WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Mat for Dodge/Ram | WEA152744

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  • Protects your entire truck bed
  • Catalog Number: WeatherTech 36706
  • Fits: Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 3500, Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Classic + 2 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Mat for Dodge/Ram | 36706

Product Specifications:

  • Surface Design: Non-Skid
  • With Raised Edges: Yes
  • Length: Direct-Fit
  • Width: Direct-Fit
  • Thickness: 0.085 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Installation Type: Drop-In
  • Includes Tailgate Mat: No
  • Estimated Install Time (Hours): 0.25

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBed TypeBed LengthNotes
2020Ram1500 ClassicSLTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2020Ram1500 ClassicSTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2020Ram1500 ClassicTradesmanFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2020Ram1500 ClassicWarlockFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2019-2020Ram1500 ClassicExpressFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2019Ram1500 ClassicBig HornFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2019Ram1500 ClassicLone StarFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2018Ram3500LaramieFleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2018Ram3500Laramie LonghornFleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2018Ram3500LimitedFleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2018Ram3500SLTFleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2018Ram3500TradesmanFleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2016-2018Ram2500LimitedFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2015-2018Ram1500LimitedFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2013-2018Ram2500TradesmanFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500LaramieFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500Laramie LonghornFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500SLTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500SportFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram1500TradesmanFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500LaramieFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500Laramie LonghornFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2018Ram2500SLTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2014-2017Ram1500Laramie LimitedFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2014-2017Ram1500Lone StarFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2014-2017Ram2500Laramie LimitedFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2013-2017Ram1500HFEFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2013-2017Ram2500Big HornFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2012-2017Ram1500ExpressFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram1500Big HornFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram1500OutdoorsmanFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram1500STFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram1500SXTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram2500OutdoorsmanFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram2500Power WagonFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram2500STFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011-2017Ram3500Fleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2013-2015Ram2500Lone StarFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2013Ram1500R/TFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2011Ram2500SXTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500LaramieFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500Power WagonFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500SLTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500STFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500SXTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 2500TRXFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2010DodgeRam 3500Fleetside6' 4" Foot BedDually Bed
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500LaramieFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500SLTFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500SportFleetside6' 4" Foot Bed



Protective Dodge Ram 1500 bed mat

The WeatherTech 36706 TechLiner mat gives your truck bed the ultimate protection from dents, dirt, and weather damage. It is recyclable, odorless, and affordable. It is, however, not compatible with spray-in liners.

UV and chemical resistant construction

The mat is resistant to chemical and ultra-violet light damage. This means that it will serve you for years without fading, dulling, or chalking. It is designed to maintain its look and appeal even after years of use.

Easy to install and remove

The truck bed mat is easy to install. It requires no drilling, spraying, or modification to your Dodge Ram 1500's bed. You only need to latch in place using the hook-and-loop disks.

Perfect contouring and raised edges

The WeatherTech 36706 TechLiner mat is designed with raised edges for a perfect fit and a smooth contour. Together with the black finish, it will undoubtedly look great on your Dodge Ram 1500 bed.

Non-skid surface

The mat has a firm-grip surface to hold cargo in place during transit. This prevents sliding and movements that could damage the cargo as well as the mat.

Easy to clean

You can just hose the mat, and the dirt will come right off. If it sticks, a little scrubbing with mild detergent will do the trick. You can also wipe it dry or let it dry in the sun for a few minutes.

Custom-fit design

The WeatherTech 36706 TechLiner mat is designed to suit your vehicle's specific application. The contours and edges are cut to fit your Dodge Ram 1500 for a perfect fit, even around the wheel wells.

Made with premium grade material

It is made with heavy-duty custom-blended elastomer for sheer strength. It will withstand weather abuse to maintain its value and appeal for years. It won't crack, warp or in extreme temperatures, making it perfect for use in any season or weather.

Limited lifetime warranty

Weathertech provides a limited lifetime warranty for every purchase of the truck bed mat. It is a guarantee of quality that the product is free from manufacturer's defects. As an authorized seller, PartCatalog is here to help you out if you need any help with your warranty.

Made in the USA

The WeatherTech 36706 TechLiner mat is proudly made in the USA. Expert artisans craft it with authentic and premium-grade materials then inspect it thoroughly for any defects. It is all done in an economy-building industry that employs thousands of Americans.

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