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Everyone knows winter weather makes driving difficult, but keeping your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape is also a challenge when snow and sleet hit the ground. Hailed as a “liner revolution,” the WeatherTech Mat protects your original carpet from salt stains, snow, rain and mud with a custom fit that will make dealing with harsh weather a breeze.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats

When people speak of WeatherTech mats, chances are they’re talking about the DigitalFit laser-precision all-weather floor mats. WeatherTech’s proprietary technology uses laser beams to map out each vehicle’s floor, ensuring the most possible coverage and protection on the market. Raised lips and reservoir channels help keep liquids and spills flowing away from your feet and away from your carpets.

  • Laser-precise maximum protection
  • Raised lip and channels help keep liquids contained
  • Easy to clean – just hose it off and let dry
  • Available in black, gray and tan

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All-Weather Floor Mats

All-Weather Floor Mats [Semi-Custom Fit]

Made to fit a wider range of vehicles, the all-weather floor mats provide all-weather protection with the “best possible” coverage for your vehicle. Think of it as a cross between the DigitalFit floor liners and the All-Vehicle universal floor liners, with a price point in the middle as well. WeatherTech measures each vehicle’s interior and selects the All-Weather floor mat that best fits your vehicle.

  • Fits a wider range of vehicles
  • Cheaper than DigitalFit, more than All-Vehicle mats
  • Lips, channels and rubber materials keep spills contained
  • Easy to clean with a water hose

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All-Vehicle Floor Mats

AVM All-Vehicle Floor Mats [Universal Fit]

The mats that work for virtually every vehicle on the market – the All-Vehicle universal floor liners come at the lowest price point available from WeatherTech. To help you achieve a better-than-universal fit, these floor mats come with trimmable edges to shape the floor liners closer to your vehicle’s edges. Available in front and rear sets, and in black, gray or tan.

  • Universal fit floor mats works for all vehicles
  • Trimmable edges for a better fit
  • Lowest price point from WeatherTech
  • Sold as front and rear set

Buy AVM Universal Floor Mats

Truck Bed Mats

TechLiner Truck Bed Mat

TechLiner Truck Bed & Tailgate Mats

WeatherTech Techliner Truck Bed Mat is a great solution that adds a layer of protection to your truck bed. This high-quality truck bed liner will keep your cargo and truck bed in good shape.

  • 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer
  • Chemical & UV resistant
  • No tools, sprays or drilling required
  • Very easy to install

Buy A TechLiner Truck Bed Mat

Underliner Truck Bed Liner

Underliner Truck Bed Liner

A great way to protect your truck bed, the WeatherTech Underliner Truck Bed Liner ensures that your truck bed and drop-in liner is well-protected. It perfectly fits the contours of your truck.

  • Sits between your drop-liner and truck
  • Works well with bed slides
  • Constructed from semi-soft material

Buy an UnderLiner Truck Bed Liner

Tonneau Covers

Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

This tonneau cover will protect your pickup bed in the most stylish way possible. It’s low-profile so it doesn’t compromise the look of your pickup.

  • Low-profile, aerodynamic finish
  • Easy to operate roll-up design
  • Strong nylon straps
  • Water-resistant

Buy a WeatherTech Roll-Up Bed Cover

Bumper Protection

WeatherTech BumpStep

WeatherTech BumpStep

Make sure that your car’s rear end is well-protected with the WeatherTech BumpStep. This will prevent your rear end from getting dents or scratches that can be such a headache. It also doubles as a step that is very functional.

  • Doubles as a hitch step
  • Can support up to 300 lbs
  • Flexes when hit
  • Designed to fit any vehicle with a standard 2” receiver hitch

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WeatherTech BumpStepXL


This is bigger than the regular BumpStep. It is twice as wide. It is ideal for those who are looking for more surface area.

  • Twice as wide as the BumpStep
  • Sturdy step
  • Durable
  • Convenient roof and truck bed access

Buy WeatherTech BumpStepXL

WeatherTech BumpStep Aluminum Billet

BumpStep Aluminum Billet

For those who are looking for something sleek and stylish but offers excellent protection and functionality, this is a great BumpStep to consider.

  • Made from heavy-duty, solid aluminum
  • 100% made in the US
  • 12” wide

Buy WeatherTech BumpStep Billet

LampGuard Lens Protection

Head Light Protection Film

Head Light Protection Film

Do you know that you can protect your head lamps? By doing so, you also boosts the protection of your vehicle’s front end. And what better way to do this but through the use of this lens protection film that is made from strong material that will last you for years!

