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Seat Hinge Covers

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What are Seat Hinge Covers?

Seat Hinge Covers are a part of the upholstery of a vehicle that covers the hinges of the seat and is secured in place by screws.

What is their purpose?

The purpose of Seat Hinge Covers is to protect the hinges of the seat from dirt and dust, and to create a finished look to the upholstery.

How do I know if mine is faulty?

If you notice any visible damage to the Seat Hinge Covers, such as tears, holes, or discoloration, it is likely faulty and should be replaced.

Can a faulty one cause damage?

Yes, a faulty Seat Hinge Cover can cause damage to the seat and other parts of the upholstery.

How do I replace it?

To replace a Seat Hinge Cover, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the screws that are securing the Seat Hinge Cover in place.
  2. Take off the old Seat Hinge Cover and discard it.
  3. Install the new Seat Hinge Cover and secure it in place with the screws.
  4. Make sure that the cover is fitted correctly and securely in place.