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  • Putco Buyer's Guide

    Elegant styling at its finest

    Putco offers a wide range of accessory products that will provide your ride with the sleek yet elegant styling that will definitely suit your taste. Made from premium and durable materials, each Putco product is designed to ensure perfect fitment and functionality.


Putco Product Lines - Car and Truck Accessories

Putco Boss Bar Step Bars

Boss Bar Step Bars

Going in and out of your vehicle doesn't have to be difficult. Boss Bars Step Bars are specially designed to provide you with easier access in and out of your truck while adding that rugged appearance loved by most truck enthusiasts. It features anti-skid tread pads for a secured and safe footing.

  • 4-inch diameter tubing with NeverRust™ Stainless Steel construction for durability
  • Offered in varied lengths - cab length, wheel-to-wheel, and wheel-to-wheel for Dually trucks
  • With anti-skid tread pad to prevent slipping
  • Provides convenient access to vehicle

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Putco Grille Inserts

Grille Inserts

When it comes to customizing your ride's front-end, Putco will never let you down. Included in their product line is a wide range of handsomely designed Grille Inserts that will surely add an elegant appearance while providing an extra air flow to your vehicle. Putco Grille Inserts are made from premium quality materials that can withstand the test of time.

  • Made from NeverRust™ Stainless Steel or CNC-Machined Aluminum
  • Available for most full-size trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)
  • Easy to install over the existing factory grille
  • Offered in varying rugged designs

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Putco Fender Trim

Fender Trim

Fenders are used mainly for protection. But that doesn't stop Putco from manufacturing a product that can help Fenders protect itself as well. Putco Fender Trims are made to provide extra shield for fenders against damage. Made from the finest 304 Grade stainless steel, this sleek-looking Fender Trim is designed with both function and style in mind.

  • Easy to install using the included hardware
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction guarantees long-lasting performance
  • Complements the look of other Trim Accessories offered by Putco
  • Comes with a UV-Resistant rubber edge trim for proper fitting

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Putco Liquid Solid Billet Pedals

Liquid Solid Billet Pedals

Complement your interior's chrome accent with Putco's Liquid Billet Pedals. Offered in either Street or Track design, these model-specific Billet Pedal kit comes with Gas and Brake pedals (parking brake and clutch pedal when applicable). Liquid Billet Pedals are made of 1/4" Heavy Gauge Aluminum, which guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Track Design Pedals boast a race-inspired CNC-milled traction finish
  • Street Design Pedals feature a smooth and slip-free finish
  • Rubber nubs prevent slipping and skidding
  • Available for most car, trucks, and SUV applications

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Putco Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Reduce the rain and water sprays and mud collecting on the underside of your vehicle with Putco Mud Flaps. Equip your vehicle with either the form-fitted (with contoured design) or the stainless steel (with standard design) ones, whichever suit your taste. Putco Mud Flaps are also crafted to perfectly match other Putco Accessories to achieve the complete look!

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Putco Rocker Panels

Rocker Panels

Maintain your vehicle's side body finish and shield it against scratches and dents caused by road debris. Dress it up with Putco Rocker Panels and see the difference. Constructed from durable stainless steel, these rocker panels provide additional styling with full functionality.

  • Extra protection against dings and dents
  • Kit contains panel for both sides of your truck or SUV's
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel polished to a high shine
  • Easy to install using 3M automotive-grade tape

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Putco Chrome Rear Accent Tailgate Trim

Chrome Rear Accent Tailgate Trim

If you're looking for ways to dress up your truck, look no further because this trim will give your truck that stylish booze that you want. You can easily mount this chrome accent to your truck and you won't have to break a sweat and break the bank with this!

  • Constructed from ABS material
  • Engineered fit
  • Unique design
  • Easy to install

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Putco Chrome 3rd Brake Light Cover

Chrome 3rd Brake Light Cover

First impressions last and when it comes to your vehicle, make sure that it's going make a good impression. With this third brake light cover, you will be surprised at how it can stylishly impact your vehicle. And there's no need. to take out the drill just to have this installed!

  • Constructed from ABS material
  • Chrome coating
  • Unique design
  • Easy to install

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Putco Product Lines - Truck Bed Accessories

Putco Diamond Donuts

Diamond Donuts

Don't let a toolbox stop you from adding a side rail on your truck bed. Diamond Donuts by Putco is an adapter designed to allow side rails to be installed, hassle-free on a toolbox-equipped truck. With a little and careful drilling, Diamond Donuts allow an easy and simple attachment of side rails.