  • Features 40 mil-thick urethane material
  • Made from strong material
  • Optically clear
  • Easy to install

Buy Head Light Protection Film

Fog Lamp Protection Film

Fog Lamp Protection Film

Protect your fog lamps with this lens protection film. With this on, you will be able to prevent scratches to your fog lights. It also increases the lifespan of your fog lamps. Indeed a good investment, it will fit all types of vehicles. You will definitely have a pair for you!

  • Features a 40 mil-thick urethane material
  • Strong material
  • Die-cut film
  • Installs easily

Buy Fog Lamp Protection Film

Headlamp/Fog Lamp Protection Film

Headlamp/Fog Lamp Protection Film

Protect your head and fog lamps and you will thank yourself afterwards. This lens protection film may seem simple but it offers utmost protection to your front end lights. With this kit, you get both lens protection films for your head and fog lamps. Made from really strong material, this will stay for a long time!

  • Specifically designed to fit all types of vehicles
  • Features a thick urethane material
  • Die-cut film
  • Easy to install

Buy HeadLamp & Fog Lamp Protection Film

Headlamp/Signal Lamp Protection Film

Headlamp/Signal Lamp Protection Film

Your signal lights and your head lamps will be protected with the use of this lens protection film kit! You see, you don’t have to splurge a lot of money for quality protection. This is so easy to install and you will love how protected you’ll feel with these films installed!

  • Includes covers for signal lamp and head lamp
  • Built-in UV inhibitors
  • 40 mil. thick double-polished urethane material
  • Easy to install

Buy Headlamp/Signal Lamp Protection Film

Head/Signal/Fog Lens Protection Film

Head/Signal/Fog Lens Protection Film

With this lens protection film kit, you get everything for your frontend lights. Through this, you guarantee maximum protection no matter what. Its tough construction will last you for years and it is also easy to install. Equipping your vehicle with this will put you at ease and you don’t have to break the bank!

  • Includes headlamp covers, signal lamp covers, and fog lamp covers
  • 40 mil. thick urethane material
  • Features UV inhibitors
  • Easy to install

Buy Head/Signal/Fog Lens Protection Film

Tail Light Protection Film

Tail Light Protection Film

Protect your tail light using this lens protection film. With this, you don’t have to worry about discolouration as it features ultraviolet inhibitors. To make it even better, it will also protect your lights from harmful road debris that can cause damage to your vehicle. It’s easy to install and it will only take you a couple of minutes!

  • Thick urethane material
  • Features ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Designed to fit vehicle tail lights
  • Easy to install

Buy Tail Light Protection Film

Tail Light/Side Marker Protection Film

Tail Light/Side Marker Protection Film

Guaranteed to last, this lens protection film will help ensure that your vehicle will stay and operate well as the years go by. This protection film for your tail light or side markers is a good investment as it doesn’t just protect the lights but also the entire vehicle as well!

  • Film is die-cut to specifically fit vehicle tail lights and side markers
  • Thick urethane material
  • Features ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Easy to install

Buy Tail Light/Side Marker Protection Film

License Plates

ClearCover License Plate Cover

ClearCover License Plate Cover (17 Colors)

Keep your license plate looking new and free from damages with WeatherTech’s ClearCover License Plate Cover. This offers complete coverage to your license plate that guarantees maximum safety and protection.

  • UV protection
  • Made from Eastman DuraStaer polymer
  • Snug fit

Buy WeatherTech ClearCover

WeatherTech ClearFrame License Plate Frame

ClearFrame License Plate Frame (17 Colors)

A license plate frame that will not only protect your license plate, but will also make it look stylish. It comes in various colors and is very durable, making it a good frame.

  • Comes in 11 colors
  • Flexible gasket
  • Stepped lip design
  • Comes with stainless steel hardware kit

Buy WeatherTech ClearFrame

PlateFrame License Plate Frame

PlateFrame License Plate Frame

This license plate frame isn’t only a good protection, but it can stand the test of time. You can guarantee that the WeatherTech PlateFrame License Plate Frame will last you for a very long time to protect your license plate.

  • Made from ABS Natural Platable Grade Plastic
  • Stepped lip design

Buy WeatherTech PlateFrame

BumpFrame License Plate Frame

Say goodbye to bumps and scratches on your license plate frame with the WeatherTech BumpFrame License Plate Frame. It adds a layer of protection to your car’s front end and is also virtually indestructible.

  • Made from soft, impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • 3/4 inches thick
  • Satin black finish

Buy WeatherTech BumpFrame

Billet License Plate Frame

Billet License Plate Frame

Ideal for car collectors and enthusiasts, this luxury license plate frame will protect your license plate while maintaining a sleek & stylish look.

  • Solid billet aluminum
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Comes in 3 colors

Buy WeatherTech Billet Frame

Pet Accessories

Pet Barrier / Dog Divider

Pet Barrier / Dog Divider

Make sure that your dogs are safe with the WeatherTech Pet Barrier. This allows your pet to stay safely at the back of your car while in transit.

