Retrax Pro MX Tonneau Cover for Dodge/Ram 8' 0" | RTX86714

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  • Retrax Pro MX Tonneau Cover
  • Aluminum Series, Matte Black, Non-Electric
  • Catalog Number: EGR86714
  • Fits: Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 3500, Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Classic + 2 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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Retrax Pro MX for Dodge/Ram (RTX86714) Tonneau Cover

Product Specifications:

  • Bed Side Rail Mount: Inside Bed Mount
  • Color Group: Black
  • Color/ Finish: Black Matte Powder Coated
  • Compatible With Bed Caps: Yes
  • Compatible With Bed Rails: Yes
  • Compatible With Headache Rack: No
  • Compatible With Ladder Rack: No
  • Compatible With Tool Box: No
  • Drilling Required: No
  • Hinged: No
  • Includes Ladder Rack: No
  • Installation Type: Clamp-On
  • Locking Type: Key-Lock
  • Low Profile: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Hard Manual Retractable
  • With Lights: No Lights

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBed TypeBed LengthNotes
2021Ram3500Big HornFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2021Ram3500LaramieFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2021Ram3500Laramie LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2021Ram3500Laramie LonghornFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2021Ram3500LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2021Ram3500TradesmanFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicSLTFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicTradesmanFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2016-2021Ram2500LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2014-2021Ram2500Laramie LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2013-2021Ram2500Big HornFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2013-2021Ram2500TradesmanFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2011-2021Ram2500LaramieFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2011-2021Ram2500Laramie LonghornFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2020Ram1500 ClassicExpressFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2019-2020Ram1500 ClassicSTFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2019-2020Ram3500Big HornFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500LaramieFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500Laramie LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500Laramie LonghornFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500LimitedFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500Lone StarFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2019-2020Ram3500TradesmanFleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2013-2020Ram2500Lone StarFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2019Ram1500 ClassicBig HornFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2019Ram1500 ClassicLone StarFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2019Ram1500 ClassicSXT PlusFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2014-2018Ram1500Big HornFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2014-2018Ram1500Lone StarFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500SLTFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500STFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500SXTFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500TradesmanFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500OutdoorsmanFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500SLTFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500STFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram3500Fleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2012Ram1500Tradesman HDFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011-2012Ram1500OutdoorsmanFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2011Ram2500SXTFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 1500TRXFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 1500TRX4Fleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500LaramieFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500SLTFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500STFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500SXTFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500TRXFleetside8' 2" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 3500Fleetside8' 2" Foot BedDually Bed
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500SLTFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500STFleetside8' 0" Foot Bed



Retractable Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover

The Retrax 80233 RetraxPro Tonneau cover is what you go for when you need function and convenience. Constructed with strong aluminum, this cover offers low-profile watertight protection. It prevents access to the truck bed by unwanted hands and keeps all the hazardous road elements like stone chips, debris, and water from getting into the truck bed and compromising your cargo.

Heavy duty aluminum slats

The cover is manufactured using industrial strength aluminum slats which have superior durability. Whether it is heavily raining, burning hot, or snowing, you can confidently use this cover without experiencing any damages. It is also impact-resistant and can support more than 500 pounds of distributed loads.

Matte powdercoat finish

Besides offering resilience, the matte powder-coat finish also creates a rugged and trendy look, putting your truck in an unmatched league of its own.

Sealed-for-life bearings

Retrax RetraxPro Tonneau Cover features sealed-for-life bearings which allow it to glide smoothly along the rails, offering a stress-free operation without any creaking sound or getting stuck.

Up to 10% increased fuel efficiency for your Dodge Ram 1500

Like all tonneau covers, the Retrax 80233 RetraxPro Tonneau Cover also prevents wind drag which is known for increasing fuel usage. In addition to that, the streamlined, low-profile design of this cover goes the extra mile to increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% (when driven in the closed position).

Lockable in any position

The tonneau is lockable in any position to allow hauling of items of different sizes into the truck bed.

Low profile design

The low profile design of this cover helps it to blend perfectly with the design of your truck. Rising only slightly above the truck bed rails, this cover will lay flush with your truck bed and offer a sleek and streamlined appearance.

Drain tubes

Your truck bed will always remain dry and your cargo uncompromised. During heavy downpours, if any water finds its way into the truck bed, the conveniently featured drain tubes will carry it all out, leaving the truck bed perfectly dry.

Simple installation on your Dodge Ram 1500

The Retrax 80233 RetraxPro Tonneau Cover is incredibly easy to install. No drilling, no special tools, and no technical skills are required. Instructions are also provided to guide you through the already easy and quick process.

Limited lifetime warranty

On your purchase, a limited lifetime warranty is offered on the tonneau cover. This warranty covers manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.

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