  • Set of 2
  • Comes with the needed hardware for installation
  • Can fit 1.75 in., 1.9 in., and 2 in. diameter
  • Chrome and Black finishes are available to suit your needs

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Putco 2.5

2.5" Boss Locker Side Bed Rails

You can tie down virtually anything with this. Show them who's boss and make your truck as functional as ever. This also adds a sleek touch to your truck, thanks to its stainless steel material that also adds that extra shine. It's no-drill installation makes it even better. Definitely a-must have!

  • Constructed from NeverRust stainless steel
  • Features tie down loops
  • 2½" diameter
  • No-drill installation

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Putco Boss Nylon Lockers Side Bed Rails

Boss Nylon Lockers Side Bed Rails

Do more with your truck with this bed rails. Plus, if you are looking for an instant style upgrade, this is a great addition. Made from tough stainless steel material that gives superior strength to the rail that ensures you that you will be using this for many years to come.

  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Oversized BOSS design
  • Injection molded nylon casting
  • Easy to bolt

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Putco Crossrail Side Bed Rails

Crossrail Side Bed Rails

A truck that is fully functional has never looked this good until this side rail. Its shine adds to the appeal of your truck while at the same time, it delivers maximum durability that can carry heavy cargo and ensure that they stay in place when you're on the road.

  • Constructed from NeverRust stainless steel
  • Fitted with die-cast tie-down anchors
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install

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Putco Locker Side Bed Rails

Locker Side Bed Rails

Load up your truck, tie it down tightly and you're all set. All of these becomes possible and easy with this truck bed side rail. This is a worthy investment that is meant to last you for years and at the same time, provide you with that much needed shine.

  • Constructed from 1 3/ NeverRust stainless steel
  • Multiple tie down locations
  • Chromed tube and end castings
  • No-drill installation

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Putco Pop Up Nylon Oval Lockers

Pop-Up Nylon Oval Lockers

With a tough construction, your truck gets more functionality that you desire and at the same time, it delivers that extra shine that makes your truck look even more attractive. This also ensures that your cargo stays safe and in place while you're on the road. Your truck gets even better with this.

  • Unique oval design
  • 500 lbs. tie down strength
  • High polished stainless steel
  • No-drill installation

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Putco Pop-Up Side Rail Lockers

Pop-Up Side Rail Lockers

Make your truck even more functional with this side rails. It is engineered to deliver you the strength that you need in order to haul more items. Plus, it adds shine to your vehicle perfectly complementing it, which then boosts its style. This is a worthy addition that will last you for a long time.

  • Constructed from 1 3/4” NeverRust stainless steel
  • Polished shine
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No-drill installation

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Putco SSR Locker Side Rails

SSR Locker Side Rails

The solid die-cast construction guarantees ultimate strength that will allow you to carry heavier cargo at the back of your truck. Its added shine is a bonus that will instantly make your truck look even more appealing. Its NeverRust technology guarantees that it will maintain its shine for a long time!

  • Constructed from solid, die-cast stainless steel 1 3/4” tubes
  • Mirror-like shine polish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No-drill installation

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Putco Pop Up Nylon Oval Lockers

Pop Up Nylon Oval Lockers

With a tough construction, your truck gets more functionality that you desire and at the same time, it delivers that extra shine that makes your truck look even more attractive. This also ensures that your cargo stays safe and in place while you're on the road. Your truck gets even better with this.

  • Unique oval design
  • 500 lbs. tie down strength
  • High polished stainless steel
  • No-drill installation

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Putco Stainless Steel Tonneau Skins

Stainless Steel Tonneau Skins

Made from heavy duty stainless steel, you can now keep your cargo area safe and looking good at all times and for a long time! This will keep the edges of your truck box protected. They are built tender rough treatment and conditions. Even if you have a tonneau cover, you can still use this.

