WeatherTech Pet Barrier: No-Stress Tips for Easy Use

As the world we live in keeps getting more and more dog-friendly, our beloved pups are less tied to the home. They’re joining us at the office, on the hiking trail, and in the coffee shop. 

That means lots of car rides. Some dogs love going for a ride, while others get a bit stressed out. 

Either way, you want to make car rides as safe and pleasant as possible. A pet barrier between seating rows is one simple solution that sets up a nice backseat canine zone so that all parties can enjoy their ride. 

Travelling with your pooch is a breeze once you’ve got a WeatherTech Pet Barrier set up. But we want that ride to be as hassle-free as possible. So, here are a few helpful tips for car rides with your pet. 

Why do dogs need their own space on a car ride?

First of all, is it necessary to boot your dog to the backseat? 

Well, this is mostly a question of safety. A snuggle-seeking pup might lick your ear or crawl into your lap at just the wrong moment. Distracted driving is unsafe driving, so it’s best not to let your dog have free-roaming access around the car. 

Your dog will also prefer having a space of their own. Limits and boundaries help pets understand the world around them. Knowing which part of the car is theirs will help reduce anxiety and promote peaceful napping. 

WeatherTech developed a pet barrier which keeps pets secure so you’ll also know that they can’t leap out of the car when you make a stop. 

When a ride ends, you’ll be in a new and unfamiliar area. It might be unsafe in ways that aren’t familiar to your dog. A pet barrier helps you stay in control of the moment that they exit the vehicle. 

Tips for easy car rides with a pet barrier fence kit

Let’s get into our top tips for enjoying a carefree car ride while your dog is safe and sound behind a WeatherTech Pet Barrier. These are mostly canine-oriented tips, but they’ll be helpful for any pet that’s too big to fit through the barrier bars. 

Develop positive associations with car rides

For enjoyable car rides, your dog should be thinking of the vehicle as a happy place. That will happen when they enter the car with the expectation that they’re on the way to fun times… not a scary visit to the vet to get a tooth pulled. 

For dogs that don’t go on many outings, they’ll remember the few car rides that they’ve taken. Those rides are often to stressful locations, such as the vet’s office, a groomer, or a boarding facility. 

It’s best to start building up positive associations from as young an age as possible. Or at least from the earliest stage of your relationship with the dog. However, it’s never too late to start. 

If you don’t already, consider taking your pup on more fun adventures. Maybe it’s dog park outings or visits to your friends’ homes. Simply driving your furry friend to nice new places for walks is a can’t-miss way to turn car rides into a source of excitement. 

An excited dog isn’t necessarily super easy to handle either, but joyful excitement is definitely better than anxiety. Once the car becomes a happy place, there will be less whining, nervous panting, and backseat potty accidents. 

A  WeatherTech pet barrier comes in great here as the dog can settle into their already familiar space, quickly and comfortably. 

Pack all of your dog-care essentials

Bringing along a few key items makes all the difference for an easy car ride. The goal is for your pooch to be comfortable, calm, and mess-free. 

Most importantly, bring along whatever is needed to help your pooch comfortably lie down. Maybe that’s a bed, a blanket, or a towel. It’s best to provide a bedding item that they’re already used to. Familiarity brings comfort, and comfort brings calm. 

Just a few other essentials round out your car-ride checklist:

  • Treats
  • Dog waste bags
  • A favorite toy

That short list of items goes a long way. The idea is to bring a bit of home with you on the car ride. That way, the vehicle’s environment and the big outdoor world won’t feel so scary and unfamiliar. 

Circulate fresh air through the car 

Dogs tend to get carsick. The cause can be either physical or psychological—the motion of the car itself, or the anxiety associated with leaving home. 

The tips described above will help to make the car ride comfortable and to reduce psychological stress. However, there are two more aspects of the physical environment to take care of: airflow and temperature. 

With your dog in the backseat, the air conditioning or heating might not be reaching them too well. Be aware of whether or not there are vents near your dog, and if those vents are open. Do a temperature check after you’ve started your ride to see how it feels back there. 

Fresh air from the windows has some advantages over the car’s ventilation system. Airflow from windows can more quickly recirculate the air and cool off a hot area. It’s also a refreshing and relaxing feeling that brings in lots of fun new outdoor scents to pique your pup’s interest. 

To better prevent car sickness, be sure to also drive as smoothly as possible. Sudden stops or bumps will set off a touchy stomach, leading to a vomity bad time.

How to use your WeatherTech Pet Barrier

The WeatherTech Pet Barrier is an easily installed fence kit, with no tools or drilling needed. First, here’s a summary of the product details for the WeatherTech Pet Barrier:

WeatherTech Pet Barrier Product Details
Construction Material Strong yet lightweight aluminum
Manufacture Location USA
Tools Required for Setup None
Warranty Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

The barrier expands horizontally and vertically, making it a fit for virtually any type of car, minivan, or SUV. Installation takes just a few minutes. 

Insert the apparatus from the rear of your vehicle with the top feet pressed into the ceiling. Expand the tubing downward and outward to create a snug fit on each side. 

The bars are lightweight for easy transport, but heavy-duty to withstand long-term use. The feet are rubber-coated to prevent rattling and make for gentle points of contact with the car’s interior surfaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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