Tonneau Covers & Bed Liners

Truck beds are often left bare and unprotected – that’s where a tonneau cover and bed mat or liner come in handy.  While the bed mats and liners protect the floors and walls of the truck bed, tonneau covers provide an enclosure over the top of the bed to protect all of the cargo being hauled.  We’re often asked if tonneau covers and bed liners are compatible with each other – the answer is “mostly yes”.  Read on to find out more information.

BAK Tonneau Covers

Do they work together?

Tonneau covers will work with all under-the-rail bed liners and mats, which means it will work with all spray-on bed liners.  If you have a bed liner that extends above the bed rails, you may have a bit of a compatibility issue.  If the liner or mat is above the rails, it can prevent access to the mount point locations for most tonneau covers.  However, these are usually very easy to resolve – just cut a notch in the bed liner where your mount points need to be accessed. 

By making this small modification to your bed mat or liner (only if necessary), you will be able to use both your tonneau covers and bed liners in tandem, giving your truck bed ultimate protection.

Once your tonneau cover is installed, be thrilled in knowing that you will be gaining up to 10% in gas mileage efficiency.  Read more about that here.

Get Started

Getting started is easy - take a look here for our line of tonneau covers and bed liners.  

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