  • Made from 17-gauge polished stainless steel
  • Available with or without stake pocket holes
  • Rust & corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install

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Putco Stainless Steel Bed Rail Skins

Stainless Steel Bed Rail Skins

Prevent your truck bed rails from taking a beating. Ensure that they are protected and there is no better way to protect them but with this! Its tough construction guarantees the ultimate protection that will last you for many years. Plus, it's also very stylish that keeps your paint job flawless!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Wraps rail tops
  • Extends to 1.5” over the sides
  • Easy installation

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Putco Top Of Bed Protection

Top Of Bed Protection

Ensure top of the line bed protection with Putco's Truck Bed Protection products. Since this part of the truck is the most exposed to weather elements, Putco's Top of Bed Protections are made from NeverRust™ Stainless Steel for optimum rust prevention and are designed for easy installation.

  • Hassle-free attachment using pre-applied 3M™ automotive tape
  • Stainless Steel products are polished to a high shine for that sleek and smooth finish
  • Designed to perfectly complement other Putco Truck Accessories
  • Available for most truck applications

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Putco Product Lines - Chrome Trim

Putco Chrome Trim Accessories

Chrome Trim Accessories

Elegant styling is just an arm's reach away with Putco's Chrome Trim Accessories. Made from the finest chrome material, these accents are specifically designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance while providing additional protection to the covered part. Putco offers a wide range of Chrome Trim Accessories for your Door Handles, Headlights, Grilles, and many others.

  • Made of Automotive Grade ABS Chrome material for durability
  • Easy to install using a pre-applied 3M tape
  • Designed to match OEM chrome finishes
  • Provides an enhanced look to vehicle's exterior

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Putco Product Lines - Element™ Accessories

Putco Element Hood Shields

Element™ Hood Shields

Protect your hood area against road debris with the uniquely designed Putco Element™ Hood Shields. It features an injection-molded construction that adds style and contoured fitment to your truck. Available in Chrome and Tinted finishes that allows you to choose the look that will suit your taste.

  • Available in either Chrome ABS or Tinted Polycarbonate material
  • Complete the look by adding Putco's Element™ Window Visors
  • Includes hardware for easy installation with no drilling necessary
  • Allows hood protection with style

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Putco Element Chrome In-Channel Window Visor

Element Chrome In-Channel Window Visor

Constructed form high quality ABS material, this side window vent from Putco will ensure you that it will last and protect your vehicle from harmful road elements. It will also give your vehicle's style a boost that you will love, thanks to its chrome finish. Installation of this is very easy!

  • Made out of ABS material
  • Chrome finish
  • In-channel design
  • Available in 2 or 4 pieces

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Putco Element Chrome Tape-On Window Visor

Element Chrome Tape-On Window Visor

Breathe in the fresh air with your windows down while you cruise down the streets with the Putco window visor. Constructed from tough material, this will keep your vehicle protected from harmful road elements and the weather. To make it even better, installing this window visor is very easy. All you have to do is tape it on and you're all set!

  • ABS construction
  • Polished chrome
  • High quality
  • Easy, tape-on installation

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Putco Element Tinted In-Channel Window Visors

Element Tinted In-Channel Window Visors

You can now crack your window open even when it's raining outside because you can guarantee that this window visor will prevent water to come in. It boosts air flow in your vehicle and lets you enjoy the cool breeze without having to worry about elements that can cause damage to your vehicle interior!

  • Made from polycarbonate material
  • Smoke finish
  • Comes in pairs or set
  • Easy to install

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Putco Element Tinted Tape-On Window Visors

Element Tinted Tape-On Window Visors

Keep your ride protected from the unpredictable weather and harmful road elements with this tinted window visor. Made from tough material, it also offers a stylish look to your vehicle that you will love. Now, you get to protect your vehicle and at the same time remain sleek and stylish!

  • Constructed from GE Polycarbonate
  • Tinted shade
  • Injection molded
  • No-drill, no-cut installation

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Putco Product Lines - Additional Accessories

Putco Stainless Steel Pillar Posts

Stainless Steel Pillar Posts

If you want an instant look upgrade for your vehicle, this is definitely your best choice. Its polished finish will make your vehicle stand out. Plus, you can install it on your own! This will definitely give your vehicle a better look and feel that you will not regret. Go on and dazzle!

  • Made from T-304 stainless steel
  • Custom shaped to fit your vehicle
  • Polished finish
  • Easy to install

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Putco Stainless Steel Tailgate Guards

Stainless Steel Tailgate Guards

Now with this protection, you can guarantee that your tailgate will remain safe at all times. Even when you leave it at the parking, you don't have to worry about scratches and dings to it caused by reckless passersby or even vehicles. You are guaranteed that this will keep your tailgate protected from all sorts of damage.

