Lloyd Luxurious Floor Mats: 4 Premium Benefits You Must Have

Did you know that Lloyd Mats has over 12,000 unique floor mat patterns and about a dozen colors you can choose from?

Lloyd Mats is a tried and tested floor mat company that has been in the market since 1974. Their extensive library of vehicle-specific floor mat application patterns has made them the number one custom floor mat company in America.

“Our commitment is to produce automobile floor mat products that provide our customers with the highest level of style, fit, and quality.” — Lloyd Mats

Lloyd gives you an array of quality floor mats with unique features to fit your style. The options to choose from include:

  • Colour
  • Logo
  • Vehicle fitment
  • Embroidery
  • Premium binding

That’s not all. Lloyd’s luxurious floor mats have exceptional benefits unmatched by other floor mat industries in the market. Today, we’ll discuss the top four premium benefits you must have.

Benefit #1: Custom-Made to Your Specifications

Classic Loop brown mat with embroidery

Lloyd Mats have a remarkable reputation for customizing floor mats irrespective of the material you choose. They’ll custom-make your mat exactly as you requested. 

Lloyd Mats also stands apart as the most efficient floor mat automotive manufacturer because they’ve got over 1,000 licensed automotive trademarks, emblems and personalized embroidered designs.

Apart from that, they have other customizable design options for all their floor mats. The table below gives you the most popular features from four of their popular floor mats.

Lloyd Floor Mat Customizable Features

– 50 carpet colors

– 1,000+ trademarked and personalized embroidered logos

– 11,000 exclusive mat designs


– 10 carpet colors

– 1,000+ trademarked and personalized embroidered logos

– All embroidery is woven through the carpet face

– 11,000 unique mat designs


– 13 rubber colors

– 11,000 unique mat designs

– Rubber isn’t embroidered


– 10 carpet colors

– 1,000+ trademarked and personalized embroidered logos

– Direct embroidery isn’t available due to the mat’s thickness

– 11,000 exclusive mat designs

Lloyd floor mats use computerized laser measurements to custom-make their mats with exact precision. The final product neatly covers your vehicle’s front, back, side, and corners. You can get these custom-fit patterns for most motor vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Crossovers
  • SUVs
  • Vans

Lloyd floor mat fits perfectly

Benefit #2: High-Quality and Durable Material

Lloyd floor mats are made from the finest quality and long-lasting material. They add up to five layers of standard material, making their mats more durable than other floor mats on the market. 

Lloyd floor mats come in eight different forms, depending on the core material used and the manufacturing process. Each floor mat is unique and has all the necessary features to give it a longer life. Let’s look at the material used and the technique applied to manufacture them. 

Testimonial from Anthony
  • Ultimat: Ultimat is made from premium continuous filament nylon yarn, and it’s twice the weight of regular floor mats, with a yarn weight of 32 ounces per yard. Ultimat woven tuft is made stronger by twisting and heat-setting two separate ply yarns into one.
  • Luxe: Luxe floor mats are strengthened using 3 pounds of 2 ply continuous filament nylon for every square yard. It also has a half-inch of soft premium nylon yarn that can withstand wear and tear.
  • RubberTite: It’s made from a heavy-duty, long-wearing rubber material that can withstand extreme temperatures. RubberTite is manufactured from three core materials, and it goes through a machine that compresses them firmly together.
  • Classic Loop: They’re made from 100% polypropylene virgin yarn, a long-lasting material that is stain, fade, and soil-resistant. The carpet face weighs 22 ounces per square yard, making it dense and long-lasting.
  • Berber 2: Berber 2 are long-wearing automotive car mats because their tight, low loop carpet face is made from 32-ounce premium nylon yarn. The multiple-layer backing with TractionBac and non-skid rubber makes it more durable.

Benefit #3: Effective Interior Floor Protection 

The interior of your car can make or break your image. The state of your floor plays a crucial role in your car’s interior status. It can make you look stylish and clean or achieve the opposite effect. 

