TruXedo Buyer's Guide | Tonneau Covers

  • TruXedo Buyer's Guide | Tonneau Covers

    Protect your truck bed and cargo in style

    A TruXedo cover is a unique way to dress up your truck and protect your cargo from the elements at the same time. All TruXedo products are custom fitted by year, make, and model to look and function appropriately. They have a wide range of options with various price points and features to fit everyone’s needs.


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TruXedo Tonneau Covers

TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover

Edge Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover is a soft folding cover that can be installed quick and easy with no drilling required. The Edge will adjust to various conditions and temperature changes automatically due to its advanced tensioner system. It can be removed, folded, and secured in minutes to facilitate large cargo due to the easy trigger latch system. It also incorporates a water tight seal to protect the truck bed and cargo from the elements.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy access
  • Weather tight seal
  • Self-adjusting
  • Limited five-year warranty

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TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover

Deuce Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover Incorporates a unique design that facilitates easy access to the front portion of the truck bed. A hinged access panel flips open easily with one hand from either side of the truck creating a 26 inch opening. The cover can still be removed, folded, and secured the same as other traditional soft folding covers. It also incorporates a self-adjusting tensioning system that maintains a weather tight seal.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy access front panel
  • Weather tight seal
  • Self-adjusting
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Truxedo Pro X15 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Pro X15 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

For an easy to use tonneau cover that will surely last you for years, this one from Truxedo is one of the best out there. With a solid construction, this will protect your vehicle from the weather and other harmful elements. At the same time, it is very easy to install!

  • Constructed from high-grade woven fabric
  • Features Quick Release System (QRS)
  • Automatic tension control design
  • Special rail-mount design

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TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is a soft folding cover that has the flat bow supports incorporated into the cover. The cover can be easily removed, rolled up, and secured with one hand without components requiring storage. The pre-set tensioning system keeps the cover secured with a weather tight seal and adjusts to climate changes automatically. The installation process is fast, easy, and does not require any drilling.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy access
  • No loose hardware
  • Self-adjusting
  • Limited five-year warranty

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Cargo Bags

TruXedo Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo Bar

Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo Bar

There's nothing better than a truck bed that is organized. And you can simply organize yours through this cargo bag. Its. tough construction can withstand all types of weather conditions and at the same time, it has features that makes organization so much easier! You can easily remove and install this.

  • Made of durable commercial grade fabric
  • Weather resistant
  • 8 cubic feet of extra storage space
  • Plastic panels & inserts for better organization

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TruXedo Truck Luggage SaddleBag Cargo Bag

Truck Luggage SaddleBag Cargo Bag

Make use of that space behind your truck's wheel well with this cargo bag and you will love how you can make use of it. There's so much room for organization plus it won't take too much truck bed space! It's easy to remove and easy to install. This cargo bag is one of the best things that you can buy for your truck today.

  • Made from tough commercial fabric
  • Form to fit your wheel
  • Features interior organizer pockets
  • Comes with exterior pockets

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Stake Hole Covers

TruXedo Stake Pocket Covers

Stake Pocket Covers

The perfect addition to your tonneau cover that will increase its lifespan and at the same time, give your vehicle a protection and style boost, the stake pocket cover comes in a set of four. You don't have to worry about installing this because it's very easy. You will love how it perfectly complements your truck!

  • Constructed from high impact plastics
  • 4 pieces
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Snap-in installation

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TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Bed Toolbox

TonneauMate Truck Bed Toolbox

The TonneauMate toolbox is compatible with all TruXedo truck bed covers, giving you additional options to store your tools. It's highly durable and comes with a strong lock and two keys for security and peace of mind. Best of all, it installs quickly and easily with no drilling required.

  • Compatible with all TruXedo tonneau covers
  • Comes with strong lock & two keys
  • Keeps your tools & cargo contained
  • No drill, easy installation

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TruXedo Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray

TruXedo Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray

TruXedo Soft Tonneau Protectant Spray is specially formulated to clean, condition, and protect vinyl tonneau covers. It is a water-based product that does not contain damaging silicones or other harmful chemicals. It can also be applied to other surfaces such as tires, dashboards, trim and convertible tops to enhance their condition and appearance as well. It is very easy to apply by simply spraying it on and wiping it dry with a clean dry towel.

  • Cleans, conditions, and protects
  • Extends the life of all vinyl tonneau covers
  • Water-based with no damaging silicones
  • Works for tires, dashboards, trim and convertible tops
  • Easy to use

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About TruXedo

Since the introduction of the first TruXedo Tonneau Cover in 2000 the company has strived to increase their product line to satisfy customer needs. The TruXedo Corporation has led the industry with new and innovative tonneau cover concepts that emphasize style, quality, durability and functionality. They are front-runner when it comes to special purpose covers to facilitate tool boxes and even ladder racks. They are consistently improving and developing the best covers to meet the need of their customers.

