Smittybilt N-Fab Wheel-To-Wheel Step Bars

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  • Wheel-to-wheel step bars
  • Constructed from 304 marine grade stainless
  • No-drill installation
  • Cleated step plate
  • 3 inch main tube
  • One piece design

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    • Solid assistance into and out of your vehicle
    • Long lasting durability from 304 marine grade stainless
    • Ideal step drop down design for lifted trucks
    • Cleated step plate creates solid traction and prevent slipping
    • Added stability and sturdy attachment with the 3 inch main tube
    • Available in black powder-coat and polished stainless steel finish
    • Stable mounting and easy installation with the one piece design
    • Guaranteed to offer the best service for the longest time

    Wheel-to-wheel step bars

    Struggling to get in and out of your truck? Do not fret because Smittybilt Wheel-To-Wheel Step Bars are made precisely for that reason. With sturdy construction and cleated step plates, these step bars will provide you with solid support and excellent traction into and out of your vehicle, ensuring there are zero chances of slipping. Their trendy finishes will also ensure you do not only get support but also a bold styling to your vehicle.

    Constructed from 304 marine grade stainless

    These step bars are for the long haul. Constructed from 304 marine grade stainless, they can take the daily abuse from road elements and foot traffic from heavy work boots, heels, flats, you name it. The material is super sturdy and will hardly damage at the face of these harsh conditions. They will also last the longest time.

    Step drop down design

    The steps feature a step drop-down design, which places them at a strategic place so it is easier to see and step on them. This design makes them the ideal choice for lifted trucks.

    Cleated step plate

    Whether your shoes have treads or not, you can be sure there are zero chances of you slipping while using these step bars. They have cleated plates that create solid traction and eliminate the chances of slipping.

    3 inch main tube

    Also featured on Smittybilt Wheel-To-Wheel Step Bars is a 3-inch main tube which ensures sturdy attachment and offers additional support to the steps themselves.

    Available in 2 finishes

    You can have your step bars in black powder-coat or in stainless steel finish. If you prefer a chill and cooled down look, then the black powder-coat should be your choice. But, for someone who loves a sleek and stand-out appearance, then the stainless steel finish will work for you.

    One piece design

    The step bars have a one-piece design which makes the installation process easier. This design also helps to maintain its stability.

    Manufacturer's warranty

    A manufacturer's warranty is offered on purchase of Smittybilt Wheel-To-Wheel Step Bars, as a guarantee for long term performance and top quality.

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    This product comes with the manufacturer's warranty.
    The following part numbers are available in this product line:
    C01100CC C01100CC-SS C0189CC-SS C07100CC C07100CC-SS C0789CC C0789CC-SS C0789QC C0789QC-SS C11100CC C11100CC-SS C1189QC C1189QC-SS C1489CC C1489CC-SS C1489QC C1489QC-SS C1498CC C1498CC-SS C1589QC C1589QC-SS C1598CC C1598CC-SS C9989QC C9989QC-SS D0289QC D0289QC-SS D0989CC D0989CC-SS D0989CC-TAN D0989QC D0989QC-SS D0989QC-TAN D10110MC D10110MC-SS D1098CC D1098CC-SS D1598CC D1598CC-SS F0486SC F0486SC-SS F0989QC F0989QC-SS F0996CC F0996CC-SS F15107CC F15107CC-SS F1597QC F1597QC-SS F17100CC F17100CC-SS F99100CC F99100CC-SS J0746 J0746-SS J0764 J0764-SS J1246 J1246-SS N0482CC N0482CC-SS T0654FJ T0654FJ-SS T0678CC T0678CC-SS T0786CC T0786CC-SS T0786QC T0786QC-SS T1678CC
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    Dodge (2002-2010)

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