WeatherTech vs TonnoPro Rolling Tonneau Covers

WeatherTech soft roll up tonneau cover
WeatherTech Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Tonnopro loroll roll up tonneau cover
TonnoPro LoRoll Tonneau Cover

Trying to decide between the WeatherTech and TonnoPro rolling covers?

Both the WeatherTech and TonnoPro roll-up tonneau covers are top quality and high-performance tonneau covers. 

They deliver water-resistant protection to your cargo and keep them out of sight from thieves. 

They will also both significantly improve your fuel mileage with their aerodynamic designs.

While the two tonneau covers might share some similarities, they also differ in a number of ways.

Let’s look at some of the features the tonneau covers share as well as those that distinguish them.

Summary table

FeatureTonnoPro LoRoll WeatherTech Roll Up
Cover materialDouble-sided 24 oz. marine-grade vinyl withTextured, double-coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl 
Frame materialAluminumAluminum
FinishMatte blackTextured black
ProfileLow profile Low profile
Bed accessFull bed accessFull bed access
Tension control systemSelf-adjustingManual
Latching systemSingle latchAutolatch automatic dual locking system
Close with tailgate/no additional locksYesYes
Mounting typeInside the bed railsInside bed rails
Compatible with stake-mounted accessoriesYesYes
InstallationClamp-on, no drillClamp-on, no-drill
WarrantyLifetime on frame and 10 years on vinyl5 years
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price



Like all soft roll-ups, these tonneau covers are made with a two-piece construction. 

They have a tarp that is made of vinyl fabric and a frame consisting of supporting bows and bars. The frame is made of aluminum.

The one distinguishing feature though is that TonnoPro LoRoll is made of double-sided 24 oz. marine-grade vinyl. 

WeatherTech’s roll-up cover, on the other hand, features textured, double-coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl. 

While both are capable of offering strong and weather-resistant protection to your cargo, the marine-grade vinyl tends to be stronger and more durable.


WeatherTech Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover: Low profile design

Every truck owner wants a low-profile and streamlined look for their truck – and both of these tonneau covers can offer that. 

Both tonneau covers come in low profile designs that rise hardly more than 1 inch above the truck bed.

In addition to improving your vehicle’s looks, the low profile will also have an impact on your gas mileage. 

This is how…

The low profile design makes the vehicle more aerodynamic. This allows it to easily pull through against the wind with minimal wind drag. 

As a result, your engine will have consumed less fuel due to less resistance.

And in many cases, your tonneau cover will pay for itself in gas mileage savings.

Access to truck bed

Like all soft roll up tonneau covers, both TonnoPro and WeatherTech offer full access to the truck bed. They roll up neatly and strap up against the tonneau cover. It does this without blocking the tail light like most hard folding tonneau covers do.

Additional lock 

Unlike most tri-fold tonneau covers, roll up tonneau covers do not have locks installed on them. 

While this might come out as a disadvantage, it is not.

This is because the tonneau covers are designed to lock with the tailgate.

Simply latch your tonneau cover, then lock the tailgate and no one will be able to access your truck bed unless you unlock the tailgate.

For security purposes, having a lockable tailgate is a big advantage.

Mounting position

Weathertech and tonnopro loroll: mounting position

Another feature common to both WeatherTech and TonnoPro LoRoll is their mounting position. Both tonneau covers mount on the inside of the bed rails.

Note, there are two ways a roll-up tonneau cover can install on the truck bed.

One, it can mount on top of the rails. For this, the rails of the cover will attach on top of the bed’s rails

The other way is mounting on the inside of the bed rails and in this, the tonneau cover’s rails will attach to the inside of the bed rails.

This has several benefits, from a low profile appearance to improved moisture resistance.

Compatibility with stake-mounted accessories

This is another advantage of tonneau covers that mount inside the truck bed; they do not block the stake hole pockets, instead, they leave them open.

This allows for the installation of accessories like racks which will increase your truck’s functionality as well as hauling flexibility.

Another advantage of mounting inside the truck bed rails is that it improves moisture resistance. Besides the seals, the extra flapping part of the fabric can also act as a defense against moisture.


Both of these tonneau covers are easy to install and you can have them up and functional on your truck in about half an hour. They have clamp on installation with no drilling required.



Weathertech soft roll up tonneau cover:  textured finish

Though they are both black, the feel and look of the tonneau cover’s finish are different.

TonnoPro LoRoll is for the truck owner who prefers a neat and smooth matte black finish.

On the other side, WeatherTech comes in a black finish which has a more rugged and textured look and feel.

Tension control

As a truck owner, you want your tonneau cover to always remain tight and snug on your truck bed, without being too tight or too loose. 

To prevent this, the tonneau covers are fitted with tension control systems. This allows them to adjust depending on the temperatures. 

Now, while both tonneau covers have a tension control system, there is a slight difference.

WeatherTech Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover comes with a manual tension control system. This means you will have to always do the adjustment manually whenever there is need. Typically this is only needed with big weather changes.

TonnoPro LoRoll Tonneau Cover, however, has an automatic self-adjusting tension control. This means the tonneau cover will adjust automatically whenever the temperature changes, in order to maintain its fit.

Latching system

Weathertech soft roll up tonneau cover: auto latch dual automatic locking system

The WeatherTech Soft Truck Bed Cover has an Auto Latch automatic dual locking system. TonnoPro LoRoll Truck Bed Cover on the other hand comes fitted with a single latch locking system.

Both of these have their pros.

The single latch system on TonnoPro LoRoll is easy to use. You can easily unlatch it from one side of your truck bed.

Moving to the Auto latch automatic dual locking system on WeatherTech, it comes with two advantages.

First, being automatic, the tonneau cover will release with just one smooth downward pull; you will only do this on one side without having to move to the other side and do the same.

This will allow you to as well enjoy the benefits of a single latch system.

Also, the dual latch is more secure than the single latch system. If paired with a lockable tailgate, it will offer maximum security for the items in your truck bed.


Compared to the WeatherTech Soft Tonneau Cover, TonnoPro LoRoll is more affordable. It ranges between $289.99 and $398.00. This is against WeatherTech’s which ranges between $499.00 and $539.95.


TonnoPro LoRoll Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is backed with a 10-year warranty on the tarp and a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. 

As for WeatherTech soft tonneau cover, it comes with a 5-year warranty on both the frame and the tarp.

The best tonneau covers are those that meet your needs and check all your boxes. That said, WeatherTech Roll Up and TonnoPro LoRoll are both incredible soft roll-up tonneau covers and will perform great.