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Replacement Parts

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Are aftermarket replacement parts worth it?

Yes! Most people save a significant amount of money by purchasing aftermarket replacement auto parts. Most aftermarket parts (including ours) are made to the same OE specifications as the same part you'd get at the dealership.

Car dealerships make most of their money in parts and service. In fact, they don't even make most of the parts themselves. Instead, they contract the manufacturing to small manufacturers, and then add their own dealership markup.

You can cut out the middle man by purchasing an aftermarket replacement part, and keeping your hard earned money in your pocket.

Is it difficult to install replacement parts?

It depends on what you are trying to replace, and what vehicle you drive.

For example, some headlights are plug and play, and relatively straightforward. However, if you are replacing a radiator support, this will take a lot more effort.

We always recommend having a professional install your aftermarket body part for you.

If you are a determined Do-It-Yourselfer, we recommend the following:
1) Checking a message board or forum for your vehicle (example Honda Civic forums), often there is a detailed thread explaining how to replace it
2) Check YouTube - there's an abundance of helpful videos out there
3) Join a Facebook group fan club for your vehicle (ex. Chevy Silverado owners club), often times the Facebook groups will have tips and advice

Do you paint your body parts?

We do not provide a paint service for our body parts.

However, any local paint & body shop will be able to paint it for you. When you bring your vehicle in, they will get your paint code information off the sticker on your vehicle, and then match the part to your paint color.

If your vehicle can't be driven, you can provide them with the paint code information off your sticker. You can also temporarily give them a small painted part (such as a gas cap) to help them match. This is helpful if you have an older vehicle that has faded a bit, the painter will be able to better match the fade, so it blends in with your vehicle.

Can you match a part by the factory part number?

In most cases, yes. Please contact us with the factory part number of the item you are replacing, and we will match it to our inventory. This can either be the factory part number, partslink number, or interchange number.

If you don't know the factory part number, your local dealership will be able to give it to you, or you can find a reference to it in the parts manual.

This is usually only needed for obscure or harder to find parts, or if you don't know the name of the part.

If you need any help with this, please contact us.

How fast can I get my replacement part? My vehicle is broken and I need it ASAP.

We ship the same day for all replacement parts. If you order past 3pm Central, it will likely ship out the next business day.

For freight items (hood panels, some bumper covers, etc), it may take us an extra day or 2 to ship it. This is because we can sometimes do an internal transfer first to a closer warehouse, before handing it off to the delivery company. Most freight orders still ship out same business day.