Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors

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Let’s face it, driving around on a nice day with your windows down is the best way to drive. Unfortunately, that’s put to a stop when it rains or if it’s too windy. Adding a set of sidewind deflectors will allow you to drive around with your windows cracked open, still giving you fresh air in bad weather conditions.

Protection and Attitude In One

The Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors is meant to provide protection and at the same time, give your truck more attitude.

Product Description:

  • Carbon Fiber look
  • Custom acrylic mold
  • Easy installation

These also comes in 2 styles:

  • Tape-Onz
  • Snap-Inz

Available in 4 finishes:

  • Smoke
  • Chrome
  • Clear
  • Camo

Superb Protection For All Weather Conditions

The Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors will protect you from outside elements brought by different types of weather conditions. It can help you deflect debris and other flying elements from getting inside your car. It also minimizes the wind noise and prevents water from coming in, which allows you to keep your window partially open even when it’s raining.

Durable Material

Made from high strength acrylic, you can guarantee that your Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors will not chip or crack. You can ensure that this will last you for a very long time.


The Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors comes in two styles: the Tape-ONZ and the Snap-INZ. The Snap-INZ is Stampede’s latest model. It allows you to securely and easily insert it into the window channel without having to tape it on the surface of your truck's window channel. This model provides your truck with a sleeker and more natural look.


On the other hand the Tape-ONZ uses the 3M automotive tape to attach the Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors.

Choose Your Style

With the 4 finishes that you can choose from, you can definitely find the right Stampede Carbon Fiber Sidewind Deflectors to suit your style. You will love how these deflectors can enhance the look of your truck.

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This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.