5 Quality Carpet Floor Mats for the Shopper on a Budget

Ah, the daily grinding of shoes, food crumbs, muck, and spills. Does that sound familiar? We’ve all had these types of messes on our car floors. They take a toll on your car’s flooring system, ruin the interior, and lower the car’s resale value.

This is why it’s important to invest in a high-quality floor mat that’ll protect the car’s interior from damage. However, high-quality floor mats don’t have to be expensive. There’s a wide variety of options that provide excellent protection on a budget.

Top 5 Best Budget-Friendly Floor Mats for Your Car

Here are some quality, pocket-friendly options for all popular car brands.

Lloyd Classic Loop Floor Mats

Lloyd Classic Loop Carpet Floor Mats

The Lloyd Classic Loop Mat carpet is available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, for all major car brands such as Chevrolet, BMW, Toyota or Nissan. 

It comes in 8 fade-resistant and easy-to-blend colors that add striking beauty to your interior.

Customer testimonial for a lovely color blend

Furthermore, the mat can be customized with the car brand’s logo and personal embroidery designs. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Classic Loop car floor mats are perfect for car lovers who are budget conscious without compromising on quality.


  • Easy to install using custom hooks and snaps for compatibility with OEM factory flooring
  • They are moisture, dirt, and stain resistant
  • Their high density makes them wear-resistant

Lloyd Velourtex Carpet Floor Mats

Velourtex Floor Liner for Jeep

The Lloyd Velourtex Mat is a popular replacement for factory-installed OEM floor mats that come with the car.  There are a dozen color options to pick from, all of which can be blended to complement the interior of your vehicle.

You can also get custom embroidery and logos to personalize your car’s interior.

Velourtex floor mats offer exceptional value for money. They’re affordable, dense, and suitable for customers with tight budgets who still want quality custom-fit mats for protection.


  • They are made from premium nylon yarn making them durable.
  • Their stiff backing helps in the long-term preservation of the mat’s shape over time.
  • The mat comes with a three-year warranty

Lloyd Ultimat Carpet Floor Mats

Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats are our most popular and best-selling logo mats. 

Ultimat Mat trunk floor mat for Corvette

There are over 50 color patterns to pick from, making it easier to get a ready-made match with the interior of your car. The mat is water-resistant and includes anchors to hook onto the factory carpet.

In addition, the mats come with a five-year warranty and custom-designed embroidery and logos for full personalization.

Testimonial from Matthew S.
Customer testimonial on custom-designed Ultimat carpet


  • The mat has a moisture resistant latex layer for protection against spills. 
  • Includes a stiff bottom rubber layer with anti-skid characteristics.
  • Their multi-layer design ensures durability and maximum protection for your car’s floor.

Lloyd Berber Carpet Floor Mats

Berber Floor Mat for Cadillac

The Berber Carpet is available in two colors: black and beige. 

Due to its Berber design, it’s thick and rich in texture, making it ideal for luxury brands such as Cadillac and Mercedes. 

Customer testimonial for rich texture

As a heavy-duty floor mat, it’s also great for protection. It comes with a five-year warranty and is cut to precision for the perfect fit.


  • It’s a multi-tonal mat made from premium nylon yarn for added strength. 
  • The poly-nylon yarn blend is specifically formulated to be stain and fade resistant.
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Lloyd RubberTite Floor Mats

The RubberTite option is the most affordable option due to its simple pure rubber build. It comes in 13 solid colors and provides excellent protection against dust and fluid.

This mat is also very easy to clean. Simply wipe it with a wet rug and it’s as good as new. 

It’s the ideal option for people with kids who constantly spill drinks and food.

RubberTite Mat with spilled drink


  • The mat is durable and easy to clean
  • It has a ‘molded wells’ design that traps all debris
  • It comes with non-skid nibs for a firm grip

What to Consider When Buying Floor Mats

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a mat.

Quality of the Material

Car floor mats come in a variety of materials:

  • Fabric
  • Rubber 
  • All-weather vinyl 

Fabric floor mats are the most affordableand widely accessible. In fact, theyoften come with a new car. They have a rubber backing to prevent slipping and are easy to maintain. You can easily wash them every day but with time, they may start sagging and slipping. 

