Car Window Shades


Car Window Shades

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

How much do car window shades reduce heat?

On a sweltering hot and sunny day, car window shades can reduce interior car heat by as much as 15-20° F. There are a number of variables and factors that go into this, but the difference will be very noticeable.

If you live in the south, or otherwise sunny and hot area, and park your vehicle for long periods of time, an interior car shade is the easiest, cheapest and best option to reduce the temperature in your car interior.

What are the benefits of a car window shade?

A car window shade will not only help reduce and regulate the interior temperature of your vehicle, it will also help protect your interior from harmful UV rays.

When you park in the sun, your windshield will still let in harmful UV rays. Over long periods of time outside, this can make the plastics and leathers in your interior begin to fade and crack. A car windshield will protect your interior from these harmful rays, keeping your vehicle in better condition.

How do you install car window shades?

It is very easy to install a car window shade, and it only takes seconds.

Most will fold up into a small panel, or fold up accordion-style. When you park, you just grab your car window shade, unfold it, and set it against your window. When you are doing, just quickly re-fold it and place it in your backseat or trunk.

Car window shades are the easiest and cheapest way to protect your interior from the sun, and to help reduce car interior heat while it's parked.

Why are custom car window shades better?

You can buy a cheap, universal car window shade from places like Wal-Mart. These are effective, but why purchase and use something that will only be partially beneficial? Universal window shades leave areas of your windshield exposed, still allowing the sun to come in.

A custom window shade, like the Covercraft window shade, is made to your vehicle window's exact specifications. It will fill every nook and cranny of your windshield, giving you complete and total windshield coverage.

Custom car window shades cost a little more, but are completely worth it. The more sun you can block, the better off you'll be.

What are car window shades made of?

Car window shades are made of a reflective material, such as a layer of mylar or aluminum foil, which cause the harmful direct UV rays to reflect off the surface. Because the rays bounce off the car window shades, they will not enter your vehicle through the windshield and be absorbed in the interior.

How fast do the car window shades ship?

Our in-stock window shades will ship the same business day. We highly recommend going with the Covercraft window shades, which are custom made and fit to order. Shipping time varies on it, and can take a few weeks to ship. This is because Covercraft window shades are made to order and to fit the exact windshield shape of your vehicle.

The Covercraft window shades are the best option because they fill every nook and cranny of your windshield. They are worth the wait, as less harmful UV rays will enter your vehicle.