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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What flares are best for a Ford F-150?

It really depends on what your goal is.

If you want a beefy look or have large tires, the extended flares or pocket look sets will be best for your Ford F-150.

If you are just looking for a "showroom fresh" look, similar to an upgraded trim package, the OE style flares are your best bet. On the F-150, the OE style fender flares are normally thin without a lot of height, but really work well to accent the round F-150 wheel well.

I have an older 1980s Ford F-150, will these fit?

We do have options for the older Ford F-150s. Your options are a little more limited, but we do have some pocket and extended sets depending on what year your F-150 was made.

For example, for the 1984 Ford F-150 your only option would be either the Bushwacker Cut-Out flares or the Husky Universal flares. If you drive a brand new F-150, you'll have many more options to choose from including an OE style.

What's the best look for a F-350?

For the F-350 specifically, we recommend either an extended set or pocket style set. This is a large truck, so the larger fender flare options will suit it very well. Our best recommendation would be either the Bushwacker or EGR sets. Bushwacker is a leader in flares, and EGR is the manufacturer for some OE versions.

This is especially true if you put larger tires on your F-350. For larger tires you'll likely either need the pocket or extended style flare.

Will these fit the Raptor?

The Raptor has a different wheel well design, so they require a different set. We do have some OE style flares that fit the Raptor specifically. When searching on our website, be sure to select the Raptor submodel to make sure you get an F-150 Raptor compatible set.

If you want the pocket look, check out the Bushwacker Pocket Style flares designed specifically for the Ford Raptor.

Which flares will fit the new Ford F-150 Lightning?

Production is still TBD as of writing, but we expect Ford Lightning fender flares to start becoming available within about 3-4 months of when the Lightning trucks start being delivered. Our guess is that the OE style flares will be most popular on this truck, but more versions will likely quickly follow.

I have an F-150 Crew Cab, do you have any flare sets for my truck?

Yes, we do have flare sets for your truck. On our product pages, just select the year of your Ford F-150, and any additional questions our website asks (such as submodel).

In the vast majority of cases, the cabin size doesn't matter because it doesn't affect the wheel well design.

What's the difference between style-side and flare-side?

Styleside, also known as fleetside, is what the vast majority of trucks have.

Flareside is an option available on some F-150s only. A flareside truck has an indented step in the fender, between the back of the cabin and the rear wheel well. If you have an integrated step in your rear fenders, just in front of the rear tire, you have a flareside.

If you aren't sure, you can send us a photo of the side of your truck for confirmation. The vast majority of trucks on the road have a fleetside/styleside bed. The flareside, although it adds convenience, also takes up a lot of truck bed cargo space.