Personalized Floor Mats | Lloyd Buyer’s Guide

Let your mats speak for themselves

Add a personalized touch by writing anything you want (up to 10 characters on each line), available on nearly all of the Lloyd carpet lines. With four font choices and over two dozen font colors, your embroidered message will be a welcome addition. What you write is completely up to you.

Shipped To Your Door – Custom Embroidered Floor Mats

Choose Your Message & Font Style

You have 10 characters to say what you want, so use them wisely! Most choose to have their initials embroidered, but feel free to get creative with the extra space. Your custom message will be embroidered in the style you choose and is available on all Lloyd carpet lines (except Luxe). Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Your initials or nickname
  • Your first or last name
  • “Tom’s Nova”, “Truckin'”, “Rev Up”
  • Your car or truck’s made-up name

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Choose Your Embroidered Color

After you’ve chosen your personalized message and font style, you’ll be presented with twenty-four color options for your embroidery. We have all of the standard colors – including black, white, red, dark gray, and tan, as well as the more unique colors – purple, pink, neon orange and neon green. Remember – you also get to choose from multiple mat colors, giving your mats a look only you will have.

  • 24 colors to choose from
  • Standard + unique color option
  • Neon colors available – pink, purple, blue, yellow, green & orange
  • Combine with your mat color choice

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