Tail Light Assembly Replacements


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  • Made to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Direct replacement to OE light
  • Bulb not included
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Get up to code with a tail light replacement

Lights are some of the most vulnerable yet vitally important auto parts on a vehicle’s exterior; and having faulty lights can reduce you and your vehicle to a crash statistic. Brand new OEM tail lights might cost you hundreds of dollars if one or both of your vehicle’s lights have been damaged in an accident or collision.

Replacement lights from Part Catalog are an affordable alternative to overpriced OEM light which may cost up to 50-100% more. The ultra-clear tail light lens is coated with a special material that prevents hazing and fading while ensuring maximum illumination.

Our range of lights comply with U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and also meet DOT/SAE standards of quality and safety. The light uses the original bulb which can be purchased separately.


We strongly recommend professional installation to ensure optimal and secure fitment. Please note that installation instructions and hardware are not supplied with this product, and you will need original installation hardware for proper mounting.

How to select a headlight

Almost every make and model comes with different appearance packages, which may have different light styles. Before purchase, please do a visual verification that the light of your choice is an exact match for your particular make and model. If you are unable to verify due to any reason, please contact us with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
HY2801126 CH2800138 CH2801138 FO2800179 FO2801179 FO2800177 FO2801177 FO2800198 FO2801198 BM2800109 BM2801109 SU2800105 SU2801105 NI2800129 NI2801129 KI2800127 KI2801127 VW2800118 VW2801118 TO2800104 VW2800110 VW2801110 VW2801124 TO2800181 MI2811126 HO2811182 HO2811176 MA2805103 HO2818138 HO2819138 BM2800108 HY2804116 HY2805116 TO2802104 TO2803104 IN2818101 IN2819101 LX2818105 LX2819105 LX2819103 LX2818104 MA2800144 MA2801144 CH2818103 CH2819103 MB2800122 MB2801122 FO2800193 FO2801193 FO2800192 FO2801192 CH2800117 CH2801117 FO2801215 GM2800174 GM2801174 CH2801160 CH2800160 MB2800123 MB2801123 BM2882104 BM2800111 BM2801111 HO2800117 HO2801117 VW2800107 VW2801107 TO2801175 BM2800101 BM2801101 LX2818108 LX2819108 TO2800175 MA2800127 MA2801127 MB2800127 HO2800133 HO2801133 HY2804108 HY2805108 BM2800105 BM2801105 MB2804101 MB2805101 NI2800159 NI2801159 GM2800184 GM2801184 HO2800153 HO2801153 NI2800131 NI2801131 NI2818104 NI2800106 MI2811136 HO2811171 TO2801104 HO2800152 TO2805103 BM2801108 MA2803103 IN2801111 TO2521122 HO2811178 CH2818118 CH2819118 MB2800107 MB2801107 TO2800133 TO2801133 MA2818106 MA2819106 CH2800147 CH2801147 FO2801153 GM2800121 GM2801121 FO2800156 FO2801156 LX2802103 NI2801166 KI2800137 KI2801137 FO2800155 FO2801155 NI2818114 NI2819114 CH2818102 CH2819102 GM2800178 GM2801178 NI2801102 TO2801116 TO2800103 TO2808102 TO2809102 TO2800116 TO2801103 AC2800101 AC2801101 AC2800103 AC2801103 HO2819101 KI2800124 KI2801124 AU2800102 AU2801102 VO2818102 VO2819102 HO2800159 HO2801159 KI2800105 KI2801105 NI2800128 NI2801128 TO2800114 FO2800123 FO2801123 GM2800228 GM2801228 SU2819101 SU2818101 MI2811129 MI2811117 NI2811130 MI2811125 MI2811137 GM2801137 FO2800172 HO2811163 HO2811194 HO2811180 MI2800121 MI2801121 HO2811181 BM2811101 GM2800200 MI2800105 TO2818123 MI2801105 HO2811159 TO2800128 TO2801128 TO2800153 BM2800119 BM2801119 CH2800135 CH2801135 CH2800122 CH2801122 KI2800131 KI2801130 TO2818133 TO2819133 BM2801106 FO2800146 FO2801146 MI2800113 MI2801113 VW2801112 VW2800112 MI2800116 MI2801116 BM2800104 BM2801104 CH2800111 CH2801111 NI2800164 NI2801164 FO2818121 FO2819111 TO2800107 TO2801107 GM2800142 GM2801142 AU2801105 NI2801187 NI2800187 NI2800188 NI2801188 HY2800138 HY2801138 FO2818137 FO2819137 GM2800208 GM2801208 TO2818142 TO2819142 HO2800171 HO2801171 NI2800181 NI2801181 TO2818132 TO2819132 HO2818126 HO2819126 TO2818131 TO2819131 TO2801134 HO2818128 HO2819128 TO2804108 TO2805108 TO2818134 TO2819134 TO2800171 TO2801171 NI2800185 NI2801185 AU2802100
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