Volant Buyer’s Guide | Air Intakes & Performance Exhaust

Better performance for off-road enthusiasts

Founded in 1998, Volant has sought to provide better performance for outdoor enthusiasts through their performance air intakes and exhaust systems. With the closed-box design and PowerCore filtration exclusivity, Volant is one of the best options for better performance.

Volant Air Intake Kits

Volant Cool Air Intake Kit

Cool Air Intake Kit

To ensure that you get cold air into your engine, this is the right air intake kit for your vehicle. This Volant air intake system will not only deliver cold air, but it will also improve horsepower and torque that you will surely appreciate. It also boosts fuel economy allowing you to save more money in the long run.

  • Cross link polyethylene material
  • High performance silicone connectors
  • Powercore Straight-Through airflow
  • Marine grade stainless steel clamps

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Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake Kit

PowerCore Cool Air Intake Kit

Let your engine breathe cool and powerful air with the Volant Powercore. This cool air intake kit will ensure that you get that silent engine at cruising speeds while still getting that much-needed boost in vehicle performance. This will give you more gains in horsepower that you will surely love!

  • Molded polyethylene ducts
  • Features reusable, cotton-gauze filter
  • Powercore Straight-Through Airflow
  • High performance silicone connectors

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About Volant

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