TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover for 2009-2014 Ford F-150 8' 1" | TRX236819

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TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover for 2009-2014 Ford F-150 | 1598616

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Ford F-150 Styleside 8' 1" Bed Length (2009-2014)

Hard Rolling Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 1598616 Sentry CT Tonneau Cover is a rolling tonneau cover that is constructed from tough aluminum slats for maximum protection and long-lasting durability. It offers easy operation and watertight protection of your cargo from unwanted hands and the road elements. It also has the easiest installation.

Heavy-duty matte black aluminum slats

The heavy-duty aluminum slats are virtually indestructible. They provide extra strength and resiliency against harmful elements and this allows the cover to serve you for the longest time.

Premium Matte Black Woven Fabric

On top of the aluminum slats is a woven fabric that has a premium matte finishing. This finishing is stylish and will certainly transform your exterior looks. It is also highly resistant to dirt and will keep clean all the time.

Quick Release System

TruXedo 1598616 Sentry CT Tonneau Cover also features a quick-release system that makes removing the cover a total breeze.

Slam latches near the tailgate

You can open the tonneau cover from whichever side your Ford F-150 you are on, and this is all thanks to the included slam latches near the tailgate.

Additional security latch at the center

TruXedo has included an additional security latch towards the center of the cover to offer extra security and to ensure there are zero chances of the cover opening when you are on the move.

Xtra-Low Profile

When TruXedo 1598616 Sentry CT Tonneau Cover is closed, it creates a distinctive flush mount look making it virtually unnoticeable to the driver and it will hardly obstruct your rear vicinity. You will also love how the sleek and aerodynamic design enhances your overall look.

Storage straps

When you need to drive with the cover open, you can easily do so by securing it safely against the cab using the storage straps provided. This way, you are free to haul in large cargo that would not fit with the cover closed.

Improved fuel mileage

Whenever you drive with this tonneau cover closed, you significantly reduce your fuel consumption. This is because the cover prevents wind from hitting inside the Ford F-150 bed and so reduce wind drag.

No-drill installation

This tonneau cover allows for a simple, no-drill installation with the clamps included. The process is super easy and will take a very short time. For an even easier time, you should follow the detailed instructions included in the package.

3-year warranty

You will receive a limited lifetime warranty on every TruXedo 1598616 Sentry CT Tonneau Cover you purchase with us. The warranty is usable only by the original buyer of the tonneau.

Made in the USA

TruXedo products are known for their edge in quality and this new design tonneau cover is no exception. It is made in the USA in a company that employs thousands of hardworking Americans and so contribute to the growth of the economy.

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