  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Polished finish
  • Custom designed fit
  • Simple mounting

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Putco Chrome Tailgate & Rear Handle Covers

Chrome Tailgate & Rear Handle Covers

Not only does this tailgate cover protect your tailgate but it also adds a stylish look to your vehicle. So if you're looking for that bling, this is the perfect addition to your vehicle that won't make you go broke. Plus, it is very easy to mount! Definitely a-must have!

  • Constructed from ABS material
  • Custom molded fit
  • Easy to mount
  • Chrome plated

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Putco Product Lines - Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories

Complete the customized look of your ride. Putco offers Additional accessories such as Body Kits, Bumper Covers, Door Sills, Pillar Posts, and Window Trim Accents, that will perfectly match your desired styling. These products are made from the finest materials, crafted to the best standards to suit your needs.

  • Body Kits include 26 ready-to-paint component parts for your MINI
  • Accessories (except Body Kits) are made from NeverRust™ stainless steel for excellent durability
  • Custom designed to ensure perfect fit
  • Easy to install with no-drilling necessary

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About Putco

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, Putco has been providing the automotive industry with top of the line aftermarket accessories for over four decades. Each of their products is meticulously crafted and innovatively designed with style and optimized functionality in mind. Driven to become the leading Quality Accessory Automotive brand, Putco continues to create premium products to cater the needs of both enthusiasts and simple vehicle owners.

For more information on Putco, please visit the Putco official website.

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Acura (2004-2014)


Audi (2009-2015)

A4, A4 Quattro, A6, A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, Q5

BMW (2000-2014)

1 Series M, 128i, 135i, 325Ci, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330Ci, 330i, 330xi, 335i, 335i xDrive, 335is, 335xi, 525i, 525xi, 528i, 528i xDrive, 528xi, 530i, 530xi, 535d, 535d xDrive, 535i, 535i GT, 535i GT xDrive, 535i xDrive, 535xi, 545i, 550i, 550i GT, 550i GT xDrive, 550i xDrive, 640i, 640i Gran Coupe, 640i xDrive, 640i xDrive Gran Coupe, 645Ci, 650i, 650i Gran Coupe, 650i xDrive, 650i xDrive Gran Coupe, 740i, 740Li, 750i, 750i xDrive, 750Li, 750Li xDrive, 760Li, M3, X3, X5, Z4

Buick (2006-2015)

Enclave, LaCrosse, Lucerne, Regal, Verano

Cadillac (2000-2017)

CTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT, SRX, STS

Chevrolet (1967-2018)

Avalanche, Avalanche 1500, Avalanche 2500, Blazer, Brookwood, C10, C10 Pickup, C1500, C1500 Suburban, C20, C20 Pickup, C2500, C2500 Suburban, C30, C30 Pickup, C3500, Camaro, Colorado, Corvette, Cruze, Equinox, Express 1500, Express 2500, Express 3500, Impala, K10, K10 Pickup, K1500, K1500 Suburban, K20, K20 Pickup, K2500, K2500 Suburban, K30, K30 Pickup, K3500, Malibu, R10, R20, R2500, R30, R3500, S10, Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 Classic, Silverado 1500 HD, Silverado 1500 HD Classic, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 2500 HD Classic, Silverado 3500, Silverado 3500 Classic, Silverado 3500 HD, Sonic, Spark, Spark EV, Suburban, Suburban 1500, Suburban 2500, Suburban 3500 HD, Tahoe, Trailblazer, Trailblazer EXT, Traverse, V10, V20, V30, V3500

Chrysler (2004-2014)

200, 300, Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Sebring, Town & Country

Dodge (1979-2015)

Avenger, Caliber, Challenger, Charger, D50, Dakota, Durango, Grand Caravan, Journey, Magnum, Nitro, Power Ram 50, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500, Ram 50

Ford (1973-2018)

Courier, Crown Victoria, E-150, E-150 Club Wagon, E-150 Econoline, E-150 Econoline Club Wagon, E-250, E-250 Econoline, E-350 Club Wagon, E-350 Econoline, E-350 Econoline Club Wagon, E-350 Super Duty, Edge, Escape, Excursion, Expedition, Explorer, Explorer Sport, Explorer Sport Trac, F-100, F-150, F-150 Heritage, F-250, F-250 Super Duty, F-350, F-350 Super Duty, Fiesta, Five Hundred, Flex, Focus, Freestyle, Fusion, Mustang, Ranger, Taurus, Taurus X, Transit Connect

