Universal Tank Accumulators

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Universal Tank Accumulators

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What is an A/C Accumulator/Receiver Drier?

An A/C Accumulator/Receiver Drier is a part of the HVAC system in a vehicle that stores liquid refrigerant as it moves between the evaporator and the compressor. It also removes any debris or moisture in the system.

What is a Universal Tank Accumulator?

A Universal Tank Accumulator is a type of A/C Accumulator/Receiver Drier that can be used in a variety of vehicle makes and models. It is designed to be a universal fit for most HVAC systems.

How do I determine if mine is faulty?

If your Universal Tank Accumulator is faulty, you may experience reduced air flow from the vents, an unpleasant odor coming from the vents, or a lack of cold air from the vents.

Can a faulty Universal Tank Accumulator cause damage to my vehicle?

Yes, a faulty Universal Tank Accumulator can cause damage to your vehicle. It could cause the compressor to overheat and fail, or lead to other HVAC system issues.

How do I replace my Universal Tank Accumulator?

To replace your Universal Tank Accumulator, you should:

  1. Locate and remove the old accumulator.
  2. Disconnect the accumulator's hoses and electrical connections.
  3. Install the new accumulator and reconnect the hoses and electrical connections.
  4. Refill the refrigerant and check the system for leaks.

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