2015 Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America

2015 – Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

PartCatalog surveyed over 3,800 off road clubs and off road enthusiasts across the country (tripled last year’s responses!).  GOAL:  Create a resource for weekend off-roaders showcasing the very best off roading destinations within and near their home state.  In our July survey, we asked three simple questions…

Where do you live?
What vehicle do you drive?
What are the Top 5 Off Road destinations in your area?

The following guide lists the top 5 off roading destinations in and around each state.  States that are not listed were from lack of responses in those particular areas.  The 37 states listed included enough responses for accurate results.

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Top 3 Off Road Trails/Parks in America

Top Off Road States

Top Off Road Vehicles

2015 Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America

20 thoughts on “Top Off Road Trails in America, by State

    1. Anonymous

      Llok I know Oregon’s all green everything…but there are some sick trails yalls forgot…browns camp….Florence dunes…Winchester bay…

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  3. Shelly Martin

    Please correct your information on the Oklahoma parks. The #1 spot is GRDA property Disney, OK. Hogans Offroad Park is just a campground next to the Offroad property.

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  8. Darrell Richards

    68 Y/O retiree. Totally new to off road/trail driving. Own 2015 Wrangler 2 DR, 3″ lift, aggressive tread tires. Live in PA but travel a lot. Not interested in tearing my jeep up but want to find places to trail drive or moderate off roading. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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