Street Fender Flares - Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a street or OE style fender flare over other types of fender flares?

It all comes down to what kind of look you’re going for. Many truck owners don’t like the bulky look of larger styles of fender flares. Street/OE style fender flares have a sleeker, low-profile look.

They’re called “street style” because these fender flares look great with the sort of trimmings you’ll find on city trucks. They pair great with chrome door handles, chrome mirror covers, and low-flung suspensions.

How do I install a street or OE style fender flare?

For most flare sets, installation is easy. No drilling is required; instead these accessories take advantage of preexisting factory holes to fasten securely. Just plug in the make, model, and year of your truck when you order your fender flare and it will fit perfect. Our product descriptions will provide more information on the installation method.

Can I get my street or OE style fender flare painted to match my truck?

Yes, you can! With any set of fender flares you have two options. The first option is you can either receive your fender flare unpainted in factory finish matte black. The color black really does go with everything, so an unpainted fender flare is a fine choice and can result in a cool two-tone effect to compliment your truck color.

Or maybe you would prefer that your fender flares match the color of your truck. If you do, it’s far from being a problem. The second option for your new set of fender flares is having them pre-painted to match the color of your truck.

Will street/OE style fender flares help me avoid fines?

Maybe one of the reasons you’re looking to buy fender flares for your truck is because you have heard that without them you may be subject to fines.

Well, if you have stock tires, it’s not something you have to worry about. These laws, which are only applicable in some states, only punish those with tires that extend past the factory fender flares. So if you have stock tires, it won’t be a problem.

Where you run into problems is when your truck has custom, oversized tires. These laws came about because when you combine tires too big for a truck with regular-sized fender flares, you’re going to spray dirt and mud all over the place. This is a big enough pain when it gets on just your truck, but it’s even worse when you affect other people, especially when you kick up gravel that can really do some damage.

The laws regarding fender flares were drafted to discourage selfish truck owners with monster truck tires from damaging other people’s property. If you have big custom tires, you’ll need to buy big custom fender flares to match, or you’ll be subject to a fine (in some states).

But remember when we told you that the appeal of street/OE style fender flares is that they’re low profile, they don’t stick out that much? Well, this positive is a negative if you have oversized tires, because they may not give you the coverage you need to comply with the law. Instead of street and OS style fender flares, you need extended style fender flare. When shopping for flares on our website, we display the tire coverage and height so that you can be sure you're complying with your local or state laws.

How much do street/OE style fender flares cost?

A full set of front & rear fender flares start at $234 for the TrueEdge Sport Style Fender Flares.