Retractable Tonneau Covers

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  1. Retrax RetraxOne Retractable Tonneau Cover
  2. BAK RollBAK Hard Retractable Tonneau Cover
  3. TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover
  4. Retrax PowertraxOne Electric Tonneau Cover
  5. BAK Vortrak Tonneau Cover
  6. Retrax RetraxPro Retractable Tonneau Cove
  7. Retrax PowertraxPro Electric Tonneau Cover
  8. Retrax RetraxOne MX Retractable Tonneau Cover
  9. Retrax PowertraxOne MX Electric Tonneau Cover
  10. Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau Cover
  11. UnderCover LUX Tonneau Cover
  12. Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover
  13. UnderCover SE Smooth Tonneau Cover
  14. Pace Edwards UltraGroove Metal Tonneau Cover
  15. TruXedo Titanium Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover
  16. Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover
  17. Pace Edwards UltraGroove Tonneau Cover
  18. Retrax PowertraxPro MX Electric Tonneau Cover
  19. Pace Edwards Switchblade Tonneau Cover
  20. Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover
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Items 1-20 of 23

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Keep your gear dry and secure with a tonneau cover for your truck bed.  Why leave the bed of your truck open for the whole world to see? Not only are you risking getting your cargo stolen, you’re also leaving everything out to weather the elements. 

Not all tonneau covers are equal. There are all sorts of different tonneau covers, each made from different materials and featuring different opening mechanisms. Retractable tonneau covers are one option. These covers are as tough and secure as fiberglass when closed, yet flexible enough to slide over itself and into a small canister installed by the cab. They aren’t the cheapest option, but they are sleek and stylish and open smoothly.