How to Customize Your Car Floor Mats

Are you wanting some REALLY unique floor liners? A personalized set that no one else has?

Then personalize your car mats based on your preferred color, print or embroidery.

You can combine colors and prints and then add your own logo, embroidery, premium edging, or any other text to the mats. Your feet deserve to rest on the best designs and materials. Don’t settle for plain boring store car mats when you can design your own.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create the automotive interior you like and combine it with a car logo. If you have any questions, feel free to text our team at 281-761-6097.


What options do you have for custom Lloyd floor mat logos?

Custom floor mats usually just serve a purpose – protect your car flooring.

But personalized mats can take it a step further, and show off your (or your car’s) personality.

We’ll show you the simple variations and styles of our custom logo floor mats and discuss the logo options to choose from during the online selection process.

About Lloyd

Lloyd specializes in manufacturing carpeted and rubber floor mats and provides a variety of logos in multiple carpet pile densities and attractive colors, all of which are tailor-fitted to your model and make.

If you like carpeting that isn’t too deep, choose Lloyd’s industrial-strength polypropylene yarn Classic Loop floor mats or lighter weight Velourtex floor mats (both weigh 20 ounces per square yard).

The heaviest floor mat choices are Luxe and Berber carpet floor mats (both weigh 48 ounces per square yard) and accept logos despite the heavyweight design.

Ultimat floor mats with rubber backing, at 32 ounces per square yard are the most popular deep pile nylon yarn mats.

How to use the Lloyd configurator

Using the Lloyd configurator is very easy. Follow these steps to design logos you’ll enjoy looking at while driving around.

First, head over to our Lloyd car mats product page and choose the style of the floor mat you want to buy e.g. Classic Loop. You’ll be brought to the product page, which will look like the following:

Lloyd Classic Loop car mats

Now, scroll down to this section and fill in your car’s details – Year, Make, and Model.

Classic Loop mats

Once you’re done, click on Continue as shown below.

Classic Loop floor mats

You’ll be directed to this screen so that you choose the shape you want

Car mat shapes

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve chosen the 4 pc mat set. After picking and checking your pieces (you can select multiple), click on Continue. You’ll land on this screen and be prompted to choose your desired mat color.

A variety of mat colors

Next, click on continue to select embroidery. You’ll be presented with three options as shown below.

Depending on your vehicle, you may not see an option for “Automotive” car logos. Lloyd licenses the available logos from the car manufacturers, and has a license for most popular car makes. However, they do not have the license to use a logo for some car makes. If you do not see the logo option, unfortunately Lloyd doesn’t have the license to embroider a logo for your vehicle.

Car mat options

I’ll be walking you through each of the options shortly.

Automotive (Not available for all vehicles)

If you click on automotive, you’ll be presented with various designs of your car model. Remember we chose Impala as our car model. Below are a few designs that are available for the Impala. The options you see will depend on your vehicle.

Impala logo designs

Once you have chosen the design you like, click on continue. You’ll be presented with these two options. This allows you to choose which floor mat sets to apply the logos to.

Next, you’ll see these two options: standard and premium binding.

Premium binding color options

Note that you can add premium edging to match a secondary color in your vehicle. For example, if you have black seats with red stitching, you can design a set of black mats with a red border/edge.

All Lloyd carpet floor mats come with standard binding. The premium option is for people that want to add color to the edges of the floor mats.

Lastly, confirm your order and then click on add to cart as shown below.

In case you want to change something before placing your order, just click on “change” as illustrated below.


If you click on personalized, you’ll be prompted to choose the lettering color as shown below.

Car mat lettering colors

Once you’ve picked your color, click on continue to select lettering style.

Car mat lettering text

Click on continue to enter the lettering text you want. If you’ve named your car, you can personalize your car mats with your car’s name or choose an inspiring message.

As you type, you’ll see how the embroidered lettering will look on your car mat as shown above.

Please note that while you can personalize your messages as you may want, licensing agreements prohibit selecting automotive model and make names from any car manufacturers, whether licensed to Lloyd or not. You also can’t add both a logo and embroidery, only one or the other.