GMC (1967-2017)

Acadia, C15, C15/C1500 Pickup, C1500, C1500 Suburban, C25, C25/C2500 Pickup, C2500, C2500 Suburban, C35, C35/C3500 Pickup, C3500, Canyon, Envoy, Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, Jimmy, K15, K15/K1500 Pickup, K1500, K1500 Suburban, K25, K25/K2500 Pickup, K2500, K2500 Suburban, K35, K35/K3500 Pickup, K3500, R1500, R2500, R3500, S15, Savana 1500, Savana 2500, Savana 3500, Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 Classic, Sierra 1500 HD, Sierra 1500 HD Classic, Sierra 2500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 2500 HD Classic, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 Classic, Sierra 3500 HD, Sonoma, Terrain, V1500, V2500, V3500, Yukon, Yukon XL, Yukon XL 1500, Yukon XL 2500

Honda (2001-2017)

Accord, Accord Crosstour, Civic, CR-V, CR-Z, Crosstour, Element, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline

Hummer (2003-2010)

H2, H3, H3T

Hyundai (2001-2017)

Accent, Elantra, Elantra Coupe, Elantra GT, Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, Veracruz

Infiniti (2004-2013)

EX35, EX37, FX35, FX37, FX50, G25, G37, JX35, M35h, M37, M56, QX56

Isuzu (1981-2000)

Hombre, Pickup

Jeep (1955-2018)

Cherokee, CJ3, CJ5, CJ5A, CJ6, CJ6A, CJ7, Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, Scrambler, TJ, Willys, Wrangler, Wrangler JK

Kia (2003-2017)

Forte, Forte Koup, Forte5, Optima, Sedona, Sorento, Soul, Soul EV, Sportage

Land Rover (2003-2014)

LR3, LR4, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport

Lexus (2003-2014)

CT200h, ES330, ES350, GS460, GX460, HS250h, IS250, IS350, LS430, LS460, LX470, RX350, RX450h

Lincoln (1995-2009)

Mark LT, MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Town Car

Mazda (1986-2017)

2, 3, 3 Sport, 5, 6, B2000, B2200, B2300, B2500, B2600, B3000, B4000, CX-5, CX-7, CX-9

Mercedes-Benz (1999-2015)

C250, C300, C350, C63 AMG, CL500, CL55 AMG, CL600, CL65 AMG, CLS500, CLS55 AMG, CLS550, CLS63 AMG, E250, E320, E350, E400, E500, E55 AMG, E550, E63 AMG, E63 AMG S, GL320, GL350, GL450, GL550, GLK250, GLK350, ML350, ML500, ML550, ML63 AMG, S350, S400, S430, S450, S500, S55 AMG, S550, S600, S63 AMG, S65 AMG, SL550, SL600, SL63 AMG, SL65 AMG, SLK250, SLK300, SLK350, SLK55 AMG, SLS AMG

Mercury (1995-2009)

Grand Marquis, Milan, Montego, Mountaineer

Mini (2002-2014)

Cooper, Cooper Countryman, Cooper Paceman

Mitsubishi (2007-2009)


Nissan (1986-2017)

370Z, Altima, Armada, D21, Frontier, Juke, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, NV1500, NV200, NV2500, NV3500, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Armada, Pickup, Quest, Rogue, Sentra, Titan, Titan XD, Versa, Xterra

Pontiac (2005-2010)

G6, Torrent, Vibe

Ram (2011-2017)

1500, 2500, 3500, Dakota

Saturn (2002-2007)


Scion (2011-2014)

FR-S, tC

Subaru (2003-2015)

BRZ, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Tribeca

Suzuki (2007-2012)

Kizashi, SX4

Toyota (1969-2017)

4Runner, Avalon, Camry, Corolla, FJ Cruiser, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Matrix, Pickup, Prius, Prius C, Prius Plug-In, Prius V, RAV4, Sequoia, T100, Tacoma, Tundra, Venza, Yaris

Volkswagen (2007-2015)

Beetle, CC, Eos, Golf, Golf R, Jetta, Passat, Touareg

Volvo (2003-2014)