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Toyota 4Runner Leveling Kits

Important: To get started, click the blue "Filter Options" button to select your vehicle and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

If your Toyota's ups go better than its downs, it's time to install a 4Runner leveling kit. Out of the factory, your 4Runner clearance is higher in the back than the front. That's not a big deal if you only drive on pavement, but if you take dirt roads or hit the off-road trails, you need more lift in the front. And, that's just what a 4Runner leveling kit gives you. By leveling out the clearance under your 4Runner, you can take on tougher trails and protect the front end from damage.

Find your year model using our fitment tool and choose one of the guaranteed to fit Toyota 4Runner leveling kit options from our catalog. Each kit comes with all the components you need to install yourself or take to your mechanic. Don't let the downs on the trail frustrate you - install a 4Runner leveling kit and love the downs as much as the ups.