Westin Sportsman Taillight Guards

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Because these Westin Sportsman Taillight Guards are custom-made so that they can fit your truck or SUV flawlessly, they tend to give your vehicle that customized look that so many truck and SUV owners are looking for these days. And the fact that they are  currently available in 2 different styles means that you're able to choose the one that will best complement your particular vehicle. 

  • Super Strong & Durable
  • Custom Built
  • Two Different Styles To Choose From
  • No Drilling Required
  • All Installation Hardware Included
  • Powder-Coated Guards=5 Year Warranty
  • Chrome Guards=Lifetime Warranty

Custom-Built for Strength

One of the features that both truck and SUV owners are looking for in a taillight guard is extreme strength and durability. The fact that these particular Westin Sportsmen Taillight Guards contain super strong steel tubing that contain circular rods inside for even more durability means that your taillights are going to be fully protected.

Two Different Styles

There are two different styles from which you're able to choose from, so you're able to decide which of the two styles is going to look best on your particular type of vehicle. You can choose the classic chrome-plated stainless steel that comes with a lifetime warranty, or you can choose the high-quality carbon steel option that comes with a powder-coated black finish and is covered by a warranty that lasts for five years.

Easy Installation

Everything you need to mount these Westin Sportsmen Taillight Guards onto your vehicle is included so you don't have to worry about having the correct tools to install. And there's no drilling required, which means that you can have these high-quality taillights installed in on your vehicle in less than an hour.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
39-3005 39-3065 39-3085 39-3095 39-3185 39-3255 39-3265 39-3275 39-3285 39-3305 39-3325 39-3355 39-3365 39-3375 39-3385 39-3395 39-3405 39-3425 39-3035 39-3045 39-3000 39-3060 39-3090 39-3250 39-3260 39-3270 39-3280 39-3300 39-3320 39-3350 39-3360 39-3370 39-3380 39-3390 39-3400 39-3420 39-3030 39-3180
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Chevrolet (1988-2008)

Blazer, C1500 Pickup, C1500 Suburban, C2500 Pickup, C2500 Suburban, C3500 Pickup, Colorado, K1500 Pickup, K1500 Suburban, K2500 Pickup, K2500 Suburban, K3500 Pickup, R20 Pickup, R2500 Pickup, Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 Classic, Silverado 1500 HD, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 2500 HD Classic, Silverado 3500, Silverado 3500 Classic, Suburban 1500, Suburban 2500, Tahoe

Dodge (1994-2008)

Dakota, Durango, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (1997-2014)

Escape, Expedition, F-150, F-150 Heritage, F-250, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty

GMC (1988-2008)

C1500 Pickup, C1500 Suburban, C2500 Pickup, C2500 Suburban, C3500 Pickup, Canyon, K1500, K1500 Pickup, K1500 Suburban, K2500 Pickup, K2500 Suburban, K2500 Suburban (Canadian), R2500 Pickup, S15 Jimmy, Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 Classic, Sierra 2500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 2500 HD Classic, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 Classic, Yukon, Yukon XL 1500, Yukon XL 2500

Toyota (1998-2008)