilled liquids, which is helpful since it doesn’t have raised edges.
  • Available for nearly any vehicle – these mats are made for nearly every vehicle driven on a U.S. road, all the way back to model years in 1942. If you’re driving it, there is a 99% chance there is a Lloyd set available for you.
  • Several colors available – besides the standard colors like black, gray and tan, these are also available in brown, blue, yellow, crystal clear, and 2 different shades of gray.
  • Much cheaper than the alternatives – a front set is about $84.90, which is much less than some of the alternatives.


  • No raised edge – since these are made to order, and available in millions of combinations, the manufacturing process doesn’t allow for raised edges. Instead, computers cut a pattern out of a large piece of NorthRidge material.
  • They take about 3 days to ship – these mats are manufactured to order to your specifications (vehicle, color, etc). They are very quick with these custom orders, but they still take about 3 business days before they will ship out.
Headshot of Kaeli E.

“They fit into my car perfectly, they don’t slide around at all and don’t affect my clutch whatsoever. Ever little cut out was perfect and their very good quality, and heavy, floor mats!! Absolutely in love with them!!”

-Kaeli E.

Features Overview

  • Mess containment – in terms of mess containment, Lloyd NorthRidge isn’t as good as WeatherTech’s. This is because there are no raised edges that prevent spills from sliding onto your carpet. These mats do not have a pocket weave design that will trap and contain some liquids.
  • No raised edges – the raised edges of Weathertech DigitalFit are most likely one of your favorite features. Unfortunately, those are not available in Lloyd NorthRidge. The car mat’s edges are flat. So, in instances when you have a large mess, the surface channels alone may not be able to contain them. But, the mats will perform perfectly well in containing small messes.
  • Materials and workmanship – Lloyd NorthRidge car floor mats are made of synthetic rubber. Besides being tough, the material is also very pliable. It does not shrink when cold and neither does it expand when it is hot. However, the mats are flimsy so they don’t act like a tray like the WeatherTech mats do.
  • Surface traction – the synthetic rubber also has a stable grip. Even when it is wet, your shoes have a good amount of traction on the mat. The surface channels also create more grip and traction.
  • Size and fit – even though the edges of these weather floor mats do not go far up as WeatherTech, they come in a custom-fit design and they still fit snugly on the footwell. Like WeatherTech mats, these are also computer-cut and molded to your vehicle’s make and model. They will follow the contours of the floorboard and cover every part of the footwell, except the elevated sides. The best part is, Lloyd NorthRidge mats are available in 8 colors and is easy to match them to your interior.
  • Factory anchor devices – the weather floor mats have a non-skid molded nib backing. In cases where your vehicle has factory anchor posts, these mats come with a proprietary anchoring system that will make use of your factory posts.
  • Cheaper price – the starting price for Lloyd NorthRidge car floor mats averages $84.90 for both front and rear.
  • Shorter warranty – Lloyd NorthRidge is covered by a 4-year warranty.

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Comparison Chart of Custom Fit Mats

Husky WeatherBeaterMAXpider KaguHusky X-ActLloyd Northridge
Spill ContainmentGreatGreatGoodOkay
MaterialTPO (Thermoplastic Olefins)Rubber with soft foam XPEDuraGrip RubberSynthetic Rubber
WarrantyLimited Lifetime3 YearsLimited Lifetime4 Years
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
*Price is an average price of a front & rear row set. Prices vary by sku.