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Business and e-commerce rely heavily on delivery drivers, and this includes all types of businesses from huge multinationals to your local takeaway. Delivery drivers are there to load, transport, and deliver items to clients and businesses in a safe, timely manner, and play a pivotal role in both the distribution of products and the end-user experience.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of e-commerce has significantly improved job opportunities in delivery and transportation, and delivery driving is one of the most popular professions in the US right now. It is fair to say that as business and the economy grow, you can expect more and more delivery drivers out on the streets.

The delivery driver market is an interesting one, as there are many elements that ultimately affect the supply and demand of drivers, in turn influencing the pay for these drivers. For example, the UK has seen a surge in truck driver salaries after the recent decision to leave the European Union led to a shortage of skilled workers. In certain areas in the US, truckers can earn a year’s salary in just a few months during the winter when the roads become more treacherous and require highly skilled and experienced drivers.

So, with the supply and demand of drivers changing rapidly, how much can you make annually as a car or truck delivery driver, and how much does this compare around the world?

Within the US, driver salaries for both the average car delivery driver and truck driver are pretty similar state to state, however, there are some states that offer a premium for both types of drivers when it comes to the average salary. The experts at PartCatalog wanted to discover just how much you can expect to make as a delivery driver both within the US and around the globe.

Best Paying US Cities for Delivery Drivers

These figures were taken directly from for the average driver salary in each state’s capital city to give an estimate of what you can expect to make as a driver in each of the 50 states.

The best city for both delivery drivers and heavy truck drivers is Boston, Massachusetts, with average yearly salaries of $49,800 for car delivery drivers and $52,620 for heavy truck drivers.

The worst US capital city for car delivery drivers is Austin, Texas, offering an average salary of just $34,500, almost $15,000 less per year than in Boston.

For heavy truck drivers, you are worst off looking for work in Pierre, South Dakota, where the average salary for truckers is $38,763, over $13,000 less than the average salary in Boston.

Best US Cities for Car Delivery Driver Salaries

Best US Cities for Car Delivery Driver Salaries

#1 Boston, Massachusetts – $49,800 average yearly salary

Boston is the US’s leader in average driver salaries and you can make around $49,800 per year as a car delivery driver in this city.

#2 Juneau, Alaska – $48,700 average yearly salary

In Juneau, the summers are wet and cold, and the winters are long, snowy, and windy. This may be why organizations offer an average delivery driver salary of $48,700.

#3 Sacramento, California – $47,800 average yearly salary

Sacramento completes our top 3 best places for car delivery drivers, with an excellent salary of $48,700. Even at third place, this is still over $10,000 more than the lowest average salary on our list, Austin, Texas, at $34,500.

Best US Cities for Heavy Truck Driver Salaries

Best U.S. Cities for Heavy Truck Driver Salaries

#1 Boston, Massachusetts – $52,620 average yearly salary

Boston, Massachusetts, offers truckers the highest average salary in the US, standing at $52,620. This may be because the city also sees a lot of snow when it comes to the winter months, making driving that bit harder.

#2 Juneau, Alaska – $51,480 average yearly salary

It gets cold in Alaska, and during the winter the roads can get wet and icy. This adds an additional challenge to truck drivers based here and why they can expect to earn one of the highest average salaries in the US.

#3 Sacramento, California – $50,481 average yearly salary

In Sacramento, you can expect to earn almost $2,000 more as a truck driver than as a car delivery driver, and make the third-highest average salary for truckers in the US.

Something to keep in mind is that these are average estimates of salaries. In reality, driver salaries can vary significantly from place to place, and one of the biggest determinants of salary is years of experience. More experienced drivers will likely make much more than the average salary reported here, and those entering the field can expect to make less in their first year of employment.

Best U.S. Cities for Driver Salaries - Chart

Best Paying Countries for Delivery Drivers

Salaries around the world vary a lot, and in some cases, car delivery drivers can make more than their truck driver counterparts. We looked at the top 10 countries by GDP to investigate where you might find the best car and truck driver salary.

For the best car delivery driver salary, you are best going with the US which offers an average of $44,200 per year for this role.

If trucking is your thing, then Canada is definitely where you want to go. With an average salary of $49,718, trucking in Canada is the most profitable.

The country which offers the lowest yearly income for both car and truck drivers in India, offering just $6,261 and $4,617 for car and truck drivers respectively.

If you’re looking for countries where the average driver salaries are greater than the national average, then look at India, which offers car delivery drivers around $1,500 more than the national average, and the UK, which offers truck drivers around $8,000 more than the national average income.

Best Countries for Car Delivery Driver Salaries

Best Countries for Car Delivery Driver Salaries

#1 United States – $44,200 average yearly salary

The United States offers the best average salary for car delivery drivers at $44,200. The highest average salary within the US is as high as $49,800, found in Boston, Massachusetts.

#2 France – $40,950 average yearly salary

Our runner-up for highest paying country for car delivery drivers is France, with a very reasonable $40,950. This is surprisingly over $3,000 less than in the US, despite being second place.

#3 Germany – $40,144 average yearly salary

In third place for best car delivery driver salaries is another European country. Germany, at $40,144, is the third best place in the world to seek work as a car delivery driver.

Best Countries for Heavy Truck Driver Salaries

Best Countries for Heavy Truck Driver Salaries

#1 Canada – $49,718 average yearly salary

Canada offers the highest average salary for truck drivers, likely due to the 20% surge in job openings for truck drivers in Canada over 2021, which has led to a “staggering” vacancy rate of almost 30,000 new jobs that year.

#2 United States – $46,703 average yearly salary

The United States takes our second top spot for trucker salaries potentially for the same reason as Canada: the BBC reported that the US had a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers, making it an in-demand job role.

#3 United Kingdom – $43,567 average yearly salary

Completing our top three for best average truck driver salaries across the globe is the UK, with an impressive $43,567. This is also $8,000 more than the UK’s national average salary.

Top 10 Best Countries for Driver Salaries

Best Countries for Driver Salaries - Chart


Becoming a professional driver can be as easy as obtaining a driving license. However, certain types of driver jobs can take much more training. For example, London’s black cabs have a notoriously difficult exam that drivers must pass before they can gain a license to drive taxis in London. Truck drivers also require you to gain additional qualifications, such as the commercial driver’s license, which takes several weeks to complete.

There are many jobs around the world for delivery drivers for both cars and trucks, especially due to the rise of e-commerce in recent years. You can also become self-employed and dictate your own hours. Services such as Deliveroo and Uber allow you to work when you want and use your own vehicles.

Whether you’re using your own car or your company’s truck, it is important that you take care of your vehicle. Regular check-ups are key to running your vehicle effectively, and thus key to being more effective in your driving job. You will also want to be comfortable in your vehicle, as you can expect to spend long hours behind the wheel in any professional driving job. From floor mats and hydraulic jacks to phone mounts and portable power banks, you can invest in accessories to make your ride as comfortable and easy as possible.


All US state salaries were taken from Salaries around the world were taken from an average of websites including, and Please note that all salaries recorded here are estimates taken from surveys and reports online. Real and available salaries can vary significantly due to factors such as organization, location, number of hours, years of experience, and skills & qualifications.