Toyota 4Runner Lift Kits

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Get more out of your ride with one of our 4Runner lift kits. We carry the highest quality Toyota 4Runner lift kits from the biggest names in the industry. Each 4Runner lift kit in our catalog comes complete with everything you need to install it yourself. You won't have to figure out what parts to buy and run back and forth to the parts store. You get all the heavy-duty components you need to install. All you have to add is the elbow grease. Choose from a wide range of options, including height options from 2 inches on up to get the extra clearance you need for the tougher trails. See more of the road, drive over bigger obstacles and take on trails with ease when you order and install one of our 4Runner lift kits. Simply select your model year, find the 4Runner lift kit that fits your ride, choose your options and order with confidence with our lowest price guarantee.