Therefore, generally speaking, fabric mats have the shortest lifespan.

Like fabric carpet mats, rubber floor mats are also cheap. They’re also the most durable and easiestto clean, although they get dirty quickly. 

When it comes to protection, rubber mats soak in the most moisture and mud—but don’t expect much aesthetic appeal.

All-weather vinyl mats like Lloyd Mats are considered the best. They’re affordable and made from a combination of thick, high-quality rubber (vinyl) and fabric. In addition, vinyl floor mats are customizable to fit any vehicle and can be personalized to your aesthetic tastes.

Does the Floor Mat Back Lock in Place?

Your vehicle’s floor mat has to lock in place to prevent it from moving around. The backs of floor mats usually contain nibs or teeth that lock it in position. Others have mounting holes for OEM floor hooks.

For the front driver’s side, Lloyd Mats will either work with your factory retention device that’s already installed in your vehicle, or it will come with a retention device to use.

Overall, it’s important to ensure the mat doesn’t shift in place so you can maintain control of the pedals.

Thick carpet mats are much better at locking in position than thin carpet mats. They’re heavier and more difficult to move around when traveling. 

Additionally, these floor mats are less prone to cracking and curling, as well as being more effective in protecting against snow, mud, and gravel.

How Easy Is It to Clean the Mat?

Always choose a mat that’s easy to clean and maintain in the long run. 

For example, carpeted floor mats tend to absorb fluids and mud. If they’re not cleaned regularly, they easily stain and start to produce an unpleasant smell. In other words, when you clean your car, carpet floor mats can be a pain to deal with. 

Meanwhile, universal (rubber) floor mats tend to have deep crevices to prevent liquids from flowing. While this is great for protecting the floor, however, it can easily form puddles that look unpleasant and take time to clean.

Finally, shallow crevice floor mats are the easiest to clean and maintain. Debris can be shaken off and fluids can be simply wiped away with a wet cloth. Very little effort and energy are required to restore this mat to its original state.  

Universal vs Custom-Fit: Why Custom-Fit is Better

The two types of car protection mats in the market are:

  • Universal fit mat
  • Custom-fit mat

Universal floor liners and mats have a one-size-fits-all design. They’re also the cheapest and most widely available. Yet unfortunately, they only offer limited protection and don’t last very long.

Custom-fit mats on the other hand are designed to specifically fit the exact internal spaces of your vehicle. They’re also designed with contours to match your footprints and thicker ridges for trapping dirt. 

Although the choice depends on the customer’s needs and preferences, custom-fit mats are better as they offer better protection, are easier to maintain, and fit your floor perfectly. 

Nonetheless, the following table sums up all options.

Universal-Fit Mats Custom-Fit Floor Liners
  Semi-universal Max coverage
  • Can be obtained from big-box retailers
  • One-size-fit-all 
  • Protection is limited
  • More affordable compared to the custom-fit sizes
  • The mat is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles
  • Better than universal, but still not completely custom fit
  • More expensive than universal mats
  • Offer better protection and coverage 
  • Floor interiors are partially exposed
  • Made to cover the entire interior floor.
  • Price is higher than semi-universal or universal mats
  • They usually come with a complete protection package


Are Leather Car Mats Durable?

Yes. Leather floor mats are durable. They’re made from tanned automotive-grade hides which makes them waterproof, easy to clean, and also incredibly strong.

Is It Necessary to Have Car Mats?

Quality car mats can help in preventing damage to your car’s floor. Floor mats also add beauty to your vehicle’s interior.

While not necessary, it’s one of the smartest decisions you can make for your vehicle.

Do New Cars Come With Floor Mats?

It depends. Most new vehicles come with carpeted mats, though quality and coverage can vary wildly. You can add floor liners for extra comfort, appeal, and protection.

Bring Style to Your Interior With a Personalized Mat

A floor mat isn’t just for protection; it should also look good.

You can choose to personalize it with details like your name or initials in any of our four custom fonts. You may also add the vehicle brand’s logo and combine it with your favorite blend of colors for your ultimate dream interior. 

Simply order it, design it and we’ll have it made in 2-4 business days.