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What are sensors?

Sensors are parts that measure physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, speed, or acceleration, and convert them into electrical signals so they can be read by a computer.

What is the purpose of sensors in the tire and wheel category?

Sensors in the tire and wheel category are used to measure and monitor tire pressure, wheel speed, and acceleration.

How do I determine if my sensor is faulty?

Faulty sensors can often be identified by a warning light on the dashboard or by low tire pressure readings. You can also visually inspect the sensor for signs of damage or corrosion.

Can a faulty sensor cause damage?

Yes, a faulty sensor can cause damage to the tires and wheels, as well as other components of the vehicle.

How do I replace a sensor?

  1. Ensure the vehicle is in a safe and secure location.
  2. Lift the vehicle and remove the wheel and tire.
  3. Disconnect the sensor wiring harness and remove the sensor.
  4. Install the new sensor and connect the wiring harness.
  5. Reinstall the wheel and tire.
  6. Lower the vehicle.

How often should I inspect my sensors?

It is recommended that you inspect your sensors at least once a year, or more often if you notice signs of wear or damage.