WeatherTech Reviews

WeatherTech is a best-seller for floor mats and floor liners. We say this judging from the customer loyalty over the years, and the number of glowing reviews we’ve received.

But we want you to hear it from previous customers and know what their experience has been.

So, we have compiled several reviews from different customers showing their thoughts regarding different features of the floor mats.

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Reviews about durability

WeatherTech is constructed from High-Density Heavy-Duty Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material.

This material is different from normal rubber. It is tougher and more impact-resistant, hence offers longer durability.

Here is what the customers are saying:

“Good tough material, I love how dirt does not stick on them. Looks like they are going to last me long.”

“As always, no car floor mat and no floor liner can beat WeatherTech at durability and coverage.”

“Quick shipping, I love that. Also, I have seen some reviews complaining about the construction. Funnily, that’s my favorite part about the car mat because it looks sleek and classy. I am not sure if that is the material or the workmanship, but I love it especially since it is dirt-resistant.”

“These floor mats can withstand the harshest weather conditions. It will take all the daily abuse, from heavy soles to pointed heels to extra muddy shoes. The worst damage the mat could suffer is getting super dirty, which is easy to fix.”

Reviews about fitment

5 star rating weathertech floorliners

One feature that stands out with the WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liner is its form-fitting design.

The liner is laser-measured, in that is it designed using exact vehicle dimensions.

This ensures that there is a perfect contour on the floorboard and blends in well.

Here’s what customer’s think about WeatherTech Mats and Floor Liners fit:

“The floor mats fit so great just like all the other WeatherTech products!!! I have used more than 10 sets on different vehicle makes and models and they always fit like a glove! Always stick with Weathertech! I use them on my personal vehicles. One problem though, is that they do not fit on my Chevelles and Firebirds. WeatherTech please make mats for these models too.”

“Exactly as they say it fits perfectly! the four stars are because the material is a bit thin and I am not sure if this may or may not affect how fast it wears out. Either way, they contour so well and I love they never bunch up under your brake pedal.”

“I bought the liner for my husband’s 2015 Ram truck. It was super easy to install and fitted seamlessly and he is satisfied with the coverage. I am glad I made this decision. Impressive customer care too.”

“Ordered floor liners, the WeatherTech DigitalFit for my wife’s 2017 Silverado and they fit like a glove. From the description they are supposed to be laser measured and judging from they look so far, they are.”

Reviews about wall-to-wall coverage

Weather tech floorliners perfect fitment

For every car floor mat or liner that WeatherTech makes, it is usually for a specific vehicle.

They use the exact vehicle specifications, based on the make, year, and model to ensure it fits well.

As a result, the car floor mats and liners have full coverage of the floorboard, some even going under the seat.

This is what previous customers think of the coverage:

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“This is a perfect fit for my 2016 Subaru Forester. It comes at an extra cost but it is all worth it. The package came with a front driver and passenger side set. It works well with existing fasten points on the driver side. The only concern is they cost a bit much. Also, they are a bit rigid and I don’t think I can fix them through a regular car mat cleaner. Regardless, they provide coverage to die for and I’m planning to buy a piece for the cargo area.”

“Perfect coverage on my 2015 gmc Sierra double cab truck. Waited too long after getting front ones which I love. They are super easy to clean and still have good traction. These will keep my truck’s floor cleaner”

“My Forester came installed with all-weather mats. But these were brief and did not cover most of my floor. I heard about Weather Tech from a co-worker and decided to give it a shot. Best decision I ever made. The fit is exact, the installation is easy and the coverage is ten times what I got from the Subaru mats.”

“I had the oe mats on my 2019 Camry SE and the DigitalFit ones on my 2015 Camry SE and 2008 Tundra. I decided to replace the ones on my 2019 Camry SE too and it is proving to be worth every cent. I love that it covers every part of the floor, even the footrest. No need for a side mat because the mat has raised edges. I will buy the cargo liner for my truck as well.”

Reviews about mess containment

5 star rating Weathertech floorliners: mess containment

WeatherTech floor liners are the best for rainy and snowy seasons.

They feature advanced surface channels which scrape off mud, snow, and road salt from underneath your shoes then trap them.

Additionally, the floor liners have raised edges and these ensure the trapped mess does not overflow to your carpet.

Below are the reviews of the customers concerning mess containment:

“The factory mats are useless in face of winter, so we decided to purchase these and installed them on our 2014 Subaru Forester. The liners trap snow and mud so well and they also scrape off the salt-laden slush that sticks under your shoes. Didn’t take much time or effort to install and they are also easy to remove. I love that it looks very tough yet still very lightweight.”

