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Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps Made from ABS thermoplastic Available in 2 colors Scratch and UV resistant Custom-fit design No drill-installation Limited lifetime warranty

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  • Protect your truck's bed rail and tailgate from dings and scratches
  • Tough and durable material that does not damage easily
  • Choose between black and camo
  • Scratch and UV resistant to keep the product in great shape for the longest time
  • Available for specific make, year and model with guaranteed perfect fit
  • Easy to install and takes a short time
  • Protected against manufacturing defects
Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps

Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps

Protect your truck's bed rail and tailgate from dings and scratches of daily wear and tear using these well-made Stampede Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps. These caps are heavy duty and built to last. They also look great thanks to their sleek design.

Tough and durable material that does not damage easily

Tough and durable material that does not damage easily

These two are made from ABS thermoplastic. The material is of very high quality, which is a guarantee of long term performance. It does not warp, crack, or fade. It is also very tough and will not give in to the elements.

Choose between black and camo

Choose between black and camo

Stampede Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps are available in both black and camo finishes. You get to choose your preferred finish depending on your taste as well as your vehicle's design. But whichever choice you make, rest assured it will look good on your vehicle

Scratch and UV resistant

Scratch and UV resistant

Both the bed rail and tailgate cap will remain in perfect condition even after years of use without getting messed up by the sun or scratches. This is because they are scratch and UV-resistant.

Available for specific make, year and model

Available for specific make, year and model

The bed rail and tailgate cap will fit perfectly on your vehicle without any modification needed. They have a custom-fit design, meant to fit your specific make, model, and year.

No drill-installation

No drill-installation

The Stampede Bed Rail & Tailgate Caps will install in less than an hour. No drilling is necessary and neither are any special tools. The products come with an instruction manual, which will guide you through every step.

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

The bed rail and tailgate cap come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. This is a guarantee of effective performance with no manufacturing defects in material or workmanship.

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This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
Part Numbers

The following part numbers are available in this product line:

BRC0002 BRC0002H BRC0004 BRC0004H BRC0023 BRC0023H BRC0029 BRC0029H BRC2004 BRC2004H BRC0001 BRC0001H BRC0001H-12 BRC0001H-16 BRC0001H-17 BRC0001H-9 BRC0003 BRC0003-12 BRC0003-16 BRC0003-17 BRC0003-9 BRC0003H BRC0003H-12 BRC0003H-16 BRC0003H-17 BRC0003H-9 BRC0005 BRC0005-12 BRC0005-16 BRC0005-17 BRC0005-9 BRC0005H BRC0005H-12 BRC0005H-16 BRC0005H-17 BRC0005H-9 BRC0006 BRC0006H BRC0015 BRC0015-12 BRC0015-16 BRC0015-17 BRC0015-9 BRC0016 BRC0017 BRC0017-12 BRC0017-16 BRC0017-17 BRC0017-9 BRC0018 BRC0020 BRC0020-12 BRC0020-16 BRC0020-17 BRC0020-9 BRC0020H BRC0020H-12 BRC0020H-16 BRC0020H-17 BRC0020H-9 BRC0021 BRC0022 BRC0022-12 BRC0022-16 BRC0022-17 BRC0022-9 BRC0022H BRC0022H-12 BRC0022H-16 BRC0022H-17 BRC0022H-9 BRC0024 BRC0024-12 BRC0024-16 BRC0024-17 BRC0024-9 BRC0024H BRC0024H-12 BRC0024H-16 BRC0024H-17 BRC0024H-9 BRC0026 BRC0026-12 BRC0026-16 BRC0026-17 BRC0026-9 BRC0026H BRC0026H-12 BRC0026H-16 BRC0026H-17 BRC0026H-9 BRC0028 BRC0028-12 BRC0028-16 BRC0028-17 BRC0028-9 BRC0028H BRC0028H-12 BRC0028H-16 BRC0028H-17 BRC0028H-9 BRC0031 BRC0031-12 BRC0031-16 BRC0031-17 BRC0031-9 BRC0031H BRC0031H-12 BRC0031H-16 BRC0031H-17 BRC0031H-9 BRC1001 BRC1001-12 BRC1001-16 BRC1001-17 BRC1001-9 BRC1001H BRC1001H-12 BRC1001H-16 BRC1001H-17 BRC1001H-9 BRC2001 BRC2001-12 BRC2001-16 BRC2001-17 BRC2001-9 BRC2001H BRC2001H-12 BRC2001H-16 BRC2001H-17 BRC2001H-9 BRC2003 BRC2003-12 BRC2003-16 BRC2003-17 BRC2003-9 BRC2003H BRC2003H-12 BRC2003H-16 BRC2003H-17 BRC2003H-9 BRC0025 BRC0025H BRC0032 BRC0032H

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