TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover for Chevrolet/GMC 8' 1" | TRX71048

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  • TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover
  • Catalog Number: 871601
  • Roll-up style truck bed cover
  • Distinct arched tailgate design
  • Fits: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD, GMC Sierra 1500, GMC Sierra 2500 HD + 1 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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TruXedo Edge for Chevrolet/GMC (871601) Tonneau Cover

Product Specifications:

  • Bed Side Rail Mount: Inside Bed Mount
  • Color Group: Black
  • Color/ Finish: Black
  • Compatible With Bed Caps: Yes
  • Compatible With Bed Rails: Yes
  • Compatible With Headache Rack: No
  • Compatible With Ladder Rack: No
  • Compatible With Tool Box: No
  • Drilling Required: No
  • Hinged: No
  • Includes Ladder Rack: No
  • Installation Type: Hook And Loop
  • Locking Type: Tailgate Handle Lock
  • Low Profile: No
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Type: Soft Roll-Up
  • With Lights: No Lights

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBed TypeBed LengthNotes
2014GMCSierra 3500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2011-2014GMCSierra 2500 HDSLEFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2011-2014GMCSierra 2500 HDSLTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2011-2014GMCSierra 2500 HDWTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2014ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2014ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2007-2014GMCSierra 3500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2013GMCSierra 3500 HDDenaliFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2011-2013ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2011-2013GMCSierra 3500 HDSLEFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2011-2013GMCSierra 3500 HDSLTFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2011-2013GMCSierra 3500 HDWTFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2010-2013ChevroletSilverado 1500LSFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013ChevroletSilverado 1500LTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013ChevroletSilverado 1500LTZFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013ChevroletSilverado 1500WTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013GMCSierra 1500SLFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013GMCSierra 1500SLEFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013GMCSierra 1500SLTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2010-2013GMCSierra 1500WTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2012GMCSierra 3500 HDDenaliFleetside8' 1" Foot BedDually Bed
2007-2010GMCSierra 2500 HDFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009ChevroletSilverado 1500LTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009ChevroletSilverado 1500LTZFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009ChevroletSilverado 1500WTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009GMCSierra 1500SLEFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009GMCSierra 1500SLTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed
2007-2009GMCSierra 1500WTFleetside8' 1" Foot Bed


Learn more about TruXedo products

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 roll-up tonneau cover

With the Truxedo 871601 Edge Tonneau Cover, you do not have to choose between functionality, durability or style, because it combines them all to provide your truck bed and cargo maximum protection from the elements.

Top-grade material

The material used on the tonneau is of premium quality, allowing it to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, and this goes a long way to provide long-lasting durability. The premium quality also adds an expensive edge to both the cover and the truck.

UV protected

The tonneau will still look new after years and years of use. This is because it is UV protected, and this prevents it from fading, even during the extremely sunny days.

Adjustable tension control

The adjustable tension control keeps TruXedo 871601 Edge Tonneau Cover tightly fit to the truck bed rails in any type of weather. This ensures that no rain or dust gets in.

Full Chevrolet Silverado 1500 bed access

Being a roll-up tonneau cover, you can easily reach into the truck bed and take an item with much ease, without necessarily having to lift up the whole cover. Also, the one-finger easy-to-use release latch makes opening the cover quite effortless.

Cutting-edge design

TruXedo 871601 Edge Tonneau Cover is made with a sleek aerodynamic design that adds style and greatly improves the look of your truck.

Hassle-free Chevrolet Silverado 1500 installation

This tonneau cover requires a hassle-free, no-drill installation, that takes only a few minutes and can be done by just one person. An installation guide is also provided to make the process even easier.

5-year warranty

TruXedo offers a 5-year warranty on the cover as an assurance of its high-quality material and top craftsmanship. Any repairs of defects on the tonneau, resulting from manufacturer's errors are covered by the warranty.

Made in the USA

Best technology and expertise have been applied in the manufacture of the TruXedo 871601 Edge tonneau cover to ensure it matches the value of your money.

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