Once you’re done, click on Continue to proceed to this step.

Click on Continue to select a Standard or Premium mat edge.

Car mat edge

Lastly, complete your order.

Plain mats

With plain mats, you don’t have to add any logo or letters, just select your preferred mat edge design and color to complete your order.

Car mat premium binding

Note that all Lloyd logos are either appliques or embroidered. This means you will have the option of choosing a thread color. So it would be a good idea to choose a thread color that contrasts nicely with your mat color and your interior.

Examples of embroidered logos

It’s also important to mention that appliques are only available in their illustrated colors. Additionally, Berber and Luxe car mats are only available with applique logos due to their thick construction.

However, Classic Loop, Velourtex, and Ultimat floor mats can be bought with either applique or embroidered logos.

Car mats with automotive logos

If you like carpeted floor mats with automotive logos, different variations of Lloyd car mats are available with car logos.

Here are some examples (options may be different at time of ordering, due to licensing changes):

Chrysler logos
Corvette logos:
Corvette C7 logos
Dodge Ram logos:
Dodge/Ram logos

Top-selling Lloyd car floor mats 

Lloyd’s mats strike a good balance between functionality and style and serve as the perfect present for your loved ones. The following table highlights the features of different Lloyd mats including multi-layer backing, non-slip surface, solid construction, and more:



Main Features

Looped carpet, similar to commercial carpets

  • Has multi-layer backing that improves traction and keeps the mat in shape
  • Installs easily with Lloyd’s anchoring system or factory carpet system
  • You can include your favorite slogan or preffered name or initials
  • You get a premium custom edging or binding 

Cheapest cutpile option, but still quality

  • Includes anchors and factory-compatible mat fasteners to make installation easy
  • Cut to precision for a perfect fit in a computerized process
  • Has non-skid rubber nibs for preventing skidding and improving traction
  • Available in 12 easy-blending carpet colors

Most popular cutpile option, perfect balance between price & quality

  • Has 2-ply yarn construction that prevents crushing and boosts its quality
  • The continuous cloth edge that prevents unraveling to preserve appeal
  • You can choose from 1000+ registered automotive logos
  • Designed with water-resistant latex that prevents water damage

Multi-tonal berber carpeting, similar to commercial carpeting

  • Constructed from 48-ounce yarn with impressive crush and wear resistance
  • Any military emblems, slogans or initials can be embroidered onto the mats
  • Heavy-duty floor mat that protects your OEM carpe
  • Easy to install with custom posts, snaps and hooks

The difference between universal car floor mats and custom mats

Floor mats are an important part of any vehicle. However, one crucial thing you need to understand is the difference between custom and universal floor mats before buying new floor mats.

Universal floor mats

These mats offer “okay” coverage for your floor – they are built to fit any car. Although they provide protection at a cheaper price, they’re not a perfect fit because they don’t cover the entire area for most cars. These will leave gaps in coverage, though they are good if you just want the cheapest option.

Some universal mats are sold in multiple sizes to allow you to choose the size that best fits your vehicle. Because these mats are sold at an economical price, they are usually constructed with low-quality materials and are not durable.

Custom floor mats

These mats offer the best protection and coverage for your car floor and are built to fit well without the need for trimming. They also use the same retention devices that come with your car.

When ordering, you will need to provide your vehicle’s model and make so that you order the correct fitting mat. Custom car mats are also made with high-quality, durable materials while installation is a breeze as you won’t have to worry about fitment issues.

Advantages of custom floor mats

Custom floor mats are designed with robust material, do not slide under your legs when you are driving, and protect your car’s underlying floorboards and carpeting from damage caused by sand and mud. These mats also have:

  • Provide complete coverage: Custom floor mats protects your car from dirt and other debris on areas where universal mats do not cover. The mats provide full coverage for the carpet area, resulting to an easy to maintain interior.
  • Uses floor retention devices: Because these are custom fit to your vehicle, custom floor mats are normally equipped to use your vehicle’s exact floor retention devices. Most vehicles are equipped with hooks or posts in the driver’s side floor to help keep the floor mat from shifting.

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