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Quarter Panels

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What is a quarter panel?

A quarter panel is a panel of the car body that runs along the side of the car, usually from the front fender to the rear wheel well.

What is the purpose of a quarter panel?

The purpose of a quarter panel is to provide a structural support for the exterior of the car. It also helps to protect passengers inside the car from debris and wind.

How do I know if my quarter panel is faulty?

You can check to see if the quarter panel is cracked or dented, or if it is not securely attached to the car body. You can also look for rust or water damage.

Can a faulty quarter panel cause damage to my car?

Yes, a faulty quarter panel can cause structural damage to your car and reduce its value. It can also make your car more susceptible to debris and water damage.

How do I replace a quarter panel?

Replacing a quarter panel is a complex job and should be done by a professional mechanic. However, here are the basic steps:

  1. Remove the bolts and screws that attach the quarter panel to the car body.
  2. Carefully remove the damaged panel.
  3. Clean the area where the new panel will be installed.
  4. Place the new quarter panel in position.
  5. Secure the new panel with screws and bolts.
  6. Apply an appropriate sealant to the edges of the quarter panel.