For more information on TruXedo, please visit the TruXedo official website.

Truxedo products are available for...

*Subject to stock and availability

Chevrolet (1930-2018)

1500, 3100, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3G, Avalanche, Avalanche 1500, BG, BK, BL, Brookwood, C10, C10 Pickup, C1500, C20, C20 Pickup, C2500, C30, C30 Pickup, C3500, C40, Colorado, Commercial Chassis, Confederate BB, DP, K10, K10 Pickup, K1500, K20, K20 Pickup, K2500, K30, K30 Pickup, K3500, R10, R20, R2500, R30, R3500, S10, Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 Classic, Silverado 1500 HD, Silverado 1500 HD Classic, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 2500 HD Classic, Silverado 3500, Silverado 3500 Classic, Silverado 3500 HD, Truck, Universal Truck, V10, V20, V30, V3500

Dodge (1950-2010)

B-2, B-3, C-3, D100, D100 Pickup, D100 Series, D150, D200, D200 Pickup, D200 Series, D250, D300, D300 Pickup, D300 Series, D350, Dakota, M300, Power Wagon, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500, RD200, Truck, W100, W100 Pickup, W100 Series, W150, W200, W200 Pickup, W200 Series, W250, W300, W300 Pickup, W300 Series, W350, Wm300 Pickup, Wm300 Power Wagon

Ford (1928-2018)

1 Ton Pickup, 1/2 Ton Pickup, 3/4 Ton Pickup, Explorer Sport Trac, F Series, F-100, F-150, F-150 Heritage, F-250, F-250 HD, F-250 Super Duty, F-350, F-350 Super Duty, F1, F2, F3, F4, Model AA, Model BB, Ranger, Sedan Delivery

GMC (1950-2018)

100, 1000, 1000 Series, 150, 1500 Series, 2500, 2500 Series, 3000, 3500, C15, C15/C1500 Pickup, C1500, C25, C25/C2500 Pickup, C2500, C35, C35/C3500 Pickup, C3500, Canyon, K1000, K1000 Pickup, K15, K15/K1500 Pickup, K1500, K25, K25/K2500 Pickup, K2500, K35, K35/K3500 Pickup, K3500, P152, P252, P253, PM150, PM151, PM152, PM153, PM251, PM252, PM253, PV1000, R1500, R2500, R3500, S15, Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 Classic, Sierra 1500 HD, Sierra 1500 HD Classic, Sierra 2500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 2500 HD Classic, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 Classic, Sierra 3500 HD, Sonoma, Syclone, Truck, V1500, V2500, V3500

Honda (2006-2018)


Hummer (2009-2010)


International (1950-1975)

100, 1000A, 1000B, 1000C, 1000D, 1010, 1100A, 1100B, 1100C, 1100D, 1110, 1200A, 1200B, 1200C, 1200D, 1210, 1300A, 1300B, 1300C, 1300D, 1310, 150, 200, 900A, 908B, 908C, A100 Truck, A102, A110, A112, A120, A122, A130, A132, B100, B102, B110, B112, B120, B122, B130, B132, C100, C1000, C102, C110, C1100, C112, C120, C1200, C122, C130, C1300, C132, C900, D1000, D1100, D1200, D1300, D300, D900, L110, L111, L112, L120, L121, L122, L130, L150, L151, L153, LB140, MS1210, R100, R102, R110, R111, R112, R120, R121, R122, R130, R131, R132, RA120, RA121, RA122, RM120, RM121, RM122, S100, S102, S110, S112, S120, S122, S130, S132, SA120, SA122, Scout, SM120, SM122, SM130, SM132

Isuzu (1996-2008)

Hombre, i-280, i-290, i-350, i-370

Jeep (1947-2006)

6-230, Commando, F-134, F4-134, FA-134, FC150, FC170, Gladiator, J-200, J-210, J-220, J-230, J-2500, J-2600, J-2700, J-2800, J-300, J-310, J-320, J-330, J-3500, J-3600, J-3700, J-3800, J-4500, J-4600, J-4700, J-4800, J10, J20, TJ, Truck, Universal, Universal Truck, Utility, Utility Wagon, Willys, Wrangler

Lincoln (2002-2008)

Blackwood, Mark LT

Mazda (1994-2009)

B2300, B2500, B3000, B4000

Mitsubishi (2006-2008)


Nissan (1986-2017)

D21, Frontier, Pickup, Titan, Titan XD

Ram (2011-2018)

1500, 2500, 3500, Dakota

Studebaker (1950-1964)

2R10, 2R11, 2R14, 2R15, 2R5, 2R6, 3R10, 3R11, 3R14, 3R15, 3R5, 3R6, Champ, Deluxe, E10, E12, E5, E7, Scotsman, Transtar

Suzuki (2009-2012)


Toyota (1993-2018)

T100, Tacoma, Tundra