A Car Collectors Guide: Why Protector Mats Are Non-Negotiable

You’re passionate about your car collection, it’s an investment that tells a story.

“I was buying a story more than I bought the actual car.”
Jay Leno, famous car collector and comedian.

You may not be the Sultan of Brunei or the Jay Leno of car collections, but your cars are your babies. You dream of nothing more than taking good care of them.

Your collectibles need tender loving care. Keeping your collection in good repair is just as important as acquiring them.

At PartCatalog, we have a great collection of car floor mats and liners. For car enthusiasts like you, we recommend the custom fit mats by Lloyd Mats

There’s a variety of custom car mats to choose from. If you like your existing floors already, and don’t want a rubber or carpet mat, our best bet by far to keep your precious collection in good shape is the Protector Mat. This mat is used predominately by car collectors to help keep their classic car in top shape.

Here’s why every car collector needs Protector Mats.

  • The mats are custom fit to match floor and cargo area 
  • Keeps the interiors of your car from dirt and spills
  • Protects the car floor from wear and tear
  • Is semi-transparent, and is a good alternative to solid color rubber or carpet mats
  • Protects and enhances the value of your investment

Why Do You Need Protector Mats?

Cut to Fit Your Specific Car

car floor mat with small circular patterns, cut and design exact fit for boot

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Instead of universal fit floor mats that leave the edges of your carpet exposed, these mats are cut specifically for your vehicle. They fit the floor and cargo areas perfectly.

Whether it’s a car, truck, van or SUV, Lloyd Mats has custom fit floor mats to suit all vehicles. Each cut is computer-driven, so your floor mat is a perfect fit.

These mats are made with your safety in mind. Each floor mat has a textured, non-skid surface to avoid slips which can cause accidents.

The backside has nibs to prevent the mats from moving and to ensure it stays in place. This feature ensures you’re safe and comfortable when driving.

Like all Lloyd Mats, Protector Mat™ comes with factory-standard anchoring devices to hold the mats flat on the floor with no curled edges.

Lloyd Mats also provides you with easy to install mat fasteners if your vehicle came without them. 

Lloyd Velourtex Carpet Floor Mats

Protects the Interior of Your Car From Dirt and Spills

The video below pretty much summarizes the benefits of Protector Mat™ in keeping your car clean.

Dust from the road always finds its way into the car. In addition, bringing in dirt and mud on your shoes is almost inevitable, especially during the rainy, muddy season. 

Drink spills and food stains can also soil your carpeting.

All this dirt on the carpet makes cleaning a nightmare. Not to mention the bad odor that builds up over time. Even worse are the roaches you could be breeding in your car.

With protector car mats, cleaning is easy. You can simply wipe dirt off with a damp towel. If the stain is more than a damp towel can clean off, a simple wash will do.

Additionally, the heavy duty vinyl is resistant to chemicals and keeps them from reaching your flooring.

Instead of universal floor mats, go for custom fit floor mats so that the carpet in your vehicle is fully protected.

headshot of Julio

“The Vinyl Protector is a perfect fit for my 2008 Mazda 3S. Protects and easy to clean. Very happy with this product.

– Julio, review of Lloyd Vinyl Protector Mats

Protects the Car Floor From Wear and Tear

The friction of your shoes on the car floor while you drive causes some damage to the carpet. 

The same wear and tear happens with passengers in your car. 

Although it may appear to be minor, over time the flooring of your car will wear out. The cargo area is especially prone to scratches and staining.

Lloyd Mats protector floor mats are resistant to tears and abrasion.

Consider investing in protector mats to keep your car in showroom condition.

clear vinyl vehicle protector mat with dotted patterns, custom fit to car floor

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Improves the Look of Your Cars’ Interiors

While protector car mats are extremely functional, they also add to the aesthetics of the interiors of your vehicle.

Well fitted, clean protector mats make your car more appealing and impressive giving it a clean fresh look.

You can get the clear, see through mats so your interiors still have the beautiful color of your original flooring but with added protection.

The mats also make driving your vehicle a breeze. They’re comfortable on your feet and great for those long drives.

Protects and Adds Value to Your Investment

Your collectibles are some of your most expensive purchases and as such need to be protected.

During the winter you’ll probably bring in snow which later melts and could make your carpet smell.

Even if your collection is always in the garage, changes in weather can adversely affect the overall condition of your vehicle, especially the interiors.

You can easily prevent this with car protector mats.

As a collector you may not be one to think about selling your cars. Even then, if some day you decide to replace one of them, you want to get a good price.

These protector floor mats keep your car in good condition and therefore preserve the value.

Testimonial from Craig N.

Why Is Protector Mat™ the Best Choice?

When it comes to taking care of your collection Protector Mat™ is the number one choice. 

With over a decade of experience providing the best car interior protection, you can trust that our products are of the highest quality.

The table below gives you a comparison of the Protector Mat™ with rubber mats.

Vinyl Rubber

Lloyd Protector Mat Vinyl Floor Mats

  • Opaque mats
  • Transparent/Clear vinyl mats
  • Custom fit for each of your vehicles
  • Made of heavy duty vinyl resistant to chemicals
  • Rubber nibs prevents mat from shifting
  • Easy to clean by wiping or using a water hose
  • Has a textured face to prevent slips
  • Comes with factory compatible anchoring devices
  • With clear vinyl mats you can still see the beauty of your carpet.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty

Rubber Mats

  • RubberTite
  • NorthRidge
  • Solid, non-see through color
  • Made of rubber
  • Both are custom fit
  • You can choose from 8 colors for NorthRidge and 13 colors for RubberTite
  • Has pockets to hold water and other fluids

While both options have amazing features to protect your car’s flooring, the Protector Mat™ has more bells and whistles making it a must have for your collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Protector Car Mats Worth It?

Yes, because they’re a perfect fit for your vehicle:

  • They protect your car from dust, dirt and spills.
  • The mats minimize wear and tear
  • Protector mats enhance the value of your car
  • They make your car look good

Do Protector Car Mats Fit All Vehicles Universally?

No. The design and cut of protector mats is custom fitted for each make and model. Check the specifications on each mat to find the one most suited for your car. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Protector Mat?

Look for a design that is an exact custom fit for your car. Make sure it has hooks and nibs to hold it in place. It should also be easy to clean with a textured face for slip resistance.

Contact us to get your protector car mats. We’re also happy to answer any other questions you may have about choosing the best cut, design and patterns for your floor mats.

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