Fender Flares - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any legal reasons to replace my stock fender flares?

There may be. It depends on what kind of tires you have. If you have stock tires, you’re fine. However, if you have custom, oversized tires, you may have a problem.

Aside from style, most people get new fender flares in the first place to protect their car from the damage caused by the mud, gravel, and other debris their tires kick up. The mud is a pain to clean off, and the gravel and other debris can cut up your paint job and dent your body.

This is problem enough with regular-sized tires, and you replace those with larger tires, you dispel even more debris. Some places have laws that fine you if you have tires that stick out past your fender flares. This is because you don’t drive in a vacuum. There are other people on the road, and these laws were drafted to protect those other drivers from the damage caused by flying debris produced by drivers who don’t have fender flares big enough to match their tires.

These laws don’t apply everywhere, so there are places where you can legally get away with having big tires and normal fender flares. But even if these fines don’t apply to you, do the right thing. Don’t be that guy who damages another person’s car just because you don’t have the right fender flares.

Can I order fender flares to match the color of my truck?

Yes, we can paint the TrueEdge fender flares to match your car (or any other color) before they ship them to you. On the checkout page you have the opportunity to leave us an Order Comment with your color code and color name. TrueEdge fender flares are available in Pocket/Bolt, Sport and Street styles.

What are the different kinds of fender flares?

There are 3 types of fender flares to choose from: extended style, Street/OE style, and bolt style.

Extended style fender flares are perfect for protecting yourself and others from the damage that can be caused by the debris your tires produce.

Street/OE style fender flares offer a more low profile look. They go great with urban trimmings like chrome rims and a lowered suspension. There is more style than function here though, as they won’t give you near as much protection as extended style fender flares.

Bolt style fender flares provide drivers with a uniquely tough look. As the name implies, these fender flares are outlined by a series of bolts. They look great on a truck with other rugged fittings such as grille guards and a raised suspension.

Why should I buy pre-painted fender flares instead of any other kind of fender flares?

It depends on a few factors: the make, model, and year of your car, and also the brand and model of the fender flares. For a general range, you can get a set of 4 fender flares for between $234-530, with TrueEdge behind on the lower and Bushwacker on the higher end. For factory painted fender flares, you're looking at a cost of anywhere between $522.90 - $648.90 out the door.