  • Heavy-duty steel tubing
  • Rubber coating on barrier
  • Adjustable for your utmost convenience
  • Quick and easy installation

Buy WeatherTech Pet Barrier

WeatherTech Window Deflectors

In-Channel Side Window Deflectors

In-Channel Side Window Deflectors

WeatherTech In-Channel Side Window Deflectors allow fresh air to enter the cabin while keeping the elements out increasing the interior comfort level. They are constructed utilizing a durable acrylic material that incorporates a sleek low-profile design. They are specifically designed to fit your car, truck, or SUV based on the year, make, and model of the automobile to accomplish a precise fit. The installation process is fast and easy due to the fact that they are inserted into the window channel.

  • Provide air circulation; while blocking the elements
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Application and vehicle specific
  • Easy snap-in installation process

Buy In-Channel Deflectors

Stone and Bug Deflector

Stone and Bug Deflector

WeatherTech Stone and Bug Deflectors are constructed with a durable impact resistant acrylic material. They protect the painted hood surfaces and the windshield from damage that can be created by bugs, stones and miscellaneous road debris. The deflectors are vehicle and application specific to mirror the contour of the hood and fenders to fit appropriately and enhance the overall representation of the car, truck, or SUV. The no drill installation process incorporates an adhesive or fastener application based of the vehicle.

  • Extremely durable acrylic construction
  • Provide hood and windshield protection
  • Vehicle specific to provide a custom fit
  • Quick and simple installation process

Buy Stone Deflector

Low Profile Hood Deflector

Low Profile Hood Deflector

To protect and maintain your car’s hood paint finish, this deflector is something that you should definitely consider. Don’t worry because you get to keep your pickup’s aesthetic appeal with this.

  • Low profile aerodynamic design
  • Made from flexible, durable acrylic material
  • Scratch-resistant

Buy Low Profile Deflector

Sunroof Wind Deflector

Sunroof Wind Deflector

This wind deflector does its job perfectly. It deflects wind noise and at the same time, it keeps your hair in tip-top shape. A worthy addition to your vehicle that you will surely not regret. Made from the highest quality of material, you know that this one is going to last.

  • Made from 4mm smoke-tinted cast acrylic
  • MagiClip vehicle-specific fastening system
  • AirCushion gasket seals
  • Quick installation

Buy Sunroof Deflector

Exterior Accessories

Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Lengthen the life of your lead acid batteries by using the WeatherTech Battery Charger. This charger is very powerful and functional.

  • 4-step fully automatic charging
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Battery analysis on initialization mode
  • Spark-proof

Buy a Battery Charger

CargoTech Cargo Containment System

CargoTech™ Cargo Containment System

An innovative solution to protect your car and your cargo. This is a great way to keep your things organized inside your vehicle.

  • Set of four corner guards
  • Made from durable plastic with a super-grippy underside

Buy WeatherTech CargoTech™

No-Drill Mud Flaps

No-Drill Mud Flaps

WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps provide protection for side panels and rocker panels by retaining stones, rocks, and other road debris within the fender well. The durable impact resistant molded plastic construction withstands the elements and maintains a long lasting like-new appearance. They provide an exact fit due to the fact that they are vehicle and application specific. The mud flaps incorporate a unique fastening system to facilitate the installation process that does not require tire removal or drilling.

  • Protects side panels and rocker panels
  • Durable molded plastic resin construction
  • Application specific and exact fit
  • No drill installation process

Buy No-Drill Mud Flaps

Interior Accessories

Seat Protector

Seat Protector

We all need seat protectors for our car seats and of course, we always want the best. With this seat protector from WeatherTech, you can guarantee high quality that can last for a really long time! It also also water resistant and come sixth all the right features for your utmost convenience and protection!

  • Polycotton twill fabric
  • Waterproof finish
  • Includes an extra layer of nylon lining
  • Tear-resistant straps, specialty inserts and non-slip bottom

Buy WeatherTech Seat Protectors

TechShade Sun Shade

TechShade Sun Shade

This TechShade Sun Shade from WeatherTech is ideal to be used for all seasons. It regulates the temperature inside your car by keeping it cool during the hot weather and helps prevent frost in the cold weather.

  • Double-sided design
  • Fully custom sized
  • Integrated suction cups for easy installation
  • Velcro strap for easy storage

Buy WeatherTech TechShade

About WeatherTech

WeatherTech is a proud supporter of American manufacturing, with manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Illinois. WeatherTech combines exceptional product engineering, state-of-the-art facilities, and best-in-class customer service to provide a product that is worthy of all the praise it receives. is a proud and authorized dealer of WeatherTech products.

For more information on WeatherTech, please visit the WeatherTech official website.

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