Lloyd floor mats give your floor an exquisite look and at the same time protect it from destructive components that can cause damage to your factory floor mat. The harmful day-to-day debris you trail in with your shoes includes:

  • Snow
  • Dirt
  • Salt
  • Fluids
  • Animal droppings

Lloyd RubberTite floor mats have hundreds of uniform wells that hold debris and fluids in place to avoid movements to the sides and corners. The flush edge material also hugs the contours of your vehicle, giving your factory floor mat double protection.

The luxurious Luxe floor mats undergo a 2 step scorch guard process that ensures the mats are stain and soil-resistant. The thick 2-ply nylon yarn layer and an added water-resistant backing layer ensure your factory mat doesn’t absorb moisture.

Lloyd Classic Loop floor mats have four multilayer backings to protect your vehicle’s floor. Each layer performs a different function, as shown in the table.

Lioyd Luxe Carpet floor mat
Classic Loop Floor Mat Layer Function
Polypropylene mesh Gives the tuft its superior texture
Heavy latex layer Stiffens the mat and helps retain its shape
Water-resistant layer Prevents moisture retention
TractionBac synthetic Non-skid protection

Llyod NorthRidge floor mats have high capacity surface channels that hold spilled fluids and debris without compromising the material’s quality. The computerized custom fit design also enables maximum coverage and protection of your factory floor mat. 

The NorthRidge design gives you the option of choosing the door-to-door one-piece full-width pattern that ensures the entire second and third row of your vehicle is fully protected, including the middle raised section.

Benefit #4: Easy to Clean

Cleaning your car is an inevitable and sometimes unwanted task. Covering your vehicle’s floor with Lloyd mats lightens the cleaning process because the mat stays off your original flooring.  

Lloyd Classic Loop, Ultimat, Luxe, Berber 2, and Velourtex are made from polypropylene yarn that is stain and soil-resistant, enabling you to clean it easily.

Vinyl, RubberTite, and NorthRidge are manufactured from rubber and plastic, which you can easily wipe using a damp cloth. 

These two categories of Lloyd floor mats use slightly different cleaning methods.

Cleaning Carpet Lloyd Mats

  1. Remove the mats and shake well to remove loose dirt.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush or vacuum to remove any leftover dirt.
  3. Add two tablespoons of dish soap or mild detergent to a container with water.
  4. Use a soft brush or a cloth to wash the mat gently; take extra precautions on the embroidery.
  5. Rinse with a garden hose or from a container, but ensure you don’t soak the mat.
  6. Hang to dry. 

Expert Tip: Thoroughly rub baking soda on the mat and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing to remove foul odor from pets or spilled food.

RubberTite holds spilled fluid in place for easy cleaning

Cleaning Synthetic Rubber Lloyd Mats

  1. Remove the mat and shake off loose dirt.
  2. Pour water over dried food or fluids and leave it for 5–10 minutes.
  3. Use a mild detergent and a soft-bristle brush to scrub.
  4. Rinse with a pressure washer or hose. 
  5. Air-dry or completely towel-dry before reinstalling.

Expert Tip: Avoid silicon-based products for cleaning rubber. They leave a slippery effect on the mat even after drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price match Guarantee

Are Lloyd Floor Mats Better than OEM Mats?

Yes, Lloyd floor mats are custom-engineered and made with double-layered yarn, making them more durable and achieving a stylish modern look. 

For example, the Lloyd Luxe floor mat face weighs 3 pounds, triple the weight of an Original Equipment Manufacturer’s mat.

Lioyd Luxe Carpet floor mat

Are Lloyd Floor Mats Worth it?

Yes, Lloyd floor mats are worth it because they preserve your original factory mat, giving your car a better resale value. Lloyd mats last for years and give the interior of your car a sleek modern look. You’ll also be saving time and energy in cleaning, as Lloyd mats have stain and soil-resistant features. 

Which Lloyd Floor Mat Is Good for My Car?

It depends on your budget, where and how often you use your car, the passengers you’ll be carrying, and the weather pattern of your area. 

Lloyd RubberTite and NorthRIDGE floor mats are excellent if you carry pets, have kids, and live in a relatively moist region. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

Luxe floor mats are more expensive than Velourtex, Berber, and Classic Loop, but they give you more leg comfort and an impressive appearance.

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