5 Questions Answered About WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mats

Do you drive a wagon, SUV, or hatchback?

If you answered yes, you probably use the rear cargo or trunk area frequently. Besides being one of the selling points for many car buyers, the added rear space allows you to carry all your cargo, whether big or small.

Because most cargo areas come covered in carpet or hard plastic, it’s important to add some extra coverage to the trunk. If you don’t cover it with a cargo mat, your precious belongings could get damaged or keep moving around as you drive.

These mats are ideal for carrying just about anything from construction tools to leaky grocery bags and even your furry friend. 

Bearing in mind the many low-quality cargo mats in the market, PartCatalog recommends using the universal cargo mat by WeatherTech.  

What’s the difference between cargo mats and cargo liners?

People tend to use these terms—cargo mats and cargo liners—interchangeably without knowing the difference. Although they both protect the trunk area from damage, you’ll be interested to know the marked difference between them.

Cargo MatCargo Liner
Lays flat on the vehicle’s floorShaped to match uneven contours of the vehicle’s floor
Features a ridge (or no ridge) around the outer perimeter instead of high walls or lipsHave tall outer walls that go up the sides of the vehicle’s floor
It may be universal and not cover the entire areaCustom-made designs that completely covers the rearmost cargo or trunk area

What are the different types of cargo mats?

Carpet Cargo Mats

A carpet cargo mat is a trunk mat that’s softer than the all-weather mat. It’s made from high-quality nylon material or poly blend carpet. Carpet mats provide a durable layer of protection for your cargo with the look and feel of plush carpet. 

However, they tend to get dirty easily and aren’t ideal for transporting everyday essentials.

Rubber Cargo Mats

The most common cargo mats in the market are plastic or rubber mats. Weathertech AVM cargo mats for SUVs are made from high-density plastic and advanced rubber that doesn’t crack and can withstand heavy loads. 

These cargo mats feature uniquely designed reservoirs and ridges built to trap fluids and keep the inside of your vehicle dry.

Product Name


Product Details

Universal protection for Cars, SUVs, and Minivans cargo trunk floor

  • Maintains flexibility even in wintry conditions
  • Contains no harmful PVCs cadmium or lead
  • Features molded-in nibs and the patented TechGrip 2 retention device
  • Trim-To-Fit design for a custom fit
  • OEM Approved Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound that is 100% recyclable

What are the benefits of a universal cargo mat?

Convenient as the trunk is for carrying everyday essentials, it’s prone to dirt and scratches, and here’s where a universal cargo mat comes in handy.

You can use the Weathertech AVM cargo mat for four main reasons—protection from stains, cover-up damage, protecting your cargo, and adding a personal touch to the cargo area.

Protect the Cargo Area from Stains

The trunk or SUV cargo gets a lot of action, increasing the chances of ruining the factory flooring or stock carpet. Not only do stains deface the factory carpet, but they also compromise the cargo area, lowering your vehicle’s resale value in the process. 

While durable cargo liners resist scuffs and tears, Weathertech AVM cargo mats can help block spilled liquids. They also make auto detailing and cleaning easy after spillage.

Go about your business in confidence, knowing that your flooring will maintain its original appearance even after hauling the messiest of cargo daily.

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats

Conceal Existing Damage

Suppose the back of your SUV or trunk appears stained or torn from years of use. A universal cargo mat by WeatherTech can help you cover that up, making the area look new once again. 

What’s more, WeatherTech AVM cargo mats give your vehicle’s floor a pristine look and protect it from further damage. When the time to sell comes, you won’t have to make any compromises.

Protect Fragile Cargo

Laying down a WeatherTech AVM cargo mat for your SUV floor or trunk adds a layer of cushioning that protects fragile items such as glassware or antique furniture as you transport them.

Together with CargoTech, the textured surface of a universal cargo mat by WeatherTech provides extra traction to keep your cargo from sliding or slipping. 

How do I choose the right cargo mat for my vehicle?

Cargo Mat

You’ll need to consider several factors before buying a WeatherTech AVM cargo mat. The existence of these factors ensures that you’ll make the right decision and avoid wasting money on substandard models.

The following features will help you differentiate quality from inferiority.

Rims and Ridges

We recommend that you choose a universal cargo mat with high edges. It’s important to check the sides and ridges of specific mats to ensure that they’re high enough to prevent liquids from seeping into the flooring. WeatherTech universal mats are designed to channel liquids through their high grooves and ridges.


The thicker your WeatherTech AVM cargo mat is, the more cushioning and absorption it’ll provide. With this in mind, we recommend you select thicker mats or those with deeper grooves as they ensure your vehicle’s floor is always protected.

Cargo Needs

Consider the kind of cargo your vehicle carries. If you often take your dog on road trips or haul messy landscaping tools, a WeatherTech AVM cargo mat will offer the kind of protection you need from scuffs, mud, and spills. 

Useful Tip: Make your cargo mat shopping easier by using our Vehicle Selector to choose your make, year of manufacture, and model.

How do I install a WeatherTech universal cargo mat?

With no need for bolts, screws, or other types of fasteners, the installation process is quick and simple:

  • Spread the cargo mat out to fit and trim any extra pieces that you don’t need
  • The underside has stay-put nibs that help grab onto the flooring or carpet
  • At the center is a tread design that helps divert any fluids away
  • The raised edges help hold leaking fluids and prevent leakage on the carpet
  • Different slots on the edges allow you to cut the mat to fit into the cargo space 
  • The standard size of a universal cargo mat is 53″ wide by 36″ long—you can trim it to fit as you need

WeatherTech universal mats will sometimes curl up when new or in cold temperatures. We recommend rolling up the mat in the opposite direction for a few minutes and then spread it again.