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What is a washer?

A washer is a small metal disc that acts as a cushion between two surfaces, to reduce friction, absorb shock, reduce noise and hold components in place.

What is the purpose of a washer?

Washers are used to provide a metal-on-metal seal, reduce vibration and prevent movement of nuts, bolts and screws within a joint.

How do I determine if my washer is faulty?

You can inspect your washer by looking at it closely for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. If the washer is bent or cracked, it should be replaced.

Can a faulty washer cause damage?

Yes, a faulty washer can cause damage to the components it is used with, or even to the entire system. If the washer is not providing a secure seal, it can lead to loose connections and eventually cause damage.

How do I replace a washer?

You should replace a washer by:

  1. Removing the existing washer,
  2. Cleaning the surfaces of the components,
  3. Installing the new washer,
  4. Tightening the components until the washer is securely in place.