Steering Bushing Kits

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What is a steering bushing kit?

A steering bushing kit is a replacement parts kit that contains all the bushings required to restore proper steering and suspension performance. It typically includes replacement bushings for the tie rod ends, sway bar links, and control arms.

How do I know if my steering bushing kit needs to be replaced?

You can determine if your steering bushings need to be replaced if you hear clunking noises when turning the wheel or notice excessive play in the steering wheel or wheel alignment is off.

Can a faulty steering bushing kit cause any damage?

Yes, if steering bushings are worn or damaged, it can cause misalignment of the steering wheel, which can make the vehicle difficult to control. It can also affect your vehicle's performance and fuel economy.

How do I replace my steering bushing kit?

  1. Lift the vehicle using a jack and secure it with jack stands.
  2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.
  3. Remove the tie rod from the steering knuckle.
  4. Remove the sway bar link from the lower control arm.
  5. Remove the lower control arm from the frame.
  6. Remove the old bushings from the lower control arm.
  7. Install the new bushings in the lower control arm.
  8. Reinstall the lower control arm onto the frame.
  9. Reinstall the sway bar link onto the lower control arm.
  10. Reinstall the tie rod onto the steering knuckle.
  11. Reinstall the wheel and tire assembly.
  12. Lower the vehicle and test drive to ensure proper operation.