“This is a must-have for the winters. It fits so well on my 2017 Subaru Forester and it traps all the mud, dirt, snow, road salt, you name it. My carpet no longer soaks wet. The shipping was also fast, I received them on time. Will buy again”

“I have really looked for floor mats with the extra protection and raised 3D edges. There is always a lot of in and out of my car and mostly it is with snowy shoes. I received these and I love them. I bought the mats for the driver and passenger side and they snap right into place. They contain mess and dirt so well nothing gets on the floor and I am just glad I am past the days of soaked carpet.”

“It’s so amazing how these fit so well on my Ford Explorer. I especially love the rear set. My truck is a four-door super crew and so has a full-size cab. My previous floor mats were carpeted and they were not big enough. But these cover the entire floor on the rear side and even go a few inches below the seat. It feels good that I can just get in without worrying about messing up my carpet. As for cleaning, simply hose the dirt down using water and the mats will be clean. I am really happy with them, definitely buying again.”

Reviews about color options

5 star rating weathertech floorliners: color options

WeatherTech floor mats and liners are available in four color options. They come in gray, black, tan and cocoa, depending on your vehicle.

All these colors have a neutral tone and can blend in with any interior finish without compromising the looks.

Let us see what the customers are saying about these color options:

Check Colors

“The carpet of my CRV is black and so are the dash and the console. I wanted my interior to lighten up a bit and neutralize the blackness, so I went with grey. This color blends in so well, especially because my seat covers and trim are also grey. I definitely recommend these floor liners. Also, the fit is excellent and they are easy to clean. Oh and even better, grey does not show as much dirt as black so it’s a plus for me.”

“I love everything about the floor mats. My number one favorite part is the color as well as the fitting and protection. I only bought the front set. But, since I am sure I love them, I am going to order the rear and the cargo liners too.”

“Amazing finish, comes in incredible color options. I went with the tan option and I am loving it. The fit is also perfect”

“I bought a new car with a grey interior. It came with carpeted mats but I ordered WeatherTech Liners and immediately I received them I removed the carpet mats. I ordered the grey floor liners and they blend in so well. I love them, and another thing, they come out so easily. I plan to buy a set for my older car. Thanks a lot!”

Reviews about ease of cleaning

5 star rating  weather tech mat

One of the features that make WeatherTech floor liners, especially the DigitalFit floor liners, unique, is the HDTE construction.

Besides being very tough, the material is also slick. This makes it very dirt resistant, in that mud or other debris will hardly stick on it.

The rubber used the all-weather floor mats is also very easy to wash.

As a result, cleaning the floor mats is very easy. Simply hose down the mess with water.

“These fit perfectly well and are super easy to clean. They can even be cleaned with simple hosing, I love that. They are also made in America.”

“I received these last year as a Christmas gift and I am gifting them to my friend this year. They are just the perfect shield against the Winter in Colorado. They offer maximum protection and maintaining them is so easy. I just take them out knock off the dust then hose the remaining dirt down with water.”

“I stay in Arizona and as everyone knows, there is a lot of dirt and mud here. My carpet mats get dirty very easily and washing them and getting them to dry takes so much time. So I got WeatherTech Floor Liners and so far they are great. Very easy to clean, most of the time I simply hose down the dirt with water. I absolutely recommend them.”

Reviews about installation

Installing WeatherTech Floor Mats and Liners is super easy.

Since they come in a custom-fit design, no trimming or further modification is necessary.

They also do not need any tools and anyone can get them installed; no professional skills necessary.

It will not take more than 20 minutes to install the front set, the rear set as well as the cargo liner.

Here’s what the previous customers think about the installation process:

“The floor mats fit so perfectly and they are incredibly easy to install. Didn’t take me more than 10 minutes for the front and rear. Took a bit more time in installing the one for the cargo. Fast shipping and good customer care!”

“First of all they are made in America, I love that. Also, they are really easy to install. I have never installed any accessories on my vehicle, still it did not give me any trouble. Everything is kind of self-explanatory. So easy I totally recommend”

“Perfect match, cool color, and super easy installation on my Ford F-150. I LOVE these.”

“The liners are very easy to install and remove. They are also light but the construction seems to be durable. The problem is we have an automatic vehicle and so the clutch pedal on the driver’s side has a hump which looks a little awkward but it is not a big deal.”

WeatherTech floor liners are among the few 5 stars rated floor mats and deservedly so. They are appropriate for both the sunny seasons, the fairly rainy seasons, and the heavily rainy ones.

But, if you want almost similar performance at a cheaper price, then you should check out the Husky Liners WeatherBeater.