Push-In Fasteners

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What are Push-In Fasteners?

Push-In Fasteners are plastic body panel clips that are used to secure a variety of components, including interior and exterior trim, weather stripping, and more.

How do I determine if my Push-In Fastener is faulty?

Inspect the Push-In Fastener for damage such as cracks, breaks, or missing pieces. Additionally, inspect the area around the Push-In Fastener, such as the body panel, for signs of damage, such as scratching or gouging.

Can a faulty Push-In Fastener cause damage?

Yes, a faulty Push-In Fastener may cause damage to the surrounding area, such as the body panel, as well as to the component being secured.

How do I replace a Push-In Fastener?

Replacing a Push-In Fastener is a relatively simple process:

  1. Carefully remove the faulty Push-In Fastener from the body panel.
  2. Insert a new Push-In Fastener into the body panel.
  3. Secure the component being held in place with the Push-In Fastener.