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Car Covers

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What is the purpose of a car cover?

A car cover's primary purpose is to protect your car from the weather. This is mostly only needed if you plan to keep your car idle or in storage for long periods of time. It will protect your car from the following:

- Dust, dirt and other grime that can accumulate over time
- Protects from animals that may climb your vehicle such as cats and raccoons
- If outside, protects against the paint from the sun, pollen, pollution, etc

A car cover is a must-have if you plan to keep your car in storage, or out in the driveway for long periods of time.

Many car collectors also use a car cover in between showings, to help keep their vehicle in showroom shape.

In addition, for high profile vehicles, a car cover can provide a certain level of privacy.

Are these car covers for indoor or outdoor use?

We have both available. The indoor covers are typically made with a softer cotton material that is softer on your paint. Cotton covers are not good protection against weather, so these covers should only be used indoors. The indoor covers typically feel nicer and softer to the touch.

Outdoor covers need some weatherproofing, and are made of materials that are intended to protect the car against severe weather, dust, grime, wind, etc. These covers are heavier duty because they need to be ready to withstand a lot more than an indoor cover.

Will a car cover protect against hail?

We do not recommend using a car cover as sole protection against hail. A strong hail storm can still cause damage through a car cover. If your area is prone to hail damage, and you will not be available to readily move it in the event of a hail storm, we recommend storing your vehicle in a garage.

To protect against a hail storm, you can also place a layer of foam or padding on top of your vehicle, but underneath the car cover.

What is the best car cover to protect against the sun?

If you live in an area with intense sun rays, you will want to protect your car against the harmful UV rays.

The Covercraft Reflec'tect car cover is an outdoor cover specifically designed for sun protection. It has a reflective shield on it to help bounce harmful UV rays off the cover/vehicle.

For an even heavier duty sun protection option, the Covercraft Sunbrella is the most advanced outdoor car cover for sun protection. It offers the highest levels of protection against harmful UV rays.

Are these custom fit or generic car covers?

Our Covercraft car cover options are custom fit to your exact vehicle. For this reason they are made to order, and can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to ship (see product page details for current ETAs). Because Covercraft car covers are made to order, you'll be able to select many options, including color and material.

For covers like the Covercraft Form-Fit, these fit especially tight around the vehicle. They are a snug fit, so we recommend having a set of extra hands to help you